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your Empoylees

Horrible delivery service in Hillside Nj, The delivery guy name Khan Mohammad going to tell my little brother that our food had cost 25.52 when it only cost 23,52 when we called and ask for the the price of out food. Its really not about the two dollars it's about how he going to tell my brother that he can not have his two dollars back because he needed gas money and pulls off.


The dominos in mt pocono pa sucks. I called several times n they didnt even answer just put straight on hold. When they did answer they put me right on hold without me getting a word in edgewise. Ellios pizza is better. Never calling them again. Ps its not like theres other places around here that make pizza and theirs isnt some frozen junk.

I would like some information about owning a domino's rest.


are pizza was wrong misunderstood our order i called back and complained they were going to give a free pizza out i was like i dont know what you will do too it so ill pass but the manager was so mad that i didnt take the free pizza that he hung up on me i tryed calling back and they said he was to busy to come to the phone f- that no manger should do this work something out before you get mad we live in fremont neb

We called for pizzas tonight to Naranja, FL and after having me wait for 18:52 one of the employees came back and matter a factly told me they were busy and I should call back in 15-20 minutes. Really?!? I wait all that time being told to wait and then when I think I'm going to put our order and I'm told to call back. This is not the service you expect from this corporation. I will be thinking twice about calling Dominos again.


I work for dominose and I'm getting paid under minimum wage what should I do

Still looking

Just moved to new area. Used a new dominos' store. Ordered a pizza, sandwich, and soda pop. Of the 3 items only the soda pop was made to order!

the great company

i have worked for the company for about two years. there have up and downs many of the people greate to work with.most of the custmers are cool, decent. many times i have to point out how they have tipped twice and give back the second tipp to be honest.

Not like it used to by.

hAd a large pizza delivered 2 miles and it cost $3.00. Wanted thick crust, got paper thin pizza. For $10.00 plus delivery cost and tip, this pizza was not worth $16.00. Don't know if we will eat there any more. Never had a bad experience lime this before from Domino. What a waste of money and my time!!!!

This people .domino.i order a special 2large pizzas and a 2litter soda 4 21 dollar .they charging me.27 dallors.6 dallor4delivery.i tout it was free.

Always diferent

It seems like every other time we get dominos it is great and the other half of the time we just choke it down because it's less then satisfactory . I don't understand the inconsistency .

a rock

please contact me as soon as possible . I ordered a pizza , and my son bit into it and cried in pain. He bit on a small pebble. Now I want to know if the pizza fell on the floor before we got it.

I ordered a pizza and wings at 8:15pm and here it is 12:03m and still don't have my food. This is sad. I was hung up on...told that they didn't know where my food was, they never once said they were sorry. The manager was rude and they all need to be restarted. Dominos need to do better!

forget it

This place is a joke. The customer service is terrible and the pizza is lacking. You can get better service and pizza from a grocery store.

Bad service

I get attitude and dried out pizza never order ordering from them again

new item

How about putting the calzone on the menu just might be the next big thing

Charge me for Parmesan Cheese?

Really Corporate. You aught to be ashamed of yourself. Charging for cheese is like and ice cream place charging for a spoon to eat your ice cream!!! That sucks no more of my business for you. I

Coolest tag sale item ever

I bought at a tag sale a car magnet for pizza delivery man my kids think it's awesome but my neighbors don't like it so much because I do hole shots with it on. I just wanted to thank Patrick for so much fun I love making you company look stupid, Sincerely yours, Mad delivery Man. It's not delivery it's my pizza

bad customer service

I ordered pizza for 1430 Richmond Avenue Domino's Pizza RIA got my pizza at 3 hours later I called I got an attitude from the person picking up the phone cause I asked where my pizza was 2 hours ago give up pizza and give up dominos

how can delivery driver jacket with no (hood) ..if rain or snow driver Guarantee wet from inside out ..who make the jacket they so stupid

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