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channel interference

Had my service 13 months. Every since first day certain channels don't work. Still to this day, they still don't work. But, hey can u unplug the back of receiver. NO, I CAN NOT!!!! How about fixing this problem, once and for all. I pay my bill but can't watch all channels. Plus your bill goes from 40 to 90 once first year over.

Get it together!

Every time I pay my bill, there is a different amount that they say I need to pay versus what the Direct TV site says. I have been told to pay one amount, and then I have paid it. Then get another call stating I didn't pay enough to avoid service interruption when they (Customer Service) were the ones whom let me know what I needed to pay, which was totally different from what the previous CS rep said and what it stated on the site. I am so sick of the rude CS reps chomping on gum and eating in my ear and laughing when I call to complain about how I have been treated! Where did you get these non educated rude people? I am calling corporate. If they do not do something I will switch my service elsewhere.


What they do is they give the homeowners the worst deal, but if you're stuck in a Condo, you get whatever service the Condo has signed up for (as a whole). therefore the deal for the condo itself is 30% better than the homeowners. This is clear discrimination and illegal, but corporate giants get away with things like this. take their core business away, and they will come to the party, but far too late for me. I have had it, and will have my entire family opt out of their service no matter what happens

Dropping the Weather Channel

That Direct would even consider dropping the Weather Channel, is beyond belief. I would have to say, if they would do that, we can have NO confidence in any of their programming!! We WILL be changing services!!

Pissed off they suck

Direct tv they are the biggest thieves out there and there customer service sucks some non speaking Americans who are jerk offs.

Be very,very careful with Directv. They can't wait to get your business, but if you're gonna move they will hit you with a bill of 200$.Also, if you want to add another standard receiver for another room in your house it's an additional 70$, and 6$ a month for a receiver they'll tell you to throw away should you not want Directv any more. The list of complaints is as long as your arm. I just spent 1 hour and 5 mins. on the phone with them. Yet their commercial says"COMCAST has problems".Ever wonder why theres no phone # to corporate available?

I was with direct tv for 2years and I was having a hard time paying my bill which was 80 a month. For the month of nov. When I got the bill in dec. it was for 190.00 and they turned off my services. After been loyal to them for 2 years they give me nothing. Now I am with Comcast and sending them there boxes back. Thanks for nothing direct tv.


Start showing programs, movies that are not repeats. Start showing new movies, different movies. Am ready to cancel all but basic package.

I just spoke with Mary Ann about a problem that I was having with service and she took care of my problem and gave me great customer service. I cant say the same for the local office but at the corp office it was a different story. She is the best!!!! I am staying with direct tv...

Two year loyal customer gets stifted on christmas.

I've been a loyal direct.tv customer the last two years,and has never missed a payment; so on x-mas morning they thanked me by turning off my services for being a few days late with that month's payment. Not too mention my wife and I had relatives visiting for the holidays;how embarrassing is that!!! Now me and the misses are roughing it out for a week until Comcast install there services,I'll never use direct t.v. services again :(


I am currently on hold with corporate.....ill let you know

Can anyone understand a problem?

Super bad customer treatment! I was promised a price (in writing by one of their outside sales companies) for the second year and now they say they won't honor it. Have been all around the organization trying to find someone who has a brain and can fix the problem. No such luck. Too bad I had to go to the FCC, BBB and the CA Dept. of consumer affairs. We'll see if that helps.

worst service ever

the worse customer service ever, my service was initially not installed correctly and is having a tough time getting service fixed. but received 1st bill already.str8 rip off!!!!!!

Whats the problem

I switched from dish to direct. I am very pleased with the service, customer performance, and the quality of the product. I would never change and I am very happy with Direct TV.


Directv has the worst customer service ever along with Verizon. They just blame eachother and you cannot get a clear answer out of either of them. I have extra charges out of nowhere and no one can seem to tell me why. This has got to be the worst company and I cannot wait to cancel my service with them. I wish I didn't have to give 1 star because they don't deserve any!!!!!!

Rip off

I had Direct Tv. They lured me in with the prices that never matched up on the bill. I was constantly being hassled with emails and phone call's, yet if there was a problem with my service it was impossible to get a technician to come help. Funny how that works. I would not reccomend Direct Tv to anyone. The only good feature was that you could dvr from one room and watch that movie/show from another room.

amazing service

there sevice of the phone is BAD BAD BAD

the worst customer sevice



They told me that my whole year statement for monthly would be only 89.00 but after 6 months later, I found out that they are charging me $40 more, my bill ended up 124.99 every month. I called to ask for clarification, all they told me is they can't do anything but to cut that my channel. Supervisor was rude and called me a liar. Why would I lied if I have other company offer me the same price but i chose them coz I had them when i was in CA. I am calling the corporate tomorrow. This is beyond ridiculous, they need to hire people who can do the job.


Customer service awful and to think you are in business because of customers!! Scammers that make up whatever amounts they want and then charge you for it and expect you to pay it and get pissed when you question them!! Never use Direct TV!!

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