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Out of decaf

I stopped at a local dunkin donuts at 5:45 pm today and was told "We are out of decaf." I drove to a nearby Mc Donald's and got a decaf with no waiting time. What is up with DD in Pembroke Pines, Fl on Pines Blvd @ SW 178 Ave?


How hard would it be to make Splenda donuts for diabetics?that would be great considering how much diabetes has affected this country.


I worked at the Dunkin donuts in Oxford al store number 350300. I was originally hired at Carrollton store to help open the store. Anyways the manager is sexist she don't write up any women not even if they are late opening the store or doesn't show up. But yet she'll schedule guys on days they can't work and then fire them. I got fired on my only off day for not working for someone else

I was at the DD at Devon and Milwaukee in Chicago. I asked for an iced latte with a decaf espresso shot. I was given regular decaf coffee as a shot. Employee refused to give my money back, she wanted to make it over. I found out from another employee they were out of decaf espresso. I will never go back.

No sugarfree doughnuts

I read on line that dunkin doughnuts offered sugar free doughnuts. I called the local branch, and was told they decided not too carry the sugar free doughnuts. Like all the other bake shops in this local area , they figure if you are a diabetic, suffer, while we eat doughnuts in frount of you. I guess like every thing else, I must shop for them on line. But, I am dissapointed that the practice of selling sugar free doughnuts, is a chioce, and not your companies policy. And think it should be listed as such.

It is pretty sad when one of your employees stayed at a hospice facility overnight with a dying family member and called her job saying she cant make it in cause she stayed with her family member and she was told she was FIRED if she didnt come in thus happened in titusville fl. Where the hell is your compassion for your employees this is pretty damn sad i am very sure the local news paper is going to love this story

National Coffee Day

National Coffee Day, Ya right, the owner would not honor the free cup of Jo, had to pay for it today. Palm Beach State College, Lakeworth, Fl.


taste real bad


I was unaware your donuts come in frozen and then prepared. Will be getting my at Krispy Kreme where they are fresh.

DD Coffee very weak

I find you morning coffee is diluted very weak and many people feel the same way

to hot

I work fora franchise dunkin donuts in Manhattan the average temp in my store is 96' degrees not counting the ovens I asked if itcan be fix its been like this all summer I asked ifmi can wear shorts I was told if idid I can take my a## home if I cant deal with it by my gm. dont know what can I do if any one can help me thank you

Union for workers

Why don't yall have a union for workers?

The dunkin donuts in Waukegan Illinois on Raymond and Washington has the worst service of any chain I've ever visited. I really think the young man was stoned, we went through drive thru on 8/30/14 at 0400 to order coffee, the guy could not get it right at all, his words were slurred really bad and I'm sorry but if you can't take an order for 4 coffees then you need to find something else to do.

dunkin donuts on 3467 ne 163 rd street by the intercoastal mall

So this morning I went there the crew is horrible they dont know how to greet people emily is the manager name smh yall need to replace her she is so rude and speaking spanish in front of me ..I will never come to this dunkin donut anymore and coffee was bitter ...have a great day to you all

you woke me at 4AM

Story speaks for itself.After working at a real job for 18 hours I went to bed for well needed sleep.I got a text message at 4AM and the wife and I awoke hoping the news was not going to be a sudden death in the family.It was a text from Dunkin Donuts about tasting a Latte!AT 4AM IN THE FREEKIN MORNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Now Im trying to enter this wonderful review and the prompt says to type the two words and guess whats in the box?The number 458!How do you get 2 words out of 458??


I went to the Dunkin Donuts at midnight last night to get donuts for the morning and was informed that they were OUT OF DONUTS! So I asked for a dozen bagels instead, NO BAGELS EITHER! No apology just matter of fact we don't have any donuts! Then when I asked for the manager the drive thru worker just disappeared! No manager no nothing! I went over to the window and it looked like they were hiding from that area, we just went ahead and left, ended up spending my money at 7/11. I wanted to buy coffee for my keurig, but to no avail also since the employee and the manager went and hid around the corner until we left! WOW, I'll never go back to that store. NO DONUTS? IT"S A DONUT SHOP!

I called about a price and an item to the store of Belmont mass the manger was very rude and hung up the phone I'm not happy with the service I got probly will not be going there ever again and I hope that guy gets fired he doesn't deserve to be a manger at all!!!!!!!!!!


My husband and I went in for a coffee at 8:20 last night. When we sat down an employee told us and the other customers that we had to leave the Lobby at 8:30 p.m. so she could clean and leave at 9:15!!! The store hours clearly state open until 9:00 p.m. Needless to say, my husband and I and the other customers left. I am shocked at the rudeness of the employee in the Easley, SC store and will never return.

Just got in line at DD on Thompson Rd. right off of the NYS Thruway for the first time during morning drive time. Not only were 3 people ahead of me, but there was only one worker, and she was slow. So I ran out the door, got in my car, and got in line for the drive-through. Wasn't moving much after 5 mins. -- since again, there was only 1-2 workers working the window -- and I zoomed out of there and left. GET BUSY, DUNKIN DONUTS! That was so frustrating. Hire more people and get employees who are on the ball!

Would you drink that???

Upon my requiest for a thicker Coolata at the Stow, Massachusetts store...I received what at best could be called a Sludgelatta. Original Coolata was the consistency of my iced coffee next to it. I have a hard time thinking that anyone would offer a customer something that was the consistency of pockets of hot fudge slurping around in pockets of coffee - really would you drink that???

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