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f*****up service and customer service/supervisor

I come home from work to find my service disconnected call cs to make payment, made my payment and was told service will be back on in 2 hours it's been over 48 hours and still no service called to complain got hung up on 5 times 3 of the 5 times where by their so call supervisors,the service is so poor that they should be paying youto join them! I asked for corporate phone number or email address and was told that they didn't have that information talk about lies after lies my service should be free for as long as I have them, I will never recommend them to anyone that I know I am embarrass to be part of there system. Lied to about having my service back on after making agreement on the payment due date for the 14 of July when the payment is due, I truly believe that they need to train there staff with more politeness and Em

Waiting 7 days for service-that's not acceptable is it to you

We had issues and were sent a Refurbished box in the mail. For the last month, there would be no sound for maybe an hour or so on all channels. Called they said it was the cables. Husband was in TV business 40 years - but he couldn't tell them. Went out 3 more times and he called again. They sent a new box, but only if he would not switch for two years and that box did not work, or hasn't worked yet. Was on the phone w/rep for 2 hours, then she says you'll need someone to come in 7 DAYS!! If that happened to the head of this company it bet it would not be 7 days. Sorry sorry sorry. If you happen to read reviews - well HELP. We need TV.


Please be careful as DirecTV is using the bait and switch scams to get programming and equipment on your account and into your home. I was promised an additional DVR for my account at no charge and no 2 year activation agreement. I was hesitant to open the package once it arrived because a month earlier they promised us 3 months free of HBO and Cinemax for being good paying, loyal customers. We found out that was true as we would have been charged $12.99 a month. Now i am having to jump through hoops and threaten to be charged at least $200 for failure to return equipment. Stay away from DirecTV as all they care about is the bottom line and don't care how many customers they step on or lie to in order to make the share holders mega dollars.

Direct TV Sucks

Keep getting (771) searching for sattelite signal! Called Monday and they won't be able to come look at it until the 26th! Yeah, I went through the reset steps and didn't help! Their customer service sucks big time and I'm ready to switch back to Dish Network! I have the protection plan too, as do others and still can't get anyone out sooner! They also added the NFL package to my bill last month, which I specifically told them I DO NOT WANT THIS, when I got Direct TV. I will be switching back to Dish Network! At least with them I don't lose my signal everytime it's cloudy!

not told of free reciever deal

i signed up for service two months ago. recently through my fincee working with direct tv support i found out that i could have had the genie for free and 3 genie minis for free.. at no time was i told of this promotion when i tried to get resolution i was told sorry you activated we can no longer help you with that..

Don't care about current customers

We have had DIrect TV since 1995 and they keep providing less and less to their current customers while spending money to attract new ones. Now they are pushing to get everyone on a service plan to add on another per month charge to our bill which is currently nearing $200 a month. Due to our geographic circumstances they are our only option other than Dish but I would recommend cable to anyone who has that option.

Not Happy - Cancelled service

OMG haven't seen a more consistent negative customer service rating for any company. DirecTV earned it in my eyes. My service stopped and was down 3 days. 5 phone calls later they tell me that it will be 13 days before they can get someone out to the house to fix. And I PAY for the protection plan...maybe that was the issue. I cancelled and am expecting them to refund the over $300 in early cancellation penalties. if not - this won't be the last I share my frustrating story. I called Comcast - they were out in 2 days and we have great cable service.


My blood pressure is about to explode. This company has zero customers service. They write 200 words that say nothing. We have only had Direct TV for 2 months and we CONSTANTLY get message on TV screen that the satellite is searching for signal. The initial installer showed up late. The 1st service call, they failed to show. Then they showed up with no appointment. Every time I email I get ridiculous responses that say nothing but how sorry they are and hope I'm happy. I emailed them to stop harassing us by phone. I emailed today to schedule service and I actually got **3** phone calls to tell me someone will call because our email was escalated. The only thing escalated is my blood pressure. They want to talk to us and instruct us how to fix the problem. The problem is on our roof as the satellite dish is not directed properly. Is losing TV every time it rains, wind blows, whatever normal? I am not going to pay for television that only functions in perfect weather. I am contacting the Federal Communication Commission. I refuse to continue this crap for 2 years. I thought Time Warner was bad, but compared to Direct TV, they were great.


Direct TV raised their rate by $20.00. When I called they said their was nothing they could do and I still had 9 months on my contract. I could get 10.00 off if I referred a friend. What a joke. Can not wait to switch and I will be telling everyone how they lied.


We had our service disconnected due to being in hospital for 3 months we had missed a payment when they reconnected it only 2 out of 5 boxes worked then they set us up for automatic bill pay with no authorize which set us in major overdraft when we tccalled to have it fixed they said they would refund us and credit us for the unworking boxes but when she transferred us to get the boxes working they said they couldn't do any of that and there were no notes that was four days ago now still no refund or working boxes all they want to do is argue u on the phone I'm handicapped and just returned home last w


I have ben with direct tv for a long time. Last year I had a problem and had to go to corporate level to get it resolved. Now this year on 2 occasion I was lie to my people on the phone. If I catch any of your people lying to me again I will talk with some VP at direct tv for what corrections are being impleted. If this continues I will let all durest tv users know what kind of copmany you really are


every time it rains I lose my picture. im done with directv. not happy with them at all!!


after been a customer for long time direct tv start asking me for a paytment when I paid every month after a ten call a day I got tired and call to ask why I been harass they said I been late one month when I ask to speak to a supervisor the guy said I cant find one let me put in the system your request it took him 20 minute to type i still dont know what because no one call me back I toll the guy that they need to investigate the payment that I pay every month so they send me a cut off notice no call and they disconnect the cable I call the numbers and only recorder asking for paytment does anyone know where do I call to return the equipment

Terrible equipment

Came on service March, 2013 and its been bad service since that day, I've called, sent a letter to the President..still no calls back. My picture scrambled during the hockey playoffs..picture rolls when changing channels. Its just not worth the money. Those new boxes (Genie) sucks. I have to reset my box all the time.. No one cares!!!!!!!!!

Not A. Mays in Austin,Tx

My husband bought a phone recently. The phone number assigned to him was a Direct Tv customer who owed money. We get numerous calls from Direct Tv asking for their customer. We have told them to stop calling us. Each day they tell us they will take us off the the list, but the next day the harass us again.

Horrible Customer Service!!!

TERRIBLE!! We called CS for some help on some difficulties and all we got was sarcasm and no solution to our problem. When we asked for Corporate number to report this he gave us more sarcasm and said, "would you like the CEO's number too while you're at it?" What's that about???? Terrible service and as far as the actual TV service goes, the connection is terrible!! Terrible service over all, and we are loyal customers of several years. Very sad.


You claim to have good customer relations BUT you fail at keeping appointments!! You reschedule and then FAIL AGAIN!!! So sick of lame excuses!! GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER!!!! I am telling everyone I know in the Armed Forces NOT to go with you EVER!!

Worst experience ever

First timer with direct tv and soon to be last timer. I was sold one thing on the phone when signing up and they were all lies just to get me to start service with them. Come to find out what I thought I signed up for is an additional $30 per month. I'm having corporate review to phone call but haven't had a call back yet in 3 weeks. I've talked to 10 people on the phone and have got no where. This is the first review I've ever written but I'm so fed up its ridiculous! Hope this review helps others find another cable company

They couldn't care less

BEWARE "NEW" CUSTOMERS! After you sign up, you become a "current" customer, which means DirecTV no long cares about you. Don't say you weren't warned! Unable to give 0 stars, or I would.

Horrible company!

So where do I start. I called customer service about my card being used on a account which I paid a bill on about 9 months ago. They account was closed and they have been charging my card for a few weeks so much a day. They told me since I paid the bill one time that they have the right to charge my card anytime they want. The name in the card isn't in the account. Anyone else have this problem?

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