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We have been a Direct t.v customer for about 10 years and when we asked them if there was a deal out there for us they said no since you are already a customer you can not get any discounts.I would like to add we have not had a contract with them for over 2 years and we offered to sign a new contract and again told it wont help you since we already have you as a customer I asked them if we signed a new contract and he said he could not help us.So Direct only cares about new customers.

direct doesnt care about old loyal customers

Direct t.v told me on several occasions that they can not help me with a deal unless I was a new customer.They do not care about a loyal customer for over 10 years he even said go to dish if you do not like it. I would have thought loyality meant something.


i am a single mother of four,ande Direct TV took over seven hundred dollars out of my account...when i called in about it i was told that if i reactivated my account i would get my money back into my account.they then took two something for the past due (understandable) ans credited the rest to my account..when i called them and told them that i have several bills due and i did not want my account credited they gave me the runaround. that was 3 weeks ago and im still getting the runaround..i have spoken to several operators and so called supervisors with no resolve...they are a bunch of liars and thieves. i hope all of them rott.they dont care about the lil man at all.


Ive had DTV for approxmately 2 years this is the first time I have been lied to by three different people in the same office. I called com. service because my system quit communicating with the sat. cs told me that a tect would be out in one hour(lie lie) called back 2 hours later and was told the was inroute (lie lie) called back again and was told there was no record of my calling and now it will be 8 Aug before a tect could come out and fix the Direct tv. I will call the corp office in the morning and see how many people can lie to me at headquarters.


I was lied to about what I would get if I signed up. The only thing I recieved was a headache. Signal comes and goes whenever it wants with no weather problems! Agents are no help. I would never recommend direct tv to anyone. If anyone knows a way to get out of the contract please let me know! And the salesperson did not give me a copy of the contract I signed!

direct tv sucks

I was lied too. didn't get a copy of contract, and nobody know where the signed copy is at.

Took remotes back

Tech took all my new remotes back with him after a geni upgrade. It's a rip off!!!!!!

No show or cancelation call in three months

It is July 23third and I called on April 20th to have a service man come and put up new coax cable because mine was messed up I still have not seen or heard from directv so I called and asked why and all I could get from person was sorry but that appointment was cancelled due to national disaster in my town that day and I said there was no national disaster on that date in my town and still as of July 23third we have yet to have a national disaster so I asked to speak to management and final got to talk to supervisor and she said the same thing then wants to offer me five dollars off a movie channel that I don't have or want so I told her no thanks and schedule a service man tomorrow so cross our fingers there won't be another national disaster tomorrow lol needless to say I'm not happy with directv and will go to someone else for my cable service

Still waiting

I've been waiting since April 2013 for a serviceman to come to my home to put up new coax cable, I made my appointment and no one showed up or called so my husband fixed it and we always had trouble with singnal so I called to ask what happened to service man he never showed or called to cancel appointment. I want to know why and operater said it was canceled due to national disaster in my town that day there never was a disaster but for three months they accepted my payments then wants to offer me five dollars a month off movie channel I don't have or want. Lets all pray there's no national disaster tomorrow or it will be three more months I hate directv and I will continue to call and complain until I'm happy but I don't see directv ever making me happy


Opted for Verizon phone/cable since that option involved a $15 discount on that service. Direct did not say that the two service bills should not be combined. Verizon sweetly offered combined billing which I accepted and thereby lost the $15. Now I, faultless in this, must call Vz repeatedly, to no avail, while being screwed out of the $15. Called DTV & was first told nothing could be done but in asking for a supervisor learned otherwise, but not retroactively. I'm moving soon and neither DTV nor VZ will be coming. Direct TV is the worst television ever, their pic freezes, becomes pixelated over extended periods-they claim not to know this so no bill adjustment is given.

Give me the $$ or get lost

I went on line and my account said my past due amount $80.39. That will get my account current. I paid that only to find out I still have to call customer service and pay an additional $40 to "activate". Plus I MUST give them a debit/credit card to "AUTO PAY" . I do not want my account on auto pay. When I finally spoke to a supervisor James. There was so much yelling in the background I could hardly hear. I kept asking him who is yelling? All James would say is this is a call center. There is gonna be noise. I responded"nice your employees yell at customers" he said "no that is the managers" I asked him if he could wave the "activation fee" answer "no" "and you must sign up for auto pay" when I told him I didn't want auto pay he said " then There is nothing we can do for you. At one point of time Direct TV was the only way to go..now they have gotten so big, they only care about the money, not the people who got them there.


I'm not even going to bother wasting my time typing all the complaints I have with Directv since I know there lieing asses won't post a negative review. DON'T EVER SIGN WITH DIRECTV. And they forced me to put one star. How sad is that. You can't write a review unless u give them a star.

Awful service never use

Awful service never use this service ever. Run very far away. I have spent several hours of my time trying to fix the errors that Direct TV has made. Now I spend twice as many hours trying to stop people from using this service. I have already stood in front of the booth at costco telling people to never use this service. That is how adament I am about how awful this is.

PAC 12 Channel

I have been with Direct TV for a number of years and subscribed because of the sports packages. Howerver I am considering a change because Direct does not carry the Pac 12 channel. I am a USC fan and the USC/Boston college Game is already scheduled for the PAC 12 Network. Get the channel and keep my business.


this is the worse service in the world I would never recommend this to anyone

Terrible Service

HORRIBLE "customer service." I will NEVER recommend their services to anyone. Upon installation they messed up my phone line and basically didn't have the courtesy to come out and fix it in a timely manner, i. e. less than a week's time. Completely unresponsive to customer complaints. PLEASE don't waste your time with Directv, you will regret it.

Uncaring Company

I think a rating of 1 is too good. They are a negative company and tell lies to get them off the hook. At first I felt sorry for their employees as they need their jobs and only do what Directv instruct them to say and do, but as I have had no resolution or understanding I don't even care about them. They went into my own bank account and withdrew 852.00 dollars and they had no permission to do so. I thought my account was sacred. No way could I pay my bills and live the rest of the month. So this is the country that our young men and women fight and die for? ATT is just as bad.

Horrible Service

Stay away from Direct TV! I have had 2 issues this week and both times it went to a supervisor. The supervisors were worthless and refused to help, so I asked for a manager. The first incident the response was from Kim "I don't know who you want me to transfer you to" and the 2nd incident Evan plain out told me "No". After jumping through hoops, both issues were resolved. However it took almost 2 hours on the phone and a lot of arguing to get something taken care of that should have taken 5 minutes. I'm going back to Dish!

still waiting for installation

I had just moved and asked for my install on the 30th. The technician came out and said he couldn't do anything because it had rained and the ground was wet. I had to reschedule for the 4th of July. That technician never came out because after 4 phone calls I found out the install did not go through properly. I had to reschedule yet again after making 4 phone calls to even find that out. The technician came out 7/10 only to state he did not have enough cable and promised he would put me on priority and be out the next day. No technician. When I called this time I was told I had be rescheduled yet again..now for the 15th...I am so done with this company.

Directv Customer Service

I have had a recurring problem with directv since the beginning of service with them. The equipment that was supplied and installed by directv was not installed properly resulting in damage being done to my electrical components (TV/AVR). The first time was July of last year and I paid for the repairs. This year the same thing happened again afterwards directv sent a supervisor out and he stated that the equipment was not properly grounded and there would be someone coming out take care of it. He also stated that my electrical equipment would be repaired at directv's expense. A few days later I receive an email stating that my Damage Claim had been denied. I have talked to corporate and still haven't got my electrical equipment repaired and they haven't grounded their equipment properly!

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