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Deliver charges

Why are you still charging a delivery charge. I u denarius the fee when fuel was $3.00 a gallon. It's time to STOP.

Terribly prepped pan pizza

I ordered a pan pizza and it was terrible. The toppings werent all the way to the edge and it was very thin in the middle.

bad service

Taking too long for my order to be delivered . Was on the phone waiting to pick up the phone for 15 minuets

poor service

i have been on hold with store #4404 for over an hour. everytime someone picks up the phone hangs up.


Why does Dominos charge deposit on the bottled pop?

Make line

Hi I m working for store Dominos city centre Leeds i m not happy. To my overs, and to respect to personal very bad...


Isn't it time for Dominos to stop charging for gas? Service charge, what is it for and what service am I getting? Another corporate rip off charge.

I placed my order online at 3:10 its now 4.20 pm i am not paying for my order and i dont care


Absolutely a waste of money and time! Hardly any toppings! Never again will I order from them!

Waited 1.5 hours

Waited 1.5 hours for a pizza that was quoted 30 minutes. Came cold and disgusting.

so let me get this right domino's only do carry-out to white neighborhoods at night but not black neighborhoods why is that

The last 4 times we have ordered from one of your Vanc. Wa. stores they have messed up our order. These orders usually cost at least $100.00 and are placed every Sunday evening. Needless to say we are looking for another place to buy our Pizza.

Corporate Office

Corporate office makes Domino's look so bad, discriminating people.

It's time for dominos to stop charging their service fee for gas. Dominos another corporate rip off corp.

1. the lady got my order wrong 2. we complained she said she was going to give us a free pizza 3. she never put the free pizza in the system 4. when we tried to redeem our free pizza she said we already redeemed it This is the Dominos location on Mount Rose York,PA 17403

Chicken Kickers

Please bring back chicken kickers. The chicken you offer now isn't good. My favorite lunch was Kickers and Cheese bread, love the stuffed Cheesy bread, by the way! So just bring them back or send me the recipe! Thanks

I order a pizza for lunch and I had diarrhea all day long, are know what that hell they put in that pizza I will never order pizza from dominos.

I find it very rude that I have called and reported the dominos here in Houston and they have failed to call me back and see what the problem was. I spoke to someone at the corporate office twice and they said that the owner of that store was going to call me.

They dont use gloves. I thought every restaurant pose to use gloves.

2 hours late

Order a chicken pizza on veterans memorial and they took 2.5 hours to deliver when it was a 5 minute drive.

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