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Worst dunkin

Absolutely worse expierence in DD, the one in freehold raceway mall, freehold,nj, horrible costumer service, was waiting 15 min for my meal, when my meal finally came out, it was the wrong meal, not only was it wrong but it was so burnt that u couldnt eat it, unbeliveable!! The lady in charge of cooking was unorganized and slow the whole establishment seemed like they had no idea what they were doing! the cashier didny have the menu number remember nor did he even check to see if it was right!!!!

poor management

The store on Woodward Avenue has had flies in the display case,my wife states she will not there. Another problem is that the management does not take safety precautions to make sure that the entire sidewalks surrounding the entire premise of the store is cleared of all snow. I am a senior and if I fall anywhere on the side walk I will proceed to file a complaint with the Code Enforcement and also will file legal action against both the local store and corporate offices.


I work at Dunkin Donuts and I been getting discriminated against; the owner of the store picks on me and try to take her anger out on me and I over heard her saying how they don't like Americans. And they favor the non American workers and make the American ones do everything while they sit back and talk in Hindi.. I feel very disrespected and discrimination is against the law so I will be filling a lawsuit against them

Disability harassment

I worked for dunking only a month and there were employees making fun of me and talking bad about me and the manager didnt even care thinking about making a lawsuit because this is wrong and it states in the handbook no tolarance for discrimination

sexual harrasmenr

I have been working at dunkin dounts in Uxbridge,ma. I have been having a problem with my manager and an employee. I have been getting sexually harassed for 6 months now and no one will do anything. I will be calling the police and notifying my laywer.

cold food nasty taste

went to Dunkin Donuts store number 30 4681 the food was cold my iced tea tastes like coffee my sweet tea that is supposed to be hot was cold and had no sugar in it when I specifically asked for it customer service was horrible I had to wait until the ladies in the window stop their conversation in order to pay for my order called told the manager and she did not care very nonchalant


I am a regular customer that comes in frequently to the store off of Beach Blvd and St. John's Bluff. It seems that the District Manager is abusing her authority. She is involved in a relationship with one of the employees named Ashley. She allows her girlfriend to do as she pleases and threatens to fire the store GM if Ashley has a problem with something in the store. The crew members at this store are very nice and they take care of the customers I'm satisfied with my service every visit. But, I've overheard conversations and witnessed this miss conduct of the District Mgr and I don't believe that is what this company wants a representation from their Mgrs. I think someone should know about this situation before it gets out of hand. Concerned Customer

unprofessioal and bad service

The dunkin on hewitt rd in ypsilanti is getting worse by the day. My n usband and I visit it about once or twice a week. Two weeks ago we went in for coffee and with ono one in line still wanted 10 mins to get served. Wben we finally got our coffee we left and had to turn around and go back because fhe coffee bad a burnt flavor. The guy wbo waited on us then proceeded to show wby it tasted so bad, the pot was burnt. No appology was given either. I used he telldunkin survey and got an email that the store owner would call me. Haven't heard from anyone. Today we went in and the employees were using the f word and other cus words until they saw my husband and then they got all red faced. Somene needs to take contol of this bmp location.


My girlfriend and I bought two large green teas at the drive through window at Meriden Rd, DD in Waterbury Ct. The second tea that was handed to us the top came off. I grab it and the hot water went down my left arm and on my thigh. I received burns with blisters. I just want to let you know, MAKE SURE that all employees check the covers so this does not happen to anyone else. Other wise I love DD

Is DD coming back?

I miss my Dunkin' :( They have the best donuts. Will they be reopening in Mechanicsville, VA ????

Camden-Wyoming, DE

Your store#339437 in Camden-Wyoming, DE is by far the worst customer service I hAve witnessed. The employee (Chrissy) & the manager (Himhshau) were the most disrespectful set of people & when the customer wanted a refund due to the unprofessionalism they didn't want to return the money, mind you the customer hadn't even received any of what they paid for yet. To see management act disrespectfully further let's me know where the lack of customer service started & that is allowed. My family & I will Never support another Dunkin Donuts!

Neglect property and promises to City of Laconia NH

I have always been a fan of DD. However, recently I have noticed the franchisee owner DD on Union Ave in Laconia NH has neglected the property and ignored the promises they have made to the City of Laconia on either preserving the historical Hathaway House or relocating it back when the promise was made back in 2008. I am ashamed of this the way that corporate headquarters would allow of such actions their franchisers take.

Awful Service and poisonous donuts

I bought half a dozen donuts from 2022 powers ferry road, Marietta, Ga. All the plain donut out of 6 was black , it must be the dirt from their hands. When I went back to the store to complain that I not only missed my breakfast but my children had to starve too. However, this location had not manager, Asst. manager or supervisor at the location nor could they change my black donuts. I am disgusted at this service and the whole world needs to know that they are not customer friendly

When dunkin donuts reopening

Wanting to know when dunkin donuts going to reopening on Salem Church Road in Fredericksburg VIrginia? There is a sign on door saying they will reopen soon? Is this correct or is all the three stores closing for good? Local business come by there every day to see if store is open because they buy several dozen of donuts and bagels and I myself have been coming by also to check on reopening ! I have been coming there when open every day for breakfast and lunch! This store has been very very busy and at times the line was from counter to front door! Please. Reopen this store you company had 3 stores here! The Salem Church road was the one most busy!

Sabastian Fl.

Been going to this location for afew years and its a nasty dirty mess now. Tables are always dirty floor not much better.Dead flys & bees on window sills. You have a bunch of people that do nothing but take money. If this is what I see out front whats in the back?? Coffee is never the same two days in a roll one day good next bad. This location needs to be checked out or the health dept. needs to come in.


Your location at 6608 Frankford Ave. in philadelphia pa is not customer friendly at all. This is suppose to be a simple process you ask for what you want you pay and get your order. The sad part one of your employees is not pay attention to the money being handed to them so the give back the wrong change. Now I have to wait until cameras are reviewed which takes 30min of course this happens in the morning right before work so couldn't wait. Come back gain after work and still no one knows nothing needless to say I will not be going to this location ever again... I would much rather make my own coffee at the Wawa down the street. Enjoy the $10 that I apparently got screwed for!!!

Geneva my 14456... Every morning there is at least a 30 min wait in the drive thru... And if u go inside it is just as bad. Is there a reason for that???? You r loosing business. This place needs to get it together. Hire some more people or get new people that can move a little faster.

unsatisfied customer

this in for your north venice fl store in bird bay plaza when you first opened in December 2012 i do need to say your staff was alot freindler and looked like they knew what they were doing other than one person i think her name is janet i do not care for her at all she is very rude and nasty all the good people are gone your store dirty and nasty and in my onpion your management does not know what they are doing all they have is a bunch of nasty young rude people working for them if you want a good businesses i suggest get rid of the nasty people that work in that store

Not raising employee salary when promoted.

Dunkin Donuts Rt 9 in Woodbridge NJ (Near Walmart). One of the workers has been shift supervisor for one year. Still has not received a pay raise. Manager keeps giving excuse that it's his boss not responding. Can't let her know when or where some test will be available on-line. She is so customer focused. She goes to college and works hard for him. Her cusomters love her. This is not the way your managers should act! You should review this site. How can any company allow this when we are trying to teach this generation how important being "customer focused" is to a company. They are your company. Why not pay them for doing the job you promoted them to. I have faith you will send someone higher than the GM and Regional Mgr. to look into this. She doesn't even complain and just has faith in your company. So do I.

stealing from employees

On 9/23/13 I was discusted that a buisness owner would steal from hard working employees. The Dunkin donuts on south main street in Torrington, CT owned by "Doug". He proceeded to take the employees tips and use them for the stores registers and not count any of it or attempt to reimburse his employees. I have spoken to a firemen who is a local prosecutor, this is indefinatly stealing. its not the employees faults that he was not prepaired. In speaking with the employees, they are threatened that theory tips will be taken away or fired if they speak up. He owns all of the dunkin donuts in the Torrington area. I will not provide him with my buisness any longer. Please help the employees.

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