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Burnt tasting coffee and no onion bagel availability

Dunkin donuts fulton industrial blvd atlanta, ga. Serves old food. Went there this morning, get home to eat my food, open the jelly and the jelly has mold growing inside Yuck! NASTY AS EVER! I wonder what else are they selling that's old and molded??? I WON'T BE GOING BACK.

greasy grilled cheese sandwich.

Advertized as a "Grilled Cheese sandwich" but how disgusting it was since they deep fried it in a bucket of nasty used oil. The sandwich was so greasy I could have rang it out and a half cup of oil would have come out. Why say Grilled" when it's not?


825 Washington st Quincy ma the manager makes employees slave work ,he only gives employee's 15 mins of break with working eight to nine hour shifts.

closing to early

I'm giving a bad review for the dunkin donuts on Burnside ave, easthartford Connecticut because the hrs stated on the door for operation hrs say closed at 10 but everytime I go there a little after nine they are always closed... They should really change the time because it pisses me off how they are closed an hr early..........

Rude Boss

I went to Dunkin Donuts On Newport Ave. In Quincy to have coffee and a Donut. While I was sitting there, The manager proceeded to fire an employee right front where I was sitting trying to enjoy my coffee. He said she had been written up three times and he had to let her go. Is this the proper way to treat a employee even if he was letting her go. Should have been done in private, don't you think.

The stores in the SERPA network are nasty and horrible the managers treat their employees terrible . I have been to several of their locations where the managers are always yelling at the crew infront of customers and down grading them . It makes me not want to there anymore . I'll be going to Starbucks for now on .

Dunkin Donuts is Breaking the Law

Dunkin Donuts Store trucks do their deliveries and park in a handicap spot everyday at the Furrows Road/ Holbrook, NY Location for over an hour

Awful service awful food

I walked into the Jeffersonville, Indiana DD and I have to say this one of the worst places I've ever been too. I'm calling the corp office directly to let them know what terrible service they have and the food is disgusting.

coffee lids

Why can't you make a coffee lid for the small cups that won't come off when you are driving and burn you and spill all over the car and you. When was the last time someone in the main office went out and bought a small cup and try to drive and lift it to take a drink. One tip, you better open it before you leave or you will a hard time as half the time the lids don't want to open. I wonder how many times you are sued for hot coffee spills on people. Bottom line, make a better lid for the small coffees.


the DD on Delaware ave in kenmore needs help employees are very unhappy with management not doibg their jobs its very unprofessional and there's a lot of stealing from workers and nothings being done about it. What can the employees do about these conditions

Debris in my Coffee

Stopped by the store at the corner of I95 and Eau Gallie Blvd. in Melbourne Florida and pruchased a coffee item. After getting it home and taking a few swigs I put the remainder in my fridge so I could have it in the morning. Morning came and I heated up the coffee and began to stir it. I used a fork to stir and while pulling the fork out of the coffee I noticed what looked like a blob of I don't know what attached to what looked like curled hair or clothes fibers. Almost made me sick. I am learning not to trust the stores anymore as alot of the time you don't even get what you ordered. I now find myself checking my order each and every time I get something from Dunkin... (What ever happened to quality control?)

Best DD

I know allot of people only take the time to write negative reviews. So I wanted to take a moment to say that your store in Dania Beach FL is the best. They get very busy there but work their butts off to get everything done quickly. They also treat me like family which is a rare thing for such a populated area. They always make time to say hello, are always smiling and having fun. Hope you send can take a moment to let them know how great they are. Thanks

Bully and Rude GM

Almost every time I walk in DD in Biloxi, Mississippi the store is nasty, donut case is empty, and the employees are rude or mad that their GM is bullying them. The GM yells, acts like she's going to fight her employees, and some of them act afraid of her. I'm from New Jersey and I LOVE DD but I feel that changes should be made. I'm not going back store until then.


How can you let a lady run ur store and have her granddaughter work there and get special treatment, better hour's break's all day when she wants, i work butt off n get mistreated, is this the way thing's go at dunkn donuts/handymart, strasburg va store.


I was flabbergasted! I went to a DD on the corner of Elm Street and Campbell Ave in West Haven CT. It was dirty the staff was not welcoming. I noticed mostly young hanging around outside some waiting around outside the franchise. It's seriously doesn't make for good business. I can tell you I will never go into that DD again. It also doesn't represent the DD name very well. May I suggest you try to do something about this particular franchise at this location.

grossed out

store # 348993. 1/11/14 I was at the dunkin donuts downtown on Grant street in Pittsburgh Pa. across form the Steel tower. I witnessed an employee come in with her coat and hood on, She walked behind the counter where the open donuts area was, and having long nails and bare hands, she grabbed a white powdered donut muchkin and ate it, then walked in the back kitchen. when she came back to the register with her coat off, I saw her still chewing the donut with powder on her hands. This is completely unacceptable and unsanitary.

I think it is terrible that when you buy less than 6 donuts, they are placed in a bag. Half of all of the frosting ends up on the inside of the bag. Why can't they give you a box so you don't lose the best part of the donut???

What's up at Dunkin donuts?

You've changed your chai tea and it's awful and not real tea. Today I received a bagel half the normal size and just as much money. What's up. Change your coffee and you'll be out of business. Forced to go to Panera for bagels and Starbucks for chai tea. I am not a coffee drinker anywhere. Extremely disappointed. Mimi's cafes changed their menus and they're closing left and right. You will loose your regular daily customers.

unsatisfied customer

I went into dunkin' donuts @ 201 E oasis parkway north platte ne suit 1. one after noon and got 50 donuts holes so I went inside and let them know, a young lady said she missed counted the donuts holes and she fixed it, but her manager out her on the spot in front of everyone and said we can give you a free drink for all your trouble and she needed to do her job right I told her it was fine everybody messes up sometime but she was just going on and on and on I felt back for this young lady and how she was put out there like that....

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