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Food was late, got chicken sandwich with no chicken! Called and asked to speak to manager, and they asked why and would not let me speak with the manager! Wouldn't give a refund and was rude.


My wings were burnt. And nasty


Pubic hair In food DNA evidence! Sick company


Delivery was over an hour late. Driver was rude over and over again. People in the store were also very rude! I have been a customer for Dominos for over 15 years in this town and I will NEVER call them again for pizza.

Bad service

Got coupons for pizza's in the mail it said buy 1 at regular price get 2 free the store say for pick up only it does not say that it said for your next delivery the store at 441 main st east orange New Jersey is not up on your offers

Bad service

Wrong order delivered and after 2 phone calls and an hour, correct order not delivered. Person on phone said he was a manager and couldnt refund my money. Had to wait for another manager but didnt know what time she would get in. Now im trying to get my money back and expending all this time for 2 orders of hot wings. Store #4342

bad experience

I waited four hours for a pizza then was told I was going to be refunded and wasnt

bad greasy food.

dominoes has the greasiest pizza I have leverage. The district manag er waS very rude and belittled heremployees. Will boycott and not ever eat there again. Bad experience.

should go out of business

Our store in Seabrook as Texas is the worst customer service and do not care about their product

Dominos sucks

They are absolutely horrible. I worked there for quite a few and they fired me for being in the hospital for my kidney & not working saying that I'm not stable enough to work there right before Christmas which is down right horrible & disgusting. I hope that place goes back where they started from when no one liked them..

please get a store in gravenhurst

please please get a store in Gravenhurst the pizza pizza station in gravenhurst really sucks and your pizza is the best


Great marketing ploy with the 1/2 off any pizza, that's the good news. The bad news is my delivery took 2.5 hours. I went to the store and it was in utter chaos. You have a wonderful tracking mechanism for a customers order, why not develop one for the store. Track the orders coming out of the oven with some sort of bar code. When I got my order home, it was incorrect. Better management, proper staffing levels and honest service is the way to go.

Rude, Disrespectful Liars

Horrible, dreadful customer service. The manager there has no place as a customer service leader/manager. Domino' s will no longer be considerated by me or anyone at this office because they did not honor their word.

concerned citizen

Not concerning service, but the lack of respect for city ordinances in San Marcos, TX, 350 N. Guadalupe St. Delivery drivers constantly block by parking in the entrance/exit of parking lots which is also share by other business. Have mention to MGRs with no results. I would also like to mention the drivers disregard to posted speed limits. That has gotten better, but still a problem

Get out of the office ...

The higher ups need to drop into some of their stores ... better yet .. order a Dominos Pizza and go pick it up. Terrible experience. The food is dreadful ... not anything like you see on the commercials which it true for most if not all the fast food chains. My wife called for directions to our local Dominos. The girl was so far off ... we don't know how she found the place to go to work. The store was filthy. The girl could care less that it took my wife at night ... 45 minutes to find the Dominos. No thank you!!!!

Tulsa location Admiral/Sheridan area

The customer service was horrible. Pizza barely done. Had to go inside instead of using the drive thru window. Was told 'you have to come in because we have boxes in the drive thru window' well there was no boxes but a maroon van used for deliveries parked in the drive thru. Had to take my own 2 liter pop bottle and then has I was leaving was asked do you want a bag for that? Was told 25 minutes, I get there around 28-30 minutes later and told it's just an estimated time it will be another 2 minutes. I will not be back as a customer until that dominos place is better maintained and better staffed.

Delivery Charges

When did you start charging $2.50 for delivery? Been ordering from the same Domino's location on Stella Link in Houston for years & never paid a delivery charge, however I do always give the driver a tip. I called for a pizza last night, guy on the phone told me they have ALWAYS charged delivery fee. I did NOT order a pizza!

terrible pizza

dried out pizza


Store # 3119- Shepherd Rd, Lakeland, FL- I can't get over how polite, punctual and professional the staff were yesterday when I picked up my 5 medium pizzas for my daughter's FIRST birthday party! The work ethic was unbelievable in this store!!! EVERYONE worked so diligently yet still had time to say hello to me as they passed (i.e. delivery man heading out the door...) Great deals, but even better pizza! This store should be commended for all of there hard work!!!! Thank you for all you do to make my day easier!


I ordered a sandwhich the girl who took my order didn't wash her hands after taking my money or even handing a mgr type person some money from drawer she made my food .Then the mgr type person went outside came back in never washed his hands cut up 3 pizzas put in boxes then took my sandwhich from oven cut it boxed it I couldn't eat it I left with it probally done

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