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I don't understand why Direct TV has to be at Sam's Club , Wal-Mart, Costco or other stores. I think it is wrong and the employees are very aggressive . There has to be better way of marketing than that. I just feel that CEO would like to know. He seems like a nice Man. I am a person that lives in the San Antonio , TX area. I hope things can change. I don't see any other cable company doing this.

horror story

signed up for service in May was liED Too my service hasn't worked since then 11 missed appointments now I have taken off of work now when I try to contact my case manager I'm told I don't have one and I'm not on the computer


Had Direct TV got a transfer from Texas to Arkansas, call to disconnect they said they would send boxes so I could send back equipment. Never received the boxes, called several times was told I would received them in approximately 2 days after several more calls. Still waiting on them then theydrafted 626.86 out of my account and stated that because I did not send the equipment back the charged me for it. Still till this day I still haven't received the boxes nor have the reversed the charges like they said the would. Worst Customer Service I have ever dealt with will not use Direct TV again.


I am currently in service with directv and I live in a apt complex that only offers directv for television service. While watching tv other channels overlap each other and distort the channel your watching . I have contacted directv several times all they have done is troubleshoot over the phone which never works. I have requested that someone be sent out to fix the problem and they refused to help. When requested a manager it took 45 mins for associate to get manager. I officially hate directv, worst customer service ever, they dont care about there customers

Criminals Don't Care About Anyone

This company, along with CenturyLink, has the most horrible customer service I've ever dealt with and I don't criticize customer service much. They are dishonest, careless, and engage in practices that are illegal for the average consumer to engage in, including fraudulent credit card use and mishandling of customer information. It is NOT a mistake worth making. The people at this office don't listen to what anyone says. You could tell them a story about a school bus, an alligator, and a shoe and they will just keep parroting the same thing over and over again like psychos stuck in a trance. STAY AWAY FROM DIRECTV

Direct TV Sucks

Awful service never use this service ever. Run very far away. I have spent several hours of my time trying to fix the errors that Direct TV has made. Now I spend twice as many hours trying to stop people from using this service. I have already stood in front of the booth at costco telling people to never use this service. That is how adament I am about how awful this is.This is the worse service in the world I would never recommend this to anyone.PLEASE don't waste your time with Directv, you will regret it.

Directv doesn't care about loyalty

We've been with DTV for 14 yrs but because we left for 1 yr to do a trial with Cent. Link for Free TV while they worked out their kinks, we are not concidered a 14 yr customer w/DTV anymore. They put us back as new customers and so now our service with them has only been a yr. Even though they gave us back our old accnt no. But being a new customer means we have to pay for moving our service now @ 200. bucks PLUS 20. bucks shipping fees! Unbelievable!!!


Six months of picture freeze on genie and other DVR no one has a technical thought in their head to fix the "system" Going to corporate at first insubordination that I will take the next day off the service call cancelled itself while I waited 6 hours with no person arriving. Billing inaccuracies promises and no action stay away from this company they know the FCC is not active with customer service and they are abusive, reckless, careless and no one works in his company you will loose weeks of chasing them down for anything

Phone Service/Customer Service

Getting to the customer service department is terrible, the phone system will never replace a human. It is extremely hard to navigate through and then when you do get to a human you get disconnected. VERY FRUSTRATING!!! The phone system needs to go and customer service needs to call back when disconnected. The 1 star rating is to high

Nfl ticket

Dtv gave me a bunch of movie channels and nfl ticket for free when I signed up u called today to see why my bill was so high and they said cause I paid over $100 for nfl ticket and I told them I didn't way it I don't watch football well guess what too bad I have to keep it and they will cancel me next year Even though I canceled all the free channels they gave me when the free perio ended including the football cause I don't watch foot ball after hearing I'm stuck I asked for the corp headquarters number they refused to give it to me telling me to look it up myself thank you Nathen !! So I will bash dtv and tell everyone I know this story to hopefully STOP dtv from rippin people off especially myself being 66 years old on disability and not a football watcher

Horrible Customer Service

I am a new Directv customer. I have not had service since 27 September 2013. Multiband Subscriber Services refuses to slightly modify their relatively small window of operation because I will not granted permission to enter my dwelling while I'm away at work!


I want to thank you for upgrading my receiver to the HR44-700. I really like it. I am glad we were able to work it out. I have enjoyed DTV since 1997

Protection Plan Joke

I have the plan and up till now, a very happy & pleased customer. The plan covers my computer and after having directv sent a service man & noted I need a part....2 weeks later, now part not available & me screaming to get my computer fixed.....bottom line there sending a new computer & to date 1 month, still no replacement, just run around words...

Intent on ripping off customers

I had a direct tv account in another state last year. I have been receving direct mail to my home address advertising all these special packages. I have called Direct TV a number of times only to be told I could not take advantage of the new packages at my home. The direct mail is addressed to me specifically indicating that those packages are available...Direct TV refuses to honor those packages. This is a complete rip off ! Stay away from Direct TV at all costs!


DirecTV told me that the tech did not have to call me if he could not make an appointment. Spent 8 hours waiting, 120 cell phone minutes, took off work, paid $150 for upgrade, and this is how they treat me? Was then told that it was too late to send a tech out....but what about when I called at 4:20pm?

Don't Use Movers

I called DTV and suspended my account to move from Colorado to Oregon. 10 days later I called to resume service. After 10 calls and 4 hours on the phone I hope to finally get service in another week. They neglect to tell you that there is a special phone number you must call and you will be transferred repeatedly, your call dropped and then when I get to the right person they apparently scheduled the technician to install service at my OLD address and billed me $325 for nothing and dropped 4 calls while trying to get me to scheduling. I asked for a supervisor 4 times and was finally promised one would call me back but that never happened. My advise is to cancel service and just resume (if you can) when you get where you are goins


i have been given the runaround by directv.spend 3 hrs w/tech.they couldnt fix problem was told they would come next daynever came called they said mix up my appt was 2 months later promised they would be there the next day 0800-0900 called at 730 pm asked what happened there not sure still cant tell me when my tvs will be turned back on have gotten the runaround.loyal 10 year customer and treated like im stupid

worst financing department ever

I've been waiting on a refund check for two months now ...and every week I call customer service they tell me the same thing your check is gonna be mail next week. Idk who else to complain too .all I knoe good thing I have time warner n I'm never going back to direct tv...


Bad service, takes action from our states AG to get them to even begin to be ethical, and less than 3 months later they started their shenanigans again. STAY AWAY!


I was rescheduled 3 times and was told they are going to come and don't show... This is ridiculous because we were referred to y'all as good service and y'all can't seem to keep your appointment dates!!!! How do y'all rate y'all are the best ? I need them our here Monday August 12 by 9:00 am due to I have to go to work if they are not put here by that time y'all can forget about us keeping your service and believe me I will have people and family switch to Dish Network!!!!

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