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I'm not your Boss

I don't think it's appropriate to call the customer boss,his boss has a office in back young boy should be able to see it next to the time clock with or without eye glasses.




Are you so serious as to spend that much money on commercials and NOT wear gloves. That's so unsanitary. Thanks for the heads up I certainly won't buy from dominos again


I have watched your commercial for the hand tossed pizza and feel very ill. Where are the gloves? Isn't this a health hazard as well as against the law?


I Ordered A pIzza, It.came To my house wrong, When I Called Back To manager He Blamed Me. This Is My favorite Pizza Place.Not Any Longer Thank Dominos


cannot order on line this is a very bad site

horrible service and food!!

The Domino's in Columbus GA store number 5772 was by far the rudest service I have received. The manger got very loud with me on the phone because I called back unsatisfied with the pizza I paid for, that was stuck to the top of the box!! They also didn't bring everything I ordered! Very unhappy with the whole situation!!

I would like to know why you are so stingy on your cheese I have been a customer for years. When I order extra cheese it is not there Please tell me why they do this the cheese can't be that expensive.

avon park fla store suck

they use kids to run it and all they do is play


The store number 56 in Spartanburg Sc on Union Street has the worst customer service and the management at the store is just as worst. They need to really learn how to treat the customers because the customer are the ones that keep thier jobs. Train your employees better and add a course on true customer service.

I wrote about a boy Anthony. Saying he is a very nice young man. My husband has been thier 2 times in Feb and he said it was the best experience yet both times this young man waited on him. I forgot to put the store. Malden mass's Eastern. Ave 02148


I ordered pizza, wings, and two liter drinks. FOUR HOURS LATER....not delivered. Still waiting.

Cheese of my pizza stuck to the box after I ordered it two hours ago and it was cold and undone .. Refused to bring me another pizza and was hung up on a so called manager .. Called back and another person who said they were a manager said it would take 2 hours and said I would have to come get my pizza I asked for a refund .... Horrrrible ... They need to be shut down ... 2hrs and an undone pizza ???


I just watched a commercial for Domino's Pizza and it showed an employee making a pizza without any type of gloves being used. They toss on all ingredients by bare hands!! If this is a normal practice in their stores, I will never order from Dominos again!!! I will be visiting my local Domino's store just to see!!

I want Dominos!

We need a Dominos in Mcpherson Kansas!


I was surprised to see the new ad for the handmade pizza showing the "employee" not wearing disposable gloves. I wouldn't want to eat a pizza made with bare hands. Disgusting!


I watch the commercial showing the alternative hobbies employees have. the big surprise is that when handling food no one wears gloves..geez why would I want to eat their p[izza?

no svc, no manager, indifferenceslow

just yesterday i ordered for pizza to be delivered online,was given an eta of ihr ten mins. they took the money, puct a msg on line that christopher left around nine ten to deliver. he never showed up, there is no manager because he never responded to the telephone or msgs on internet and still hasnt even though i called more than an hour ago to arrange the return of my money . bad place on pitkin ave .

Crappy service

The store on Linda on the west side of Odessa is giving crappy service. Order placed 3 1/2 hours ago and they keep telling us it is out for delivery. If this is true it has been in the car for 2 1/2 hours. Have order a lot of pizza from this location over the years so finding the house is not an issue. I will not be ordering again and from looking at their facebook page it looks like a lot of people fill the same way.

Very bad customer service from staff and manager

There are some very bad reviews posted about your establishment on Kingshighway and Martin Luther King Bl. I called for the first time to place a order and the staff as well as the manager was very unproffessional. While trying to talk with the manager she was yelling at someone in the background as I was talking. Then she kept cutting me off while I was talking like she didnt want to hear what I had to say. Very,Very bad!!! You really need to reevaluate who's running your store!!

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