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Slippin On Service

I was going to type up something well read but, Ive wasted enough time with your company. your operation in Wellford SC, has been good until now. I've ordered two nights in a row and have been shafted twice. FRom now now on I'll stay with Pepperoni Exspess!!!

Change of quality of pizza

I have eaten Domino's pizza for years.What have you done to the pizza it is terrible!!!.The sauce is so raw tasting it makes you sick to your stomach from the acid in the sauce.There is so much garlic salt on the pizza all you taste is garlic.You can't even taste the ingredients on the pizza. It has gone from good pizza to garbage. You need to have a remake of the recipe of your pizza.Or teach your workers how to properly make a pizza.Because you are in big trouble with the quality of your pizza.

Dairy cattle abuse

Love the pizza for the price you can't beat it, but unfortunately, I'm forced to boycott your pizza due to the fact that you purchase your cheese through Leprino Foods who recently came under scrutiny for horrific abuse to dairy cattle. Until you switch suppliers, I cannot in good conscience purchase your pizza. i hope you will make the right choice and purchase cruelty free ingredients in the future

new location

You need to open a new franchise on camano island washington, the closest pizza place is in stanwood wa. So pizza is cold the time it gets here, you don't have to take a ferry plus there is over 20,000 people. You know what they say, location is where it's at, plus you have excellent food. Thanx Mike


I am appalled at the how much I have to pay for a gluten free pizza. A large vegetarian pizza costs on average £10, but for a tiny gluten free pizza (the only size you can order it in) you have to pay around £12. It is unfair that people should be penalized for having conditions that they are unable to avoid, such as myself who suffers from Coeliac Disease. Not only is this bad enough, but they also do not include gluten free pizzas in any of the deals. This is unfair and I am deeply disappointed that people such as myself should have to suffer for something that is not their fault.

The new pretzel pizza

Nasty,..so buttery that's all I could taste. The crust ends were flat not thick and puffy like the picture. And it was a fresh baked pizza. Ease up on the butter geez,,... I wanna taste all the other flavors.

The Dominos mlb pizza giveawawy is a rip off for fans I logged in at less than 15 seconds after the promotion started and it said all codes were gone no way is that possible what a scam prove they gave away 20,000 pizza's dont believe it womt ever eat there again ripoff artists

Went to the Elizabethton, Tn Domino's and the pizza was good but geez making your employees work in a building that is 91 degrees is downright ridiculous!!! Workers were miserable and sweating like crazy. This is very poor work conditions!

Can't get order right 2 times in a row

I made an on line order this Wednesday evening, August 27 2014, and placed my order, which came to the amount of just a little over $50.00. Well on my cheesy bacon bread I clicked on the option of NOT wanting jalapenos, and even called and talked to one of the employee's there. I asked her if they held the peppers, she yelled into the kitchen, and the cook told her that YES they held the peppers. Well, guess what? It was loaded with the peppers. Not only that, but they did not get my order right, pizza was cold. When I called and talked to the manager of the store, in Wichita, Kansas, on Harry & Webb, she was making up all kinds of excuses. Well guess what Dominos? Papa Johns...........here I come.

Worst Pizza

I have ordered from Domino's quite often and have never had a problem but my order on Friday Aug. 1st was the worst pizza I have ever had. It was tasteless, cold and just awful. I will not order a pizza from there again. I ordered 2 artisan pizza's and one med. total was 34.00 which I fill I was robbed of. Very disappointed. I fill the company should retrain these employees on how to make a pizza. This was bought in Ellwood City,Pennsylvania.

Hot As Hell

went to pick up a pizza at 5595 E Santa Ana Canyon Rd, Anaheim, CA 92807 when i walked in it felt like i entered Hell !!!!it was so hot the workers looked misserable all sweating i asked if they had air they replied sorry its broke and has been for months please fix it for the workers sake and ours no one wants sweat in their pizza thank you

Jacked up app.

I eat dominos pizza quite frequently. I also happen to live right around the corner from the local dominos place. So how come I can't place my order on the website, or the app? I literally live 5 minutes away! I find it rather inconvenient, and a waste of my time and money. I got better service overseas then I do in my own country.


I have ordered from this place for years. I call to place an order and this lady claims that they dont come this far down chestnutridge I have ordered many times one hour prior to close and she claims there is a note to not to deliver per her managers note on the computer??? I AM 4 MIN DOWN THE ROAD??? something is not right with this. maybe they are just to lazy thats why she offered me free cinna sticks for telling me to come pick it up. I spend lots of money at this place and im not very happy tonight!!!!

Charge for condiments

I can't believe Dominos charges for marinara sauce with anything but plain bread sticks. I will not pay .50 for something their competitors give you for no charge. Nevertheless, I will not be buying from this pizza company in the future. When you pay $6.00 for cheese sticks you would think a complinary dipping sauce would be included. Shame on you Dominos for fleecing your customers but not this one anymore.

Terrible service

I ordered large pizza three toppings on Monday pick up... Was charged almost 15.00, later I saw a commercial for large three topping pizza just 7.99 so I called the manager and asked why I was over charged she told me you have to know and ask for it or you get charged full price and it was not her problem or responsibility to offer quality customer care or enforce that her employs offer quality customer care she was the rudest manager I have ever had to deal with.. Never again will Make the mistake of ordering threw them, they were rude and anywhere else I have ever been a special is a special wether or not you ask for it!!!!

pizza late and manager cussed me out

Ordered a pizza was told 45 minutes. An hour and 15 minutes later I called into the Berthoud CO, pizza hut to complain and a female manager cussed me out and was being very short because I had complained about their service

1 1/2 hours for pasta, really?

I placed an order at 1:40 and received my order at 3:11. Absolutely ridiculous! This manager should be fired!

poor customer service

July 16, at 7:45pm i called Dominos pizza in Timmonsville, SC 29161.....i placed my order for delivery, in which the ekployee put me on hold several times as they always do. They have delivered here many times, but this day they said they no longer deliver this far. I live 15 min from dominos....i understand that they didnt want to deliver, but when i asked why, i was cut short and asked what my order was. The guy, chris...was very rude. So after i ordered i was talking and he hung up on me, so i called back and cancelled my order. I ordered from pizza hut in Bishopville which is 30 min away and they delivered. I have a newborn and was pretty much stuck home....anyway i wouldve been fine but the guy was really really rude, i will NEVER eat ther again. NEVER.

Lazy workers

I have been calling the Dominoes Pizza OnOlden Ave in Hamilton Twp NJ (Liberty and Olden) for an hour to pre order a pick up and no one answers the phone. You got to be kidding me?! I'm not ordering on line....they will more than likely not respond to that EITHER!

Will never order dominoes again

Dominoes pizza Store number 8137 in el sobrante California probably will be closing soon because if you order chicken wings and only live 5 minutes away it will take 2 hour for you to get your food. Perhaps someone should tell the stupid owner to get more than one driver AT LUNCH TIME because he should expect more business then instead he's running people away so good luck dominos. If this is happening at other places your corporation will be loosing money.

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