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We just rent a Car from The St Robert mo area. We are military and we rent a car for the week and they charge us the week rental plus our deposit and called to extend it another week and Patrick reassured me that it would be taken out of the deposit and not my card, but not only was money taken out of my card but Matthan called saying they would need over 250 more. Now we are not home and we are in a rental and they froze my card so we had to shorten our vacation because Patrick and matthan from the Store no 519EE in St robert, mo threaten to call the police and report the car stolen. They called at least 20 times with Harrassing phone calls. What kind of employees do you have working for you Mr. Taylor..We are Military people. We couldnt even use our card to get back. We had to borrow money just to bring the car back and their still calling us threaten to report the car stolen if its not back in before closing.

To Whom It May Concern: We also have had issues with a particular manager located in the Houston area. We have been faithful customers to Enterprise for the past consecutive 18 months as our payment history will attest. Her attitude was unprofessional, condescending, at times accusatory, and extremely unappreciative. Calls to her immediate supervisor were never returned. Further, we were denied access to a new rental based on a minor technicality which had never been a prior issue. The utility bill required, was in my name as opposed to my husband's, though the address was identical. Signed... A Very Dissatisfied Customer

On Friday October 8th I had plans to surprise my wife with an early Anniversary/Christmas Present, a solid Oak Roll top desk. The fix was in, her sister and her were gone all day, as was the plan. The people were ready for me to go to pick up the desk in Peoria. And people were going to be at the house to help unload it and set it up. Now we live in Springfield which is an hour and a half away. So, I went to pick up the Cargo Van I had rented Tuesday on line and expected to be ready at 9AM. I arrived at 10AM and was the 3rd person in line at the counter. The young man who was working the counter was also on the phone and doing some type of refund. I looked over and saw another guy on the phone, who sounded like he was some type of manager. I stood there thinking,”Why is he not helping this guy.” He is answering the phone; doing a refund with one customer with 2 waiting, get off your ass and help this guy. And then the woman in front of me had her turn and was told, “There are no vehicles at the location, with the weekend they were all rented out. Now it’s my turn and the guy said, “Oh that’s you…”Then he told me they do not handle vans at this location much less a cargo van. Then the young man told me how he hates internet reservations because they always screw him up, and tried to make it seem like it was my fault or the mystery ghost of the internet. The other young man, who had been talking on the phone this whole time still sat there. Now I had made this reservation the 5th and received the confirmation code via email. So I asked why and he starts scrambling and found one in Jacksonville but it was rented. So I was extremely upset because I was going to pick up this desk and surprise my wife and now it is ruined because I could not pick it up. Everyone had all their vehicles rented out or it was a pick up. And I refused to put a 5 ½ foot solid oak roll top desk and a separate oak file cabinet in the back of a pickup. With possible rain and the things from the road hitting it, and risk ruining it or damaging it. Then I called and talked to a woman who called them and came back and said sorry. I can have the district manager call you; I never received one phone call. My wife has wanted one of these for more than the 8 years we have been married. And this was not an easy thing to put together and keep a secret. Then I had to call my wife’s parents, 2 brothers, other sister, and our friends and explain to all of them not to come because I could not pick up the desk due to the internet monster at enterprise rent a car. You know the place that, “Enterprise – Customer Service is Our Way of Life.” This is not even saying anything about the other people’s time and effort to make this a surprise and see her face. But it seems as if none of the people I talked with cared or could or would do anything about it. What a disappointment and waste. I am sure this will go in a file same place with the other I don’t care anyway complains you get. Well I know at least 2 families and friends that will be saying what a crock your customer service is. And now I have to go rent a van someplace else and take time off work to go get it, but this time with no friends or family big surprise. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate it.

I know one thing that is different about Enterprise and other large companies, corporations etc.....I actually had someone to answer the phone at Corporate and gave me some much needed information ! That was amazing ! A live human being at corporate ! What an idea !

I work in the I-170 Industrial Park just down the street on Lackland in Bel Ridge. Your employees do not recognize the stop sign as they leave your building and just blow through it. I have had several close calls with them running the stop sign. Last nite I had to slam on my brakes and swerve severely to the right to miss hitting someone, and they were oblivious that it even happened. I have spoken with several employees at my work and they say they have experienced the same thing. Please make your employees at the St Charles Rock Rd/Lackland facility aware that they must stop at the stop sign before proceeding. If a change is not made, I will have to be forced to contact the Charlack police and make them aware of this ongoing problem. Thank you for your consideration.

AS SE NIORS ON LIMTED INCOME WE FEEL WE WERE TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF AND CHARGED WAy more more than we should have been, for 9days, and if was for our daughter checking over our receipt we would not seen it $938.00 is a lot of money when that is your only means of living. I hope you check your employees better its not a way to win customers to take things for granted you can lose a business like that News travel when people are did wrong. and your Employees in Issq washington is wrong . from to concerned victims Jerry and Doris Miller and they still owe us deposit back. 425 988-3336 or jerdorm@comcast.net

I have been renting from Enterprise rental for almost a month and not until recently (a couple of days) I was advised that my deposit would not be retured if the car was in the same condition as to when I rented it. When I contacted the office at which I rented the vehicle they advised that it was not there job to tell me if I extended the vehicle money would be taken from my deposit on top of the money that was given to rent the vehicle. I think that is poor customer service, not advising the customer of what will happen with there money.

To The President and Top Administrators of Enterprise" You seriously need to see how your managers and assistant managers abuse other employees under them. They pressure out those not in their social drinking groups. THey also have monthly drinking meetings called "Road" in Texas, like Austin, San Marcos, etc. where mangers go drinking with other employees and go home drunk. It becomes unprofessional and a way to flirt and carry on. Is this safe? Is it ethical? What if a person or employee is sweet and ethical? They are pressured out! Enough of this! Wake up! Lots of litigation is headed your way for harrassment and abuse of manager trainees and manager assistants. How awful and when the media gets the truth, watch out!

We recently rented a car at the Denver, Colorado airport. Both Maegan and Laura were very helpful and professional, and they were able to get us situated with an auto in a very expeditious manner. They are a credit to the Enterprise company.

To Whom It May Concern: Your manager by the first name of Matt. Located at 11 E Anderson st,your Hackensack, NJ car rental office. Has poor lack of customer service (listening, understanding, and working with problems or issues), Matt had a chance to help or resolve a simple misunderstanding between himself and a customer but choose not too. Instead he made excuses for his error that cost me the customer the extra cost. With my experience of customer service management for over 19 years and now a business owner. My personal requirement: Retrain your managers because if your manager does not know how to handle problems then do not expect much from his employees or get a better manager that could bring customers in and not push them away. Thank you, May Yahn 908-461-7814

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