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I dealt with technical issues for over 9 months and hung in with them, which makes me feel like a good customer. When I called to cut down on the services, I spoke with the retention department who upgraded us to HD with DVR - it was to come with special programming, etc. I got my bill & it wasn't what was promised - it was more than twice what it should have been. I called and they said that the retention department made an "invalid" offer. So I said - come get your equipment & was told that I signed a 2 year contract with the receiver! Wrote a letter to the corporate office - no reply. I'll take it to court but Direct really SCAMMED us and I think it should be illegal! I don't care if I have to fight it in court - I'm through with Direct!

we got direct tv in 2009 had it for a short time and due to a medical issue had to suspend the service we kept on getting bills 20 then 30 and so on we kept on paying them due to diff explanation they had known about the medical issue and that the house was sold then without notice they turned service back on although the house was sold and boxes return after finally calling corp office bill was reduced to 55.00 we paid it and was told when your ready we will turn it back on for you no questions we value you as a costumer please make sure you find someplace that we can connect to even though we got no benefit from the service we got suckered in to paying that last 55.00 we now got told you have to buy all your own equipment what a joke they act like they are the only service out there WARNING do not pay all those bills they say are for the connection or the Sunday ticket in the end they will screw you just keep the equipment and burn it screw them first because returning it like a good customer will only get you screwed GO COMCAST or anybody else

I want to say that we as consumers definitely hold the key. Offer hopping is not what my wife and do, however we have been loyal DIRECTV customers since 2003. Our bill is what it is, but with that said. I always call into them to at least not be really taken advantage of. We have 5 tv's in our home (I guess one is for the dog?) To me it would make sense for the company to "reward" long good service...with a new remote...or dish heater(for all us cold climate customers). It is not always about price it is also about the different features that they may offer us. Retaining great customers is always easier than getting new ones. For all those out there reading this and about to change to DIRECTV...DO IT...NFL Sunday Ticket...awesome...movies are awesome...but come over knowing that the grass is NOT greener on the other side ...it is just on the other side. Every company has its hits and misses...I believe in telling this company that they make the grade...just show some appreciation with out me having to make the call.

Our DirecTV package is Total Choice Plus. I have dealt with DirecTV numerous times in an effort to keep our monthly bill down. Just found out they're raising their prices again, even as the number of advertising/shopping channels have dramatically increased. When I called customer service to complain, they gave me the usual corporate spiel "programming costs more, so DirecTV has to pay more for the channels it's carrying, etc., etc." How do more shopping channels cost DirecTV more money? Those channels don't carry any content, and they're a real nuisance. Can't imagine those networks have any leverage to charge DirecTV more money. To add insult to injury, DirecTV just reported huge revenue and profits increases for the 4th Quarter of 2010: "DIRECTV, the largest satellite TV operator of the U.S., declared brilliant fourth-quarter/2010 financial results today. The solid result was the combined effect of a double-digit revenue growth, significant margin expansion, and better-than-expected net customer additions." And they want to raise everyone's rates? Why? Profits not coming in fast enough?

Oh dear!!!!!!.....DIRECTV is the WORST of the WORST...PLEASE dont ever get directv. The managers & Staff tell lies about the service. I had problems with my TV from April 2010-Feb 2011. The manager told me that I would not have to pay for Early Cancellation Fee!!!!!.... well one more lie, they sent me a bill for the fee and took money out of my account without my knowledge...That is P-O-O-R SERVICE.....PLEASE DONT GET DIRECTV!!!!!!!!!

I submitted rebates when I started my service and now they tell me that I waited too long to call them and they will not honor them. Directv does not believe in customer service and I will tell everyone I know to avoid them or cancel them as soon as they can.

Poorest customer service yet. Got disconnected before I ever was able to talk to a person. Am switching service providers.

Our decision to switch to DirecTV from our local cable company started after a sales spiel given from one of the DirecTV representatives stationed at a local Best Buy store. They claimed that DirecTV broadcasted their channels in 1080p high definition. That was the hook that started the nightmare with DirecTV. My husband somewhat leery to make such a bold decision leaving our cable company for satellite service on the spot left the Best Buy store, but still contemplated the deal that the DirecTV representative gave during her sales pitch for DirecTV. A day later he called DirecTV to get more information on special packages and the deals. Well, it already was a different story from what the first representative stated. The second representative stated that the first representative lied about the offers. Listening to this new deal he hung up to speak to me about the new promotion and specials. He called them back shortly after to discuss some of the questions that arose from our conversation together, and now the deal changed again. After a few more back and forth discussions, the deal changing a couple more times, my husband and them came to an agreement and gave them the okay to set up the service. The agreement was that we were going to get a fifth room activated for free, since we were not actually going to keep a box there unless we had company come in, and they were going to give us a credit of hundred and fifty dollars spread out over the months contract. At that time they did require us to pay hundred dollars from our pocket to have a fourth box. The service tech (a private contractor) came out when I was home at about two o'clock. Since, the tech was a private contractor he said he is required to charge for the fifth room activation despite the agreement that my husband had with DirecTV. His exact words were that, "they lied to you over in the sales department to get me out here and set this up." We agreed to pay the fifty dollar charge thinking that DirecTV would make it right and somehow give us the money back or credit our account. My husband then again called DirecTV explaining the situation. After several hours of discussing our problem with the customer service department they waived the charge, and the tech was notified by his boss not to except the money. The tech now disgruntled finished the installation and left the house around seven thirty in the evening. Despite the installation process we remained optimistic and decided to give them a try knowing that the contract allowed for a grace to get out without penalty or legal obligation. We played with the features that DirecTV service offered and quickly found out the download times for on-demand options were ridiculously long even with our high speed optimized internet connections allowing for fifteen Mbps download speeds. A high definition movie could take upwards of four hours to download fully, and by Googling complains logged by others this was quite good. In my eyes, this is hardly on-demand. Now we would have to plan ahead as to what we were going to watch as opposed to watching "on-demand." Liking the ability to watch a recording from one room, pausing it, and then resuming it in another room we decided to get over the download times understanding that there may be sacrifices to keep features. Moving on, we looked at picture quality. We noticed that the signal was pushing out at 1080i as opposed to 1080p high definition, as discussed with DirecTV, even though our TV accepts 1080p high definition signal. We called them on this, because this is what prompted us to switch in the first place, and the customer service representative explained that they do not broadcast their channels in 1080p high definition, and that the best resolution would be of the 1080i or upscaled 720p unless you download high definition movies. Searching their library all high definition movies cost around a six dollar and ninety-nine cents fee per movie. So, this was another lie that we discovered and know quite well that you can get a cheaper movie rental out from any movie box placed at many local businesses. Then we check our account online and once again they quoted us less than what was displayed on our account. Now the total would be more per month for their services than they were with the cable company we wanted to switch from. The representative also set us up for auto withdraw saying that there is a ten dollar per month discount for utilizing this service. We had agreed to this since they said they would draft our account mid month, and it would not conflict with our early-month’s bills. After talking to another representative the account would actually be drafted on the fifth of every month. Why tell us that it would be drafted mid month if that was not the case? Realizing that the features were not any better than what the cable company that we were switching from offered we decided to opt out of the contract and go back to cable. The constant changing of stories was enough for us. The reasoning behind or decision was solely based on the fact that after the contract is locked we would be in contract with a company that is unorganized and openly “lies” about their features and packages. They basically misinformed us about every aspect of the service. What concerned us most was that each employee had different stories for their product and bluntly put the reputation down of DirecTV by informing us that the other representative “lied” about what they offered. Why go in to contract with a company that constantly lies to you? Now my husband is trying to get the initial hundred dollars that we paid them back since we are not keeping their service. They say it is non-refundable because it was to purchase the lease agreement for the box. Well, I do not quite understand. We opted out, per their contract print, and do not have a valid contract anymore and we have to return the box, so we do not have a valid lease agreement. The way I see it, we do not have any legal binding contract to justify them keeping the hundred dollars. I would not recommend any one to DirecTV basically due to their company structure, nor would I switch back to them if I were paid to switch. Now, I will write an email to the CEO letting him know what is happening within his company. I couldn’t believe that one representative would say another is lying. That truly downgrades a company’s reputation, and it turns out that they all were dishonest.

I've been treated very poorly by directv overall and finally it has just gotten worst. I've been with directv since 2007. In 2008 I had a bill that was past due for a month and a half. I paid the past due balance and restored my service. I few weeks afterwards I got a call from my bank saying that I had owed them $433 because directv had put a lien on my account for the equipment. I called Directv and said why was a lien put on my account when my account is active. The rep apologized and said I don't know. Since then they have never reimbursed me for the money. Now I am unable to open a bank account. Fine so I call directv to get the situation resolve with no success. Ok so now I own the receivers right because I paid for them. My account recently went into past due status for 2 months, the day I go to pay for the past due balance, there is a box from directv in front of my door requesting that I send back the boxes I already paid for and now there is a balance of $549 on my account. I called them back asking why was there a balance of said dollars they said because I have to pay for the equipment. I told the rep I paid for these recievers already. The rep says that I didn't that when I recieved a new box for repair purposes that I never returned the old box! I told the rep the installer took the box. The rep tells me I was supposed to call directv and tell the directv installer took the boxes, bologne!! I canceled all together, I sent them the receivers and I want nothing to do with directv ever again or anyone else I know for that matter! They have shady practices and always have!

I will never use directv services ever again. Long story short, I send off equipment, they say I didn't and want to charge me over $300, I say this phone call is being recorded and I will be contacting my lawyer with pictures and proof of shipping and delivery, and magically the equipment is found in the warehouse with in seconds of saying that. I will stick with netflix and hulu for less than $17 a month for both.

I signed up for a one-year contract with Directv. At the end of that one year, I try to cancel my Directv service, and I'm told that I have a two-year contract. Funny, I don't recall signing (and would never have agreed to) a two-year contract. But maybe I did, so I ask them to send me proof. They do not send any proof, just insist that that's what their computers say. And there you have it: Your word counts for nothing, Directv sets up contracts without signatures, and the computer is always right. I took this up with my credit card company, and so far they have sided with me, taking back the money that Directv debited. Now Directv is sending me collection notices.

I was having problems with my dvr not recording properly. Directv installed the new HD dvr but had to install a new dish in order for me to receive HD. I do not remember Directv telling me I had to agree to an additional two years of service in order to have the HD equipment. Directv honestly told me in order for me to see a copy of an agreement between Directv and myself where I agreed to extend my service for two additional years that I would have to hire an attorney and have the attorney subpoena the agreement from Directv. That's just amazing customer service.

Directv has one goal in mind "GREED". I too have experienced the same headaches as you, with the exception of cancelling my directv; of course they offered me some petty incentives to remain a directv customer, which I refused. I was sent a statement by Directv that stated that I had approximately a $2.79 credit balance. It also stated that the $110.17 that I owed was offset by my initial payment when I signed up. I mistakenly sent in the payment of $110.17, when I realized that I had done this I called Direct, but was told that any monies sent to them would be kept; they offed no refunds. Let me also say that when I asked that my directv be terminated I was told that it would be disconnected the next day, yet it remained on. I received a call from a directv rep. asking me to stay and offering me some meaningful incentives to do so. I was informed that my malfunctioning HD-DVR would be swapped out, and that I would not have to be committed to any contract, as this was a concern of mine. Needless to say none of this happened. I was duped by Directv. I now have a contract, less channels, and I am researching to see what I can do about this CORPORATION, that believes it can run roughshod over it's customers.

Read the fine print. Does anyone in this company has a clue. Cetainly not the sales reps that just look you in the eye and lie to you. This has been the biggest nightmare I have ever gotten myself into. The sales staff tell you one thing, the installer tell you something different, then the 800 service people tells you Sales man has no ideal what he is talking about. I have been through a sever stroke, illiness,. This is the first experience in my life where I feel betten.

I worked for Directv for 2 years, and sadly I had to tell people the very things you are saying. We as crs' or techs,billing reps and even some Sups really and very sadly have little say so in what we can do for the customers. Personly speaking from an ex-employee's side we complain about the very same things you guys are now. I hated having to tell people "there is nothing we can do", "sorry that needed to be done before such and such happened", or the worst is telling someone that you will get this resolved and then being told we can not do that. So to all of you dissatisfied and ex-customers I know what you guys are going threw.

why isn't there a "zero star rating?" That is a true rating for Direct TV. Their customer service is at least a negative 10 Star rating!

I called today to switch from Charter to Direct TV. The first call, I give all my info, then they tell me they will have to switch me to so and so. Second call, I give all my info and they tell me they will have to switch me to so and so. I told them I had already been transferred twice and would I have to give all this info again. They said, "No, it will be transferred with the call". Third call, the info wasn't transferred, I give it again and they say they don't know why I was transferred to them that they needed to transfer me to so and so. Fourth call, they started asking me the same info again. I told them, this was the fourth time I had been transferred. I hung up the phone. I was P.O.!!!!!!

Hello, everyone, just like you, I had DirctTV set up at my former home. I lost my home to foreclosure and my job. I contacted DIRECT TV immediately - and told them to cancel account - without my knowing it - they put it on hold - then, I got a bill - directed to a home I no longer reside in - billing me for services I could not possibly use - fortunately I live in a small town and the mail directed the mail to me - or I would not have know I was being billed. I contacted them: they advised me that their records showed otherwise to my facts and argument that I had had cancelled. They then were given the correct address - where I really live - and my new number - and still they are billing me at the old address - telling me I owe them $435.95. I am on hold now with Jan/employee id number - 1003886696 - located in Georgia - after being transferred from the Phillipines from Michael / id number - 100431080 - I am being told that even though I no longer live there - cannot afford this - that their records reflect otherwise and that I had better pay up or else. I am free to complain to a unknown department ... and they will consider it... but, in the meantime I have been on the phone with DirectTV for 36 minutes and 49 seconds while Jan types away at her desk - waiting for a supervisor - I never used them before - I will never use again - they are fraudulently billing a year and a half later at an address I no longer reside and blaming me for their poor record keeping to wit I should pay for. I am contacting the Attorney Generals Office of Florida and asking for their protection against fraud. Don't buy/rent/lease or use DIRECCTV.

Quite honestly your rating doesn't even deserve a star, it should be a negative star because your customer service are a bunch of incompetent imbeciles. I have tried and tried and tried to get a refund for a bundled package. My service with DirecTV was supposed to be suspended in Dec 2010, however the agent never suspended the service, therefore I continued to get billed. Now I'm fighting to get my refund and they say because it's not over $100 they can't refund my money. This is absolute horseshit service. I will NEVER conduct business with DirecTV again. I can't wait until I can be out from under my 2 year contract. All their support reps do NOT work for DirecTV they all work for 3rd party call centers and not one of the knows who they can escalate issues to.

I would give '0' stars if possible. I have never seen such poor service in my life. I too, had just sang DirecTV praises recently, but no more. We've been a loyal customer for 6 years, which means nothing to these people. We had a receiver replaced and then a week later NO service. We've been on the phone for 2 days trying to get help. A service call was scheduled which was cancelled without anyone calling to tell us. I just happened to go on the website and find out. They rescheduled it in 6 days!! It's Super Bowl Weekend and we can't watch it...that is unless we go somewhere. I've talked to Sally, who was nice and knowledgable, JoAnn, who was a little talkative but tried to help, Abby who was a complete AIRHEAD and Amy who seemed truly concerned and tried to help. We are at the mercy of the 'representatives' of Directv in our area. DIRECTV, do you know who is representing you? Dish Network will be getting a call from me. Directv, you need to make arrangements to come and get your equipment. Better yet. Why don't you give me a call and let's set up a scheduled time. Maybe a week from next Friday between the hours of 8 and 5.

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