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Signed up for DirecTV. Agent sold me on a promotion the NFL Sunday Ticket promotion. She said after the 5 months of football I could switch my package to a lower priced package at the discounted rate. Well I switched my account and was told that wasn't true I must have misunderstood her. It sounds like a simple question. 3 phone calls and about two hours of my time wasted. NOTHING is resolved! I can't wait to cancel!

We got Direct TV in December of 2009. We were told that we would pay $38.98/month for 12 months and that in January of 2011 we could renegotiate the price for the second 12 months of our contract. At the time of signing up, the representative told us that when we renegotiated we would be able to get the same deal (if we kept the dame package)as the first 12 months or possibly even a better deal, depending on what offers they would have in January of 2011. Well, it is January of 2011 and Direct TV has charged my credit card 64.98. When I called to complain about this and to renegotiate, I was given a series of platitudes and offered a tiny "rebate." Christine, in the Philippines, offered my $10 off of the $64.98 for 3 months. Then when I said this is not what I had been told by the representative who signed us up, she lengthened the "rebate" for 6 months, then 12 months. She refused to transfer me to a supervisor and told me that there was no way to speak to anyone in the US re. this bait and switch offer made by a representative of an American company. I tried another of Direct TVs 800/877 numbers and got John in Northern Mexico. He offered me the same "rebate" and then made me hold for almost 10 minutes while he transferred me to a supervisor named Walter (# 4769994), also in Northern Mexico. Walter said, no problem, I can give you a better "rebate" - he offered me $20 off for 6 mopnths. That is the same as $10 off for 12 months. AND, not what I was told by the original rep. when we signed up with this company. Tomorrow I will be calling the corporate offices and asking to speak with someone in the Office of the President. Perhaps Mr. Chase Carey would be so good as to make sure that his company has ethical business practices and honor the information I was given when we signed up for Direct TV.

Directv is pathetic, they took over $1200 directly out of my account and I have a credit of $1007.00 and they have told me it would be 48hrs, 72hrs, 8 days and now 6-8wks and depending on the customer service person you speak to determines the date in which the check may or may not arrive. So pathetic!! Can't believe I had them for so many years. I will tell all my friends and family to steer clear of this company. They are liars, thieves and totally pathetic!!

I have been a loyal customer with Directv for many years(10+). Today I called to have a remote replaced because it continues to kick out the programming and I was told that I could not get it replaced. I have been paying 5.99 a month for some years now for this protection and I was told that they would not replace the remote. So I asked to speak to a supervisor who name was supposedly "Mark" out of Oregon and he began the conversation with an "attitude" He stated that the remote could be replaced for $15. I stated to him that the code had been kicked out in the time that I was on hold for him to answer, and he all but called me a liar. He stated" you just said that it was working, now its not, make up your mind" I stated "excuse me" and asked to speak with his supervisor and he said that he would not be transferring me to anyone else. I was thrown back, because in all the years that I have had directv, I have always received excellent service and the two that I spoke to today, took that away. I am hoping that this is dealt with. You can reach me at (318)623-1701. I would love to hear from ANYONE that is concerned about me the loyal customer and her broken remote. Thank you

Direct.v is terrible when I first signed up a representative told me the contract would be 1 year. Then a year later i decided to try and cancel my service then they told me oh no your in a two year contract. Two year contract I never agreed to that nevera agin will i have their service.

We have been loyal customers for about 7 years. We received a call in Aug by a rep offering the NFL package and Premium movie package for only $2.00 more a month. I told her specifically that we had not ordered the NFL package because we could not afford it. I asked her many times, "You are sure this is only 2 bucks more a month?" She assured me it was and a present from Directv for being a loyal customer but that I must cancell by December 31st to not get charged for the movie channels. Well, I was charged for the NFL package and wasn't aware of it. I called on December 31st to cancel and was told I would have to pay a partial months charge. I was never told what that charge was. After a transfer I was offered a different package for free until March 31st (which I would also have to call to cancel). I just got my bill after all this. I was being charged over 120.00 for partial packages for both packages! plus a full month for the new package that was supposed to be free. My bill for February is close to 250.00! All this because I told the sales rep back in August I could not afford the NFL package this year. So my bill went from 44.00 a month to 250.00? What nonsense is this? And I'm being charged for two movie packages I never really wanted to begin with. I am disgusted and after all these years, I am trully considering going back to Dish. To top it all off, although I accept paying for the NFL package that I never wanted to pay for, our area doesn't get Fox because of the contract dispute so now that's it's the playoffs, we can't watch one playoff game and probably won't be able to watch the Superbowl. So after paying 300.00 for football games, we don't get to watch the results of our hard earned money. Thanks Directv.

I am a new direct tv customer that just switched from cablevision. My husband and I were very upset when we received our first bill and saw that we were being charged for on a credit card that was unauthorized for billing. We called customer service and they told us that in order to receive the HD free, they would have to take the payments automatically from our credit card each month. First of all, we were told that HD was free for the first 2 years, and we were not informed AT ALL that this was the requirements for "HD For Life". In fact, we didn't even know "HD For Life" existed. Bottom line was that we were not able to use that credit card...we don't use any of them at all anymore. So they

I am writing this in hopes that someone in corporate will assist me. I recently lost my husband and asked my daughter to move in with me. I was a cable customer. My daughter had service with Direct TV and sung your praises. I decided to cancel my service with Cable and Order Direct TV. I ordered 4 bedroom receivers and 1 living room receiver. The installer came to install. I returned home to find the HDMI cord broken laying across the top of the receiver, empty boxes with trash all over my living room floor, and the receiver was not even working. One of the bedroom receivers was never installed and one other bedroom had the incorrect card. No paperwork was left by the installer. When I called Direct TV they told my that I needed to replace the cord and the installer would return to leave paperwork and complete the installation. I replaced a $90 cable (that the installer broke), had the cable re-ran through the attic and called Direct TV and told them that it was done. Remember I ordered service 01/05/11, on 01/25/11, I still had no service in 2 rooms. I was told that Direct TV would charge me another $69 for the additional receiver, which I agreed to, but was then told the total cost to come back out would be $177 to install the receiver. Now this was an error on your part. I have done everything that Direct TV has told me to do. I have spoken to 7-8 different reps including one supervisor who told me she would return my call in 2 hours (NO CALL RETURNED). I am very disappointed in the service. I do not understand why you can not come finish the job that was originally ordered, especially since I paid for the broken HDMI cord. I have tried on several different occations, all ending up with hours on the phone, with no resolution to my problem. I feel like no one will listen and every time I talk to someone new, the price keeps going up.

Sunday, Jan23, 2011 Once again, no signal from main rcvr, but alternate tv's are working. This has been going on for several days. Called customer service just as I've done other times, and they once again put me thru the steps to try to correct. I'd already done that and told them so, but the phone technician had to hold to her script so I went along. The problem did not correct. Went to her manager, Kim #402050, who politely told me she could do nothing more than get a technician out in 6 days!! She offered a month of Showtime as compensation but that is of little value to me. She offered to deduct the charge for ONLY my main rcvr until such time a technician can fix the problem. Bottom line, their cust service is poor at best, their signal is interrupted often and is not reliable, the mgr I dealt with was only a good script reader and offered nothing more than the original phone technician. I will be changing service at the end of this contract, no question about it. This is the most dissatisfying tv service I've had in 15 years. Cable never gave me the problems received from Directv. Thank you, and good luck to anyone else considering Directv.


In response to Trina Gatlin And Mike Garoutte... Trina you should stop overdosing on your meds and listen to what people are really saying. How can you possibly be seeing reality when you are constantly loaded and a sociopath on top of it.

i hope next time i call directv, someone in the united states answer my call .well i pay in american dollars $ , but my CALL always go to india , mexico parts of asia ,i would like to get HELP from people who LIVE in th U.S.A, I LIVE HERE NOBLESVILLE , INDIANA

Directv is being sued....class action lawsuit file a complaint with BBB and get paid cause their are crooks

To Direct TV customer care For several days I’ve been trying to upgrade the system that is already in my house under my mother’s name, she lived here when I was working up north. Now that I’m back in my house I was going to upgrade my system taking advantage of being a new customer but I’m being told by your associates that my ex-wife from 12 years ago has a bill from this address from several years back and that it needs to be paid or I cannot have cable at this address. Currently I have cable from you as I said earlier my mom has the same last name as me and she got cable at this same address. All I was asking for was the same thing and your associates and managers that I spoke with new how to apologize but basically told me that I could go to your competitor . I’m a Home Depot manager and I can tell you that we take this type of service or lack of very serious and I guess in these economic times you don’t need to take care of your customers! I can tell you that I will post this experience on our Home Depot web site that our associates use for discount info and for company reviews; this will touch over 300,000 associates! I’ve never e-mail a business before but after the run around the phone calls and all the aggravation I felt compelled to let you know about my experience with your people, procedures and your policies. You can review the notes in your system of my aggravation with (954) --- ---- thanks for your time. Byron Ramage

This is by far the worse customer service in a company. Anyone reading this should avoid Directv like the plague. They are theifts. They made an assertion that my receiver was a rented receiver when I closed my account. I triedvto explain to them that I had no rented receivers. Everything I had was paid for and had the receipts to prove it. This took place just before Thanksgiving. On Nov 27 they automatically charged my account for a receiver. When checking my bank account I saw the charge. I called back and finally spoke with someone who verified all that I said was correct and it was my property. I ask for a print refund and they give me their standard crap about taking 6-8weeks to refund my money. Directv made all the mistakes and I am the one getting screwed. They take no responsibility for their actions. After being on here and searching the complaints and law suits filed against this company, I don't see how anyone would do business with them. I know I will never use their service again and will tweet, Facebook and tell anyone and everyone to steer clear. Also if you remain a customer you may just want to use a check and not have a card on file so they can take advantage of you.

I canceled my service. I returned the equipment. December 3, 2010 I notice a charge deducted from my checking account of $314.00. I called and they initially said they never received the equipment I sent. After further research, the supervisor I was dealing with told me they actually received it Novermber 12!!!!! They "forgot" to log it in their system. They told me the money would be credited back to my account within 48 hours. Five days later, the amount owed to me still hasn't been credited to my account. I called them again and raised hell with them again. Now they are telling me the best they can do is 3-5 more business days. Directv SUCKS. If I ever go back to satellite, it will be Dish. They've had the returned equipment for over 3 weeks....and they have $314.00 of my money.

Salesman= When you register online and pay with credit card, you get HD free for life. I did, but apparently didn't go through the magic link that makes it really happen. Next month, I pay my bill by check and call in. In ONLY 45 minutes, I am told I didn't do it right, so I only get free HD for 2 years. OK, fine. Each month I have to call and correct the bill. They are nice and apologize and offer me free channels that I don't want, but each month the bill is wrong. After 2 months of being on auto bill pay, I'm not anymore. Didn't realize it the first month, so got a nasty OVERDUE bill the next month. Everyone I talked to "couldn't understand why I was no longer on ABP, it showed right there on the account." Each month they "corrected" it, each month another hour of my life wasted, then they tried to put it back to HD for life because I should have gotten that in the first place. Now I get a mumbled message that I had to listen to 4 times just to decipher what they are saying telling me I can't get HD for life! Fine, the 2 year deal will work. I HAD IT ON 2 CONSECUTIVE BILLS AND THEN I DIDN'T. The mumbler also apologized that I hadn't gotten their previous messages. I guess you'd have to actually leave one if you wanted me to hear one. Is there anyone over there at DirecTV who is actually accountable for their actions (inactions)? I keep track of who I talk to (if you can understand their name). You can't call in and get back to the person you talked to the last time, supervisors are no help, you get cut off when they are supposed to transfer you to somebody who supposedly knows what they are doing, etc., etc. What a scam.

Living in a rural area beyond the reaches of cable, satellite is the only means of getting television and (so-called) high speed internet. The company is overpriced, dishonest, and unhelpful. And in rural area we have little choice. And customer service has little authority, customers are put on hold endlessly, and it functions more to shield the people in El Segundo from any relationship to so-called customers except the receipt of their dollars. As usual in large corporate enterprises, the executives make money without having to get their hands dirty with real people. They leave that to call centers and other working stiffs in South Carolina.


How do you get in touch with someone that isnt a complete moron at Directv? I havebeen waiting over a month for a refund to my checking account. First I was told 3days then the next 4 times I called I was tolded 8 - 10 days, then when I finally got a partial refund they said it takes 6 to 8 weeks. So what is it? They cant tell him how they came to the amount that was credited, why it took so long, why I was told so many stories. I was told by one supervisor they would credit me back an overdraft fee charged by my bank. That didnt happen. I have never been so disappointment by service they are as bad as bellsouth with their customer service and the lack of knowledge by their staff is ridiculous!!!!

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