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You have lost a customer, I go through the Drive Thru at Dunkin Donuts in Lockport, Illnois around 5am every weekday morning and i purchase a half decaf half regular with cream and sugar. Its the same lady every morning and the orders are always wrong, because shes always on her cell phone, sometimes the coffee isnt even warm. Even at that I still gave you guys the benefit of the doubt by still going there, in which id even ask her if she made me the coffee i ordered, and still always wrong. On weekends I bring my Grandchild in to pick out a donut and the same lady is constantly screaming at other employees who are just doing there jobs. The last time I have brought my grandchild there she struck her bare hand in a customers bag and then refused the lady different donuts and then started screaming at her. It was the final straw when she made my grandchild cry by screaming at other employees to much. You guys have lost a customer in me and in my family, I suggest you guys get rid of her before you lose more customers in this tough economy


store# 347393 Has three employees that treat customers like crap and ignore customers. These employees are girls that go by the names of lynn, sondra and melissa. they are rude and i have witnessed lynn being mean to employees and sondra makeing fun of other employees along with assistant mgr melissa. Something needs to be done about this. i have seen this on more than one occation. thanks a concerned customer.

ten stars......but you missed a place.....Arlington, Texas. Please put a store close to our downtown city....either at Arlington Heights or City of Arlington....we want you. TX is horrible we don't have any good donuts, and starbucks coffee is really bad tasting, and they have no donuts.....consider us please...thank you, from texas

Having visited the store located at 3710 NW 13th St. Gainesville, Fl. several times over the last 4 months - at different times of the day --- early and late --- selection was terrible, attitude of the male employee was terrible - definitely didn't want to be there and then the hours went from opening till 10 pm - drive thru - 1l pm --- now they close at 9 pm. It is sad because when they first opened we were so excited. Even got several gift cards from them. In fact the last visit was at 6 pm the other day - they couldn't take our gift card -- the computer was down -- I said "no thanks" to the order and started to leave my four donuts behind - the very unhappy clerk - said - Oh take them!! -- So I did - simply because of all the times we went there - and the selection was bad - came home and had to throw away the coffee that was so bitter and couldn't be enjoyed. We are now holding a gift card that I guess we won't be able to use!!!! The other stores in our town are in gas stations and having checked those out - found selection small and donuts not fresh - where we were told they did the baking on the premesis at the 13th st store. It is sad that such a great business is going to be gone and very soon -- because I will now go back to "my other donut shops" --- Donut Connection and Krispey Kreme!! If the owners are smart they will check into this situation - and soon. Also there is a "walk-up" shop across from the UF Campus - but no parking is available - so that would be out of the question for us as far access.

Can you please explain to me why it is Dunkin Donuts policy to make their employees throw out the pastries every time they make new pastries and at the end of the night at closing? Why can't these "old " pastries be donated to food banks or soup kitchens? I am sure there are volunteers who would be more than happy to make the effort to stop by your stores to pick up the food you are unable to sell.We have an unsettling number of homeless people, people going hungry,people struggling to barely making ends meet, and we have a chain like yours ( which there is one on almost every corner in Mass) who are throwing away tons of perfectly good food. How can your CEO's sleep at night knowing there are people starving right in front of our noses and Your company is shamelessly wasting food that could help an unbelievable amount of people. Why wouldn't you want to be known for helping the less fortunate, donating leftover food to those in need. You would really rather throw perfectly good food away than give it to organizations who could give it to those who desperately need it? I am so disgusted when ever I see this happening. I have asked why it is thrown away and not donated. I was told it was company policy.We are such a wasteful nation why would you want to be a part of that? Instead of throwing away money in the food you waste why don't you help to make a difference and help fight hunger.

What happened to customer service? I went to the Dunkin Donuts location in Hoffman Estates, Illinois on Barrington Rd. I was in a mood for a cool coolata. There was on customer in front of me. The lady comes to the counter. Doesn't say "may I help you"? Instead her approach was come back later, I'm by myself. I said "What do you mean come back later?". She replied "Yeah I'm by myself". So I replied," You have one customer to make a shake for". I then said " I guess you don't need my money". I left, the unfortunate thing was the next Dunkin was a forty minute drive. I can't believe my experience at this location.

Shame on you, Dunkin Donuts. You have lost a customer. I visited the Dunkin Donuts location in Shelton, CT and was extremely upset to find a giant New York Yankees symbol on my iced coffee. I am a die hard Red Sox fan and was completely and utterly disgusted that you have sold out to the evil empire, especially since your business was founded in Massachusetts. I can only assume that those ridiculous cups are nowhere to be found in the Boston market because you would be out of business in that state. You need to understand that you will not gain customers by having that ridiculous logo on your cups, but you have lost a lot of customers. I will be sending notice to all of my Red Sox and Massachusetts friends letting them know what you've done. Shame on you. I will now be going to McDonalds for their iced coffees. They're smart enough to not sell their souls to the devil.

I visited the Dunkin Donuts franchise at 161 Rt 202 in Rindge, NH, like I ususally do; almost daily. I had purposely made a special trip to get the Dunkin Donuts coffee by the pound which was on sale any 2 lbs for $11.99. I was very glad that the sale was still on; however when I inquired about it, one young lady walking towards the back door informed me that the sale was no longer going on. I noticed that the sign was still posted so I decided to purchase 2lbs; however, when Melissa, the young lady at the counter went to ring me in she stated that I couldn't get the sale price because the sale was over. I even took the sign down for her. I was also informed by the young lady whom was walking towards the back door, the stores in Winchendon weren't doing this either. Well, since I wanted whole bean coffee and not the ground; I decided to go to the Dunkin Donuts in Winchendon at the Irving on RT 140. The young lady at the counter went out of her way to go downstairs and look for the whole bean coffee for me. I did get the sale price of 2 lbs. for $11.99. I believe that it is a federal law that when a sign is still up, that the customer is supposed to get the sale price. I work with the public daily and that is the case where I work. Melissa was very rude. She REFUSED

to give me the sale price even after I asked a couple of times. This young lady broke the law. I am going to make it a point of going to her manager, Amy and reporting her. I just think that people should know that when a sign is still posted, you are supposed to give them the sale price, NOT ARGUE WITH THEM! VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE ON AMY'S PART.

I want corporate Dunkin Donuts to prohibit employee cell phones while servicing drive in windows. At the Marion Mass DD I had the unfortunate experience of an employee photographing my debit card going through the drive in and then charging more than $400.00 in merchandise through TD Bank. My account was cleaned out ! Charges were made at Walmart, Orbitz, Friend Finder, Apple on Line Store and Jessica London plus sizes in Marion, MA. This behaviour is outrageous and someone should be doing jail time for fraud. There were mnany times using cash that cashiers shorted me and I let it go becasue I was in a hurry. I'm outraged after being a customer for more than 30 years. I will never visit another DD with a credit or debit card. Cashier drive through employees are not to be trusted. Screen and Manage your damn employees !

I often go to the dunkin donuts located on bearses way in hyannis. I no longer will be a customer there anymore for the simple fact that noone there speaks english! Everytime iam waiting in line in the store everyone there is speaking a different language. It is very un comfortable and not professional since this is AMerica. The manager there with a name tag that reads Tania is very rude not only to customers but to the staff! There have been many times where I see her yelling and talking to the employees there very rude and non professional almost as if she is scolding her young son or daughter. There was a situation where I had got the wrong order and when she had to re make my sandwich it looked as if that was to much to ask for and she rolled her eyes! It just makes me so mad to see that so many people who don't speak english have all these jobs but american people struggle everyday! I would really appreciate if Tania was put in her place and show her the right way to talk to employees! Till then I will no longer be a customer there and neither will my friends and family! Thank you very much for your time

I often go through the drive thru located on beases way in Hyannis and there are a few nice girls who take my oder and cash me out at the window but one time I was in a rush and the line was long so I decided to go inside. Boy was that a mistake! I would of rather been late to work and wait in line than get treated with disrespect like I did! There was two woman who waited on me! I had a list of things and the two woman were standing there speaking portuges as I was telling them my order it seemed to me they were talking about me because they were annoyed at my order! One lady was tall and older and the other was very short and rude and I believe she was the manger as she was wearing a blue shirt. She is very rude and un friendly and should not be a manger. She should be blessed to be able to come to our counrty and work! My wife and I are disgusted at the service we received.

Dunkin Donuts should have stuck to the old ways of duing things. I use to frequent the Dunkin Donuts located at 811 East Odgen Avenue in Naperville. The place has gone down hill at a steady pace. They use to bake donuts now they get the old (hard as a rock) donuts from somewhere. The coffes pots are never cleaned and the coffee is bitter! You new and improved product suck! Maybe this store is short cutting on their products. This stores does not deserve to be called a Dunkin Donut. It makes no difference what time of the day you enter or store, the service, coffee and products are old. You could kill a small animal it your it with any of their donuts. The store will sell the products until they are gone and never throw anything away. I would rather spend my money at McDonalds where the coffee is fresh along with the items on the breakfast menu. Believe I am not a big fan of McDonals, but at lease their coffee and breakfast product are fresh. Joan Broholm

I visited the Dunkin Donuts located at 800 N. Kedzie, Chicago, IL 60651 at approximately 8:41 pm tonight(4/11/10). They guy that worked at this location appeared to be working there alone. I asked what time did they close, he told me supposedly 7:30 pm for some reason he just hadn't locked the doors yet. He said that I could make a purchase, but it had to be by credit card because he couldn't accept cash because of the way the registers were, and it was after closing. I was treating my 10 year old daughter and myself to an ice cream cone (double scoop), I had a valid coupon that didn't expire until 5/30/10. The coupon reads " BUY ANY CONE GET ONE FREE" (OF EQUAL OR LESSER VALUE). So I purchased a double scoop ice cream priced at $3.09 and at first he charged me $3.86. I told him that price was wrong, how was he going to charge me $.77 in taxes, he re-rang the purchase and came up with the appropriate price $3.41, then he told me even though he had already charged my credit card, I could only get a one scoop cone free no matter if I purchased a double scoop cone, He cheated me.... and my daughter, and some how my ice cream just didn't taste as good as I imagined it would. Our special night out was ruined by a disgruntled employee, who said he is the manager of that location. (I don't believe him) To top it off, last weekend he (the same weekend closer with out a name tag) sold my sister 3.00 worth of hard, stale munchkins, it was so hard and stale she couldn't swallow it, she had to spit it out. She told him about it, he refused to give her, her money back and told her the store is now closed. She was visiting me from Kenosha, WI, she says she will never purchase donuts or munchkins again from Dunkin Donuts. EXTREMELY DISSATISFIED CUSTOMERS.

I have had good service before from the Dunkin Donuts located at 800 N. Kedzie, Chicago, IL 60651, I used a coupon and the young man charged me the appropriate price, he gave me what I paid for and he had a smile on his face when he served me and my daughter. The only problem we encountered that day was, the soft serve $.59 ice cream machine was out of order. I go to this location about 3- 4 times a week. and I encounter the soft serve machine being out of order more often then in service. A word to the wise, when ever I go to this location near closing the service HAS BEEN HORRIBLE, JUST FOR THE LAST 2 MONTHS OR SO. THE STORE # 342607. I will call this store 4/12/10 if I get a chance ,to speak to the manager in person. receipt #'s 0198 - 0203 - 0394 I will write a review once I've spoken to the manager.

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