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Manager needs Training

Poor Skills in handling issues with customers. Murrietta Ca. Location. Staff is poorly trained in dealing with conflict resolution.

they don't pick you up

Make sure you read the find print about them picking you up. Not as good as the commercial make it sound.

Very Disatisfied

Trip #27139750262, Confirmation #697361895 Jacksonville, NC. Booked on line which does not indicate location is on BASE. Took cab ($40) to 209 Western Blvd because not one of car rentals at airport could provide a vehicle. Also charged $50 one way fee for return. Received credit for cab fee however I would like additional credit for this horrible experience. Website should also be updated for anyone not familiar with area. Used Enterprise many times in past however I would not recommend this company at this point.

Ex Carson, CA ee

Love the "Rob, from Enterprise" commercial, Hilarious!! Well done!

Stuck and Waitiing

First I had to locate a number to contact enterprise for road side assistance nothing was on any paper work I had. I finalyy googled a number and was transferred several times. It is after midnight and I have no exact clue as to where i am. First please find another way to verify customer information. I;m sure the bulk of your customers do not have the vin number to their cars or any car by heart. It was very frustrated trying to give the last 5 or 8 numbers to the vin. Second stop making empty promises. I was heading south for a family mergency and the agent proceeded to congradulate me for being able to qualify for trip interuption. Only after being on the phone for an hour to inform me that i may be able to get a taxi and that I may be able to get a hotel room until the dealership open in the morning, but since that was not her department she was not 100 percent sure. Never did i get transferred to that department nor did a tow truck show up. The longer i waited the more unsafe i felt. To be told that there is a three hour wait is UNACCEPTABlE. The fact there was no guarantee that in the three hours that a tow truck would show up or not is also UNACCEPTABLE. The fact that I had to contact AAA myself as a second resort for help cause enterprise was no help is just poor business. Fast forward to 11am the next day. I get my car to the dealership and finally a car is sent to pick me up. The young man who dropped the car off was rude and short to the point. He barely answered any of my question and didnt even bother to inspect the vehicle when i brought to his attention how nasty the truch was inside and out. The truck had many scratches and marks that I wanted to make sure i would not be held responsible for.

Worst experience in my life, never again

1 star

very rude employee's

I've complained about the Desoto office since February, No call yet from corporate. Horrible customer service

The store in Deosto is horrible. The withdraw money without authorization and the customer service sucks. I will take my money elsewhere.

I rented a truck form the Enterprise in Desoto, Tx!! NEVER AGAIN! Not only did they make unauthorized charges on my card, the customer services stinks and the lack of knowledge is horrible.

Apathy incorporated

This company could not care less from the top down. Worst of the worst.

Big Compliment

I leased a car for five days from your Oak Lawn in Dallas location and am very happy. The service was excellent and the people who took care of me were very attentive and professional. Even professional in the way they dress.


Don't bother with this company. They don't keep their promises.

just deal with the local location

called about a e-mail I had received from enterprise so I called the corporate number to resolve the issue and was told to call the local branch. Next time I will call the local branch only.

Waste of time

Had to wait nearly an hour for my car. Car wasn't what I had requested.


If you can't Help people change your business to we will stick to you.

Rip offs

I rented a car from Enterprise and they withdrew more money than I had authorized,and I never got my deposit back. Horrible customer service and lack of experience.

never again

worst service I've ever had. poor training of agents. highest cost of any other rental company. just plain awful.

Great service

To whom it may concern, enterprise rental company this a letter for outstanding service I have received this past weekend when I had rented a car from your company. I appreciated the way they handle the payments plans and information they had given to me to help determine what kind of car and plan I would need. Your workers at the Page location are excellent, kind, patient, generous, understanding and fluent with great customer service. For that I deeply appreciate the service I received, and they made me feel welcomed and at home. Thank you and God bless!

Never have any dealing with Enterprise Car Rentals. My teenage son involved in an accident and he was not at fault. It has been 5 days and hours on the phone and still have not gotten a call from an adjuster. Also renters...you better check out the registration on the vehicle you rent. The tag on the vehicle was registered to a different vehicle.

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