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Oh dear. How I wish I'd read these reviews before succumbing to the rosy promises of Directv. I am a new customer. A technician came to see what had to be done to be hooked up. "You need to have a trench dug and conduit to hold two lines." $230 later, the trench awaits. A second technician comes, says the trench is too long for his fish line, opens the trench, lays the cable in the dirt. Leaves a dirt mess in the surrounding lawn, walks off leaving tools, doesn't do a professional job with the cable on the outside of the building, or inside the house. I complain. A third technician comes, cleans up after the second, says he doesn't understand why I was told to have a trench dug. That when he installs line, he cuts into the sod, uses a stretcher, lays the cable, the cut leaves only a small line across the lawn. When I contact customer service, I am treated politely, but after discussing the problem with his supervisor, the answer is "I'm sorry. Since you are a new customer, you have received a rebate, special price..." That is all we can do. What does that have to do with having to pay for incompetence?? I was happy with Dish Network, their technicians prompt in their help. But I thought I wanted the bundling offered by Directv. I am so sorry I switched.

I cancel my service do to my financial situation , I also return the equipment.. even do I did all this.. Directv is still charging my bank account every month..they even charge me for the equipment, I called and they confirm they received the equipment..they said they're going to credit my bank acc for $290 within 48hrs..I been calling every day and now they said my refund check will go out from 6-8 weeks!!!!...how did it go from 48hrs to 6-8 weeks to get my refund?????.............very upset I really don't recomend directv at all.

Well since I retired from AT&T, after going in circles with customer service I pick the most direct route to care for my problem. 1st I have written a letter to the CEO of Directv, second a copy was mailed to the Presidents Office of Directv, and along with that another letter was written to the FCC who regulates Directv telling them not to allow Directv to merge with another company, Directv operates as if it is in a Monopoly and does not offer truth in business, lies to its customers. I will be happy to see how long it takes to get a issue resolved now.

I called Directv on the 28th of May to cancel my services and spoke with Brandon who promised me the world to get me to stay. He told me that I could get a $250 programming credit, 4 months (later to be only 2 months) of free showtime, starz, hbo, cinemax, and if I so chose a new HD DVR. I said okay I will stay a little longer. Well if I had only known that had I cancelled then I would have owed for May's service and for $20 for the remaining month on my contract for early termination fees. I went ahead and took the deal to just see if it was something I wanted to continue to have and then a month passed and we decided to just cancel because we simply don't have the time to watch alot of tv with an active 8 month old. I called into cancel and then was on the website to see that they now say I owe them for the past month and a half because apparently you have to stay with them through the 60 days or 90 days (depending on which rep you get) or they cancel the credit and then you owe. According to them I now owe them $144.05. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY. They have done noting but be dishonorable in the practices. BUYER BEWARE!

I am giving Directv a poor rating because unfortunately there is not a rating that goes lower. I disconnected my services in May 2010. I have since had 2 unauthorized charges deducted from my checking account with no notification whatsoever. The last charge for $144.45 was deducted because they had not recieved their recievers back. Well they had not gotten their recievers because the box had not been recieved from FedEx to send them back. I called on June 27 and it took 2 hours for me to finally speak with a supervisor. All they could tell me was what they could not do....not give me my money back. After about an hour on the phone with Tracy she finally agreed to refund my money within 48-72 hours. Guess what, that has not happened. So here I am, once again on the phone and being told only what they cannot do. What exactly CAN the customer service people of Directv do? This is one of the crappiest companies I have ever had the unfortunate opportunity to have to deal with....and I was a customer service rep for 10 years. If I ever find myself in a location (and we move around a lot since my husband is in the Army) that does not offer cable television, I will surely never have Directv AGAIN. If you are considering getting Directv, PLEASE TAKE MY ADVICE AND DON'T DO IT.

Heres a copy of the complaint I filed through Planet Feedback that you will probably ignore. Here are the details of my complaint: We have had an account with DirectV since 1998. We were considered a preferred customer with a special phone number for priority attention. It WAS a great company to do business with. However, after Rupert Murdoch became involved, everything changed for the worse. And, since his leaving, the good things have never come back. The current problem is with the apparantly shoddily manufactured DVR units from DirectV. We have four receivers in the house. Two are old units with tivo on them that still work well. Two of the units are DirectV units , an R-10 and an R-15. My Son has been trying to get the R-15 as we thought it was better than the other models. He has had two receiver replacements since his older model with Tivo died. The problems have been numerous with both of the R-10's and he is tired of hooking up one receiver after another and getting the same lousy results. He requested an R-15 and we have found that NOBODY has the option to choose a particular unit. Then today when I asked my Daughter how she liked the R-15, I am told it is making noises and getting a frequent grey screen that requires her unplugging and replugging the unit to make it function again. She isn't happy with the supposedly best model you have made. She doesn't want to go through numerous models which come randomly without choice of model as an option and go through what my Son is going through. On one of my Son's calls, he was hung up on. Is he mad, Yes! Are we all getting mad, yes! There are numerous problems that my Son would be happy to discuss with the CEO if HE CARES about customers who keep him in business. Based on this, here's what I would like DirecTV, Inc. to do: At least have someone with power talk to my Son and see if things can be worked out before we break a 12 year realtionship with DirectV. If I get an answer and a number for him to call that MIGHT accomplish anything, we will try to hang in a bit longer hoping that TIVO comes soon and we'll get the great units THEY have ALWAYS produced. We are tired of the faulty DirectV units.

I have been a Directv customer since the year 2000. Back in 2000, I ordered my equipment over the internet and installed it myself. From time to time I added to my Directv receivers until I owned a collection of five of them. Each and every one of my receivers had 1 or 2 radio frequency 75 ohm cable inputs coming from the satellite dish, and 1 radio frequency 75 ohm cable output to a television set. Each one of my television sets has a radio frequency 75 ohm cable input on the back of it. This summer I moved from Chicago, Illinois to Dubuque, Iowa. Directv service personnel did the installation in Iowa and supplied me with 3 new Directv receivers. The brand new receivers have 2 radio frequency inputs on each of them. What they do not have is a radio frequency 75 ohm cable output! I called Directv and complained but their technical support told me that that was the only way the new Directv receivers were made now. I would just have to use an RCA composite (yellow-white-red) to radio frequency 75 ohm cable adapter that Directv was supplying with their new receivers which means that I no longer have the use of the RCA composite (yellow-white-red) output jacks on my new Directv receivers. I could not believe what I was hearing. I guess we should all throw away our older television sets that have a radio frequency 75 ohm cable input on the back of them and buy new televisions with either an HDMI input or with an S-Video input on the back of them. After ten years of customer loyalty I guess it is time to check out any and all of Directv's competition to see what is on the market. Sincerely, Gary Gross

Direct TV personnel do not listen to customers. For all senior citizens. DO NOT DO Business with Direct TV!. Do you know anyone can put service in your home. You do not have to agree to service. If when you discover this service was placed and you cancel. They will charge you a fee and send you to collections if you do not pay. They DO NOT have to have your signature or agreement to the service. This is NOT a company you want to do business with or have your care givers do Business with. They don't care, they only want your money

I would have never agreed to obtain service through them. After months and months of phone calls and attempts to remedy the problem, I eventually dropped service very dissatisfied and mailed all the equipment back to DIRECTV. Because of my cancellation, I was charged a $20 a month early cancellation fee which is the origin of this bill. If DIRECTV is able to provide an audio recording from my conversation with this gentleman in November of 2008, and that tape discredits my statements, I have no issue paying this bill. One thing I will not stand for is for my credit to be illegally toyed with and possibly affected in a negative way because of their misrepresentation and now unwillingness to forgive their error. Should they want to continue further, I suggest small claims court to attempt and retrieve the current balance. Or possibly, despite my obvious annoyance with this whole thing, I may be willing to agree to a reduced prize in the $150 range. Bottom line, they dropped the ball by either hiring this greedy representative or by not having proper training for their employees as to company ethics and customer service. Either way, I the consumer should not be subjected to blatant lying and misrepresentation by sales staff in an attempt for personal gain on their part. I have contacted the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney Generals Office regarding this matter and I will continue to write letters regarding their mis-dealings should this matter continue to be unresolved. I apologize for the length of this letter and the pompousness tone it reflects, but as you can see, I am very annoyed with this entire ordeal. To sum it up, I dispute the validity of this debt. Enclosed is a copy of the letter that I received. Sincerely, Bryan Pike

Recent bill showed my account is overdue even though my account was paid thru an EFT in May. Finally was able to speak to someone in customer service and, as they told me to do, have submitted documentation to Financial Operations (fax 877-480-2148)showing confirmation of the EFT from my bank to DirecTV for my May 2010 payment. Despite faxing the information and sending multiple emails to DirecTV, the payment has not been credited to my account and no one has contacted me. The courtesy of a reply to this dispute would be appreciated!!

Two years ago my dad had Direct TV and then got a sales pitch for Verizon's Triple Bundle Plan which included VIOS TV. The installer removed the Direct TV equipment and must not have made it clear that my dad had to cancel the service. His Verizon bill had always include Directv and was higher now but he never understood the bill thinking he was getting better fiber optic service when he was really paying for two TV providers. Now we want to get him a refund ($1800) for service he never used. Any suggestions? Tried making calls, a major waste of time. Got passed around and dropped twice during calls. Bundled billing is not fair for the elderly.

I just want to say that the service I received today (June 10, 2010)to reconnect my serve was the worst service I ever received. This is one of the reasons why I cancelled my service the last 2 times. I have never had to be on the phone and placed on hold as much as I was today. My first call was to reconnect. When I received my email conformation I noticed that the representative put the wrong amount of receivers. I wanted 2 DVR and 3 standard receivers. They put in 2 & 2. Now I had to call back to have it corrected. When I called back the first time I was given to 3 different departments and was on hold a total of 45 mins with NO resolve to my problem. I called back and got the same run around again. Now I’ve been on hold for over an hour and no one ever picked up my call after being transferred for the 3rd time with NO answer. Now I am calling again. I can’t even get a supervisor on the phone. I am still told I have to get connected to the equipment department, then stay on hold again for them to tell me to talk to the install department. This is not costumer service, this is aggravation. I really don’t know why I came back to you. If this is what I have to look forward to in your service I should cancel now. I started my order at 11:48am and it took till 4:00 pm. This is when I finally hung up because I was so sick of being on hold again now 25 mins. I spent my entire afternoon ordering a service that still isn’t correct. All this because I needed to add ONE standard box to my order that your representative put the wrong information in.

About a year ago, I upgrade to an HD DVR. From the onset the reciever wasn't working properly. Time and time again, I requested a new box, but was told - whatever issue I was having at the time - had nothing to do with my receiver. Here it is one year leter, and I am so frustrated with my HD DVR. I requested a downgrade to a standard receiver, and was told that in order to do so, I would have to pay $99.00. Can you believe it? Needless to say, tomorrow will be researching my options with Dish. Spare yourself the aggravation, and choose an alternative...

Hello , I am giving you this Poor Grade because I could not get through to any office today . I finally got to tell someone that the NAME OF THE CHANNEL and THE NAME OF THE SHOW is SHOWN ACROSS THE FRONT TOP of my TV SCREEN. I requested another BOX and REMOTE , but I was REJECTED . I know this is the problem because THIS DOES NOT SHOW on the TV in the OTHER ROOM . I DON'T THINK that I should HAVE TO SETTLE for a PICTURE LIKE THIS , when I PAY MY BILL ON TIME and TRY TO BE A GOOD CUSTOMER. I just DON'T THINK THIS IS FAIR !! This HAPPENED , EARLY TUESDAY MORNING . Please GIVE ME SOME INPUT ON THIS MATTER , because I REFUSE TO STAY WITH THIS COMPANY , WITHOUT SOMETHING BEING DONE !! I LIKE THIS COMPANY , BUT THIS IS NOT FAIR !! Thank you , William and Mary Allen , 3923 US Hgy. 601 South , MOCKSVILLE, NC 27028 Phone (336) 284-2807

On 6/5/10 I called Directv to dispute charges that are being billed to me, that never should have happened if the agent back in august of 2009 would have just cancelled my service like I asked instead of putting me on a six month suspension. The first person I called at 2:31 pm placed me on hold for 15 minutes then hung up on me. I called back at 2:47 pm and spoke with Kelshun he told me I have to speak to someone in CIG, whatever that means. So he transferred me to Alicia, who immedietley argued with me, wouldn't listen to my situation, and kept informing me of what I SHOULD HAVE DONE. It doesn't matter now what should have been done, what matters is how things are handled now. So I asked to speak to a supervisor and I waited for 10 minutes, heard Alicia typing while I was placed on hold, she finally transferred me to Melissa, who proceeded to give me the same information, telling me what I should have done, and not what we can do to resolve the situation now. I am as we speak returning the equipment to you which will waive a feee of $175.00 once I return the equipment. Melissa offered me a $25 credit on the account for my inconvience with the first agent who refused to cancel my account, but she is telling me that the rest of it is on me. That I shouldn't have waited so long to take care of this. But I am a busy person, as we speak this already has taken me over an hour to deal with and I haven't gotten anywhere yet. So how do you expect a single mom of 3 kids, works full time, has to drive kids back and forth to school, work, activities to take an hour out of her day to argue with directv. I used to sing your praises all the time, tell everyone how much I loved your service, the only reason why I needed to cancel was because of financial reasons. But not anymore, I will tell everyone and anyone who will listen not to deal with directv. I hope corporate will listen to me as a customer and help me resolve the situation that will make both parties happy.

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