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Horrible service

I ordered from you because you are close to my home. When I placed the order and finished, I said goodbye and your employee who too the order just hung up. When the delivery driver came, my pizza boxes, soda bottles, & plastic bag the bottles were in smelled like cigerette smoke. The food taste fine at least. I called the manager and he said he couldn't do anything about it. When we ended the phone call, I said goodbye, and he just hung up on me. I am not ordering from you again.

loving your chocolate lava cakes!!!

My 9 month old and my other two kids loves your chocolate lava cakes! I think they are pretty awesome myself pizza isn't bad ethier =) keep up the good work!!!!

Incompetent Manager

I received terrible service from store 4924 in Pompano Beach, FL. I had a problem with the driver and call to speak with the manager, and the manager did not respond in a positive way. The driver was lost and my brother had to meet him at McDonalds to pick up our pizza. Call to request a delivery refund and manager refused to give me a refund.

no stars

The Dominos in Villa Rica is sorry, I just ordered again from them and it took over an hour to get my pizza and then it was cold. I ordered online so i can see my order being prepared. It took over an hour and over 30 minutes to deliver, also i called the location and i was told excuses as always, they told me i couldn't go by what the online said, if that is so why do you have it. This is not my first time but it will be my last in ordering from them.

Horrible experience

I ordered a pizza online, two hours later check the status of my order and it said "checking quality" I called and they very rudely said "it will get there when it gets there, another hour later and I am still currently waiting for my pizza. I called again only to get hung up on. THREE HOURS and still no pizza, that's ridiculous.

Omg, people need to learn how to spell!


Houston Texas Store # 6787 our office ordered 2 sandwiches from Dominos, one of them was missing part of the bread, and the other one had MOLD growing on it, I called the location and was offered replacement, really ??? NO WAY.. the fact that they tore off part of the sandwich tells me they knew there was mold on it. They did refund the order, but Domino's don't count on our daily order any more !!!!!!

horrible cx service

Store #5171 horrible cx service , nasty phone service. I placed an online order and made a mistake and didnt add chicken on both sides. So the rep. Answered the phone and said he can not add chicken because its already in the oven that i would have to pick it up and pay for it any ways ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! Very rude,disrespectful,no respect, called me a pig when i am only 120lbs. I guess im force to order papa johns now. You just lost a loyal customer

Poor customer service

I called Dominos in my area today. I ordered two medium Pizzas, and I got a good bit of toppings on each pizza, and I got a good bit of sauce on each pizza as well. I noticed that the dough was not fully cooked on the bottom. I called the location and I explained this to them. They basically said it was my fault for ordering so many toppings, and that theyre was a chance that could happen. I did not receive a Im sorry or anything. I felt very disrespected. So I just wanted to throw that out there.

Great crew

On Wendsday January 29, my town just expirience a snow storm, I had a house full of children, We placed an online order for 4 pizzas, the online time was 25 minutes to be pick up, I got to the place to pick ip my pizzas, only 4 employees were working and they were really behind, This is not a complain in any way, the crew working that night never stop smilling or slowed down taking orders or preparing pizzas. Finally 1 hour later my pizza was ready and this was the best pizza we ever had. The store is located 430 Red Bud Rd Ne Calhoun, GA 30701. Please thank everyone of them from my family.

My pizza from the Lancaster, Tx store was horrible. Near raw dough and clumpy cheese. When I contacted the store, I was told to bring my pizza back and they would replace it. No compensation for getting out in the cold and second time, and wasting my gas. When I retrieved the replacement pizza the order was incorrect. The manager offered me no compensation and had a bad attitude. I will never vist this location again. I would rather drive across town to Desoto, Tx, a store that is customer friendly, with an excellent product or just go to Pizza Hut!!!!!

Store Hours

This is the third time that I have driven by the Dominos in Jamestiwn, NC and they were CLOSED befire 19:30 om. The sign states that they are open for delivery only AFTER 10:30 pm......it was 10:15. This happened twice before and I called the store while still parked in front of the store and they infored me that they were delivering onky and that it would take over 20 minutes. I called the Chinese Restaraunt around the corner and they met me at the door with my food on their way to close at 10:30. Poor customer service Dominos.

bring back the noid

Bring back the noid

Look at all of these 1 star reviews

and you dont even care. What a sad company you all have become.

Dominos #2093 ROCKS IT EVERY TIME!!!!!

My Dominos, #2093 Makes the best pizza of them all. Delicious, fast, consistent pizza, sides & desserts, exactly as I always order it, is delivered by great driver's every time, in pristine, steaming, yummy condition! Great deals & foolproof ordering too. Awesome job everyone!!! You've got customers for life! Mmmmm-mmmm!! Thank you! The Vassar Clan of New Berlin, WI. :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Lousy service

Manager of store 8388 has no customer service skills or manners. She took another customer in front of me. When it was my turn in informed her and she didn't even look at me. When I asked her if she heard me, she said yes. She didn't even have the decency to apologize. When I asked for someone else to assist me, she said that she is the manager.


Almost 2 collision incidents due to bad drivers at Dominos. Both cut me off. Good luck getting ahold of anyone at the corporate center or filing with the safety dept. Absolutely sad a company like this can't follow up with customers.

greasy pizza

I would like to send you a picture of some pizza we just order from Would you eat greasy pizza that's Grease is coming out the box This is not acceptable

Sequim, WA Bad Service!

I ordered online over an hour ago. When I checked the tracker 20 minutes ago it was out for delivery. I called to ask where my order was because it was now saying delivered, they told me (very rudely) that do to time constructions and that they had strict orders to stay within a certain time frame they had to "clock my order out" as to not get in trouble with corporate. Where I live there is NO reason it should take this long. I am a 6 minute drive (max!) from the store. They were very rude both times I called. No tip. And probably not ordering from dominos ever again.

Never Order From Dominos, Warning!

Ordered a pizza because I had no more stuff to make my own. Went to pick it up & seen the unthinkable in a buisness. The workers had no gloves on. The younger guy was rubbing his nose. I wanted to run out but waited & then they couldn't find the pizza I had ordered. I had already wanted 45 minutes before even going to pick it up. Get the pizza & get home. The pizza is cold, the peperroni tasted old, hardly any sauce & it tasted like card board. To top it all off I've been in & out of the bathroom sick. Never again will I order from this company. Very disappointed & wasted good money.

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