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Success. DTV did the RIGHT thing and removed my contract agreement. Thanks to Steve, John and team in the Office of the President. You will have us as a customer for life!

I am giving you a poor rating because your supervisor was very rude and told me to go ahead and switch to Dish. All because Direct charged me for HBO after the lady told me she was giving it to me free for 3 months. The worst customer service I have ever had.

We've been loyal DirecTV customers since 2004. We don't "offer hop". By that I mean leave DTV for Dish, or whoever has the best deal de jour. We have a premium package and upgrade to the sports package AND MLB extra innings. We don't demand new equipment all the time. In fact, the equipment we have is 6 years old and they don't even make them anymore. In Feb of this year, we needed a new DVR b/c our old one quit working. We thought we could do this online b/c there is a place to get a new DVR for no charge. We thought this was "replacing", not upgrading. We didn't know when we clicked "placed order" it would commit us to a new 2 year contract. There is a tiny sentence below the "place order" button that says by placing the order, you agree to the terms and conditions. If you don't click on that T&C link, and read down to like the 17th paragraph, you don't know you're agreeing to another 2 year contract. We've been w/DTV 6 years!!! I think we've earned the right to NOT be in a contract w/them. The new DVR we received wasn't even an HD DVR. It was a standard DVR, like for like. Nothing fancy! I called DirecTV and spoke to 6 different cutomer service people, each time asking for the contract to be removed. I stated it wasn't in any way clear on their website that we couldn't replace a receiver through the website, but rather had to call to do so. Nor was it clear that by getting a new website receiver, we were agreeing to a new contract. I got nowhere. Each time I asked to have the contract removed, they said they couldn't. I said that wasn't good enough and asked to speak to their supervisor. I went from Nancy to Rick, to Andrew, to Janice, to Trey, then to Marcie, who supposedly was the "highest" supervisor I could go to. She told me the only person who could remove the contract was the President of DirecTV at the Corporate Headquarters. She said she had no phone # for that office, and all I could do was send a letter. She gave me a PO Box in Colorado. In a search online, I discovered the corporate headquarters for DirecTV was in El Segundo, CA and not in Greenwood Village, CO. I'm going to be writing a letter to the President of DirecTV and asking him to understand what has transpired, that we are loyal DTV customers, and ask him to please remove our contract. If he won't, we're canceling our DTV service and I'd like to see them TRY to collect $360 from us for the 18 months ($20 each month) left remaining on our contract. I'm giving DirecTV the chance to do the right thing. If they don't, my next move will be to call Dish Network.

Oh where do I begin? Let's just say if I could of went thru the phone at those sorry CSR ppl sumone would of been hurt! Directv charged my account $1270.23 for equipment and early termination fee. Someone is gonna give me my money, if I have to go to the corporate office my damn self.

A representative from DirecTV has offered me 6 months free Starz ( which is normally $12.99)for a problem I had. Then she had put in her notes that she is giving me a credit of $10.00. And after that I had been charged the full price for Starz for the last 4 months. Because I have autopay I just caught the problem. Talked to a representative who offered to give me Startz for the inconvenience. What?!?!? I talked to her supervisor John who refused to acknoledge the issue, blamed me for the overcharge and told me that his supervisor would not speak to me to resolve the issue. So, Mr. Jose Chema, who is, I was told, the supervisor of the billing department, I will accept full refund of 4 months x $12.99 and an apology for the terrible customer service. I will also contact the Better Business Bureu if this problem is unrosolve in the next 1 week.

In 07 Directv installed two dishes on my roof one standard one international ,that that time my roof was 2 years old ,now its 2010 and my roof began to leaking,and i would not have notice it,but it started leaking through the sheet rock so i called many roofing company's for bids the i call Directv to have them reset the dish on a pole!not on the roof! the lady i spoke with told me to have the work done and take a picture of the dish on the roof before it was removed and one of the sheet rock WHERE THE WATER WAS COMING IN !which is about 8 feet from my main electric panel for the whole house and file a claim with Directv !as this would be the only way they would not charge me to reset their dish!and they would pay for part of the new roof sounded good to me after all its over 8100 dollars! Only to fine out later that the claims department deny the claim !NEVER ONCE WAS I TOLD TO TAKE PICTURE OF THE UNDER LAYMENT ON WAS I TOLD THEY NEEDED TO INSPECT IT BEFORE THE WORK WAS DONE !NOR WAS I ADVISED THE THEY WOULD SEND SOME OUT TO LOOK AT IT !BUT WHEN THE SENT THEIR MAN DON KEAGANS OUT TO LOOK HE SAID AND I QUOTE MY KING YOUR INTERNATIONAL DISH WAS NOT INSTALLED CORRECTLY AND I CAN CLEARLY SEE THE DAMAGES!AND DIRECTV SHOULD PAY FOR THE DAMAGES!END QUOTE !! STILL THEY ARE NOT OR HAVE NOT AND ITS BEEN MORE THE 2 MONTHS Reference #: 100908-003437]Wednesday, September 8, 2010 7:30 PM From: "CustAdvocFollowUp@directv.com" <CustAdvocFollowUp@directv.com

You will be very sorry if you do business with this company. They lied to me about the price and terms and now won't cancel even though it's only been a few weeks. Their customer service is a joke and that poor service goes all the way to the top offices. DON'T go into business with them. You will regret it.

Wow! Looking at all the negative reviews for Directv, I guess I am not the only one customer service has not made happy. I switched over from Dish because of the promise from Directv that they are #1 in customer service and equipment. They fell very short of that with me. Customer service is worse than any company I have ever delt with and as far as their hi-tech equipment...my box went went out shortly after I got it. It took almost a month to get them to replace it. They just wanted to continue the same steps over and over on the phone to fix it. I finally told them that was enough I had spent way to may hours with them on the phone, I paid for insurance on the box send me another. My on going problem for the last several months has been a problem with the price of a new DVR box. They changed the price on me. After each represenative read the notes to me in black and white off their computer they would not honor it and each one gave me a different price. I can't believe the customer support...WHAT A JOKE! By the way I have been on hold for and operator for twenty at headquarters for DIRECTV...looks like when you have been on hold for twenty minutes exactly the phone disconnects. LIKE I SAID WHAT A JOKE.

I have a long story about how they took money out of my bank account and they say they didn't receive the money! Hmmm... where did it go?? Interesting how the money from my bank account shows that it went to DTV! I could go on and on about the time spent on the phone, the hang-ups, etc. I still don't have my money back! I wonder if they will give me interest once they "Find" my money!! After reading all of these complaints from others, I wonder how they stay in business and how legally they can be in business! IS anyone satisified with them?? Tell all your friends! Spread the word - Direct TV is going to be in my past if I don't see my money in 3 days!

I wish I could give DTV a negative point rating. Never had I experienced such poor customer service. I'd write a 10 page complaint, but I'll just keep this short. DTV is happy to take the payment for services and post some nonesense about customer promise, but don't bother calling them. You'll get nothing but poor customer service, told to go to some other website, or have a technician come out to servicec you 10 days later. Not sure were the service is nor the promise.

I am writing to protest the recent Directv commercials. I feel they are in extremely poor taste, showing a waitress wringing out a dirty towel in customer's drinks, a man being tasered by police, etc. In a world where violence is rampant, a responsible company does not attract customers by employing the same tactics. Set an example. I am seriously considering switching providers.

If I could give a negative rating, I would. I have been a Directv customer since 1996 with a average bill of about $175 per month. The service used to be excellent. Since 2003, however, the service at Directv is horrifying, tragic, disgusting, awful and rude. Every single time I have to call I know I will have to reach for a bottle of Xanax. I have been hung up on dozens of times, mistreated, and the issue I called for has not been settled even 1 time without wasting at least 3-10 hours of my time. Ypu should be ashamed of how your agents treat your customers. I will be moving my service to another provider after wasting another 4 hours of my life today trying to get someone out here to fix my service.

I left Directv for Dish Network and was solicited almost continually to return to the fold. Their last offer was a $29/mo discount for the first twelve months of a two year commitment. In addition, they would reimburse me (up to $200) for early termination charges from Dish Network. When I attempted to provide the necessary information to the directed web site, I was advised that I was not eligible for any rebates. After hours of speaking on the phone with numerous representatives over several weeks, I was told there are two computer systems at Directv, one of which indicated I was not eligible for these rebates and one that said I was. The problem is that the Directv rep that took my order did not check the "Win Back Tag" on the order. I was told to wait a couple of weeks and call again if I didn't hear anything. I called again today *8/18), spoke with five people, including being put on hold for 33 minutes before being hung up on, but was told that the $29/month rebate would commence with the next bill. There is a 90 day window in which to apply for the "Early Cancellation Fee (ECF)" from Dish Network, and as of today, the web site still shows that I am not entitled to ANY rebates. I asked for the phone number and address of the Corporate Offices, and was given a mailing address but no phone number. Researching the company on the internet, I get a number that was was "not in service." I have attorneys on retainer, and it appears I'll need their assistance to get the $180 ECF, since no one can tell me how to proceed with the internet denying my entitlement.

I want to let Direct TV know, that they have very poor customer service. I bought my own Direct TV reciever, and was told that I will have to return it to them, when I paid 77.00.I was also told by customer service that it would save me money, if I bought my own reciever,Well that is not true,I am still being charge for my own box as if they had delivered it to me.I would like technical support to visit my location, and render customer service to me. When a bill is due they can get direct communication about the bill, and I would like direct communication about service issue. Please can someone give close attention to my account, and help resolved the problem.

The economy and jobs being cut, it is obviuos that Direct TV has made the same cuts in personnel. Customer Service is at is poorest, customers are no longer treated as loyal and the attitude is that they just don't care. I watched AT&T fall with the same issue. They sold portions of the east coast to Comcast. As an employee it took a coule of years to gain the trust from the loyal customers back. After less that 24 hours of service by Direct TV, poor installation, intermitting signal; I am requesting they come out and remove their equipment from my home. Customer Service is now telling me that there subcontractor is responsible and they will not send a tech to my home to correct the problem.

I ordered the NFL ticket for my brother in law last year becasue he was living with me for a few months and it was automatically renewed. It took one hour to reach a customer service rep and being disconnected and once I finally reached a rep, they told me I had to pay $32 on my bill in order to cancel the automatic renewal of the NFL ticket??? WHAT?? I think automatic renewals should be something that the customer agrees to up front and not forced upon. Sending me emails stating that it's going to occur--promotional emails uaually don't get read--does not mean I agreed to it. If you want a customer to pay for something, please be sure they agreed to it and want the service. I'm telling you every body is trying to nickel and dime you, increase fees, rates, hidden fees, small print, do not disclose, etc. etc. Not very many choices of service companies today and the customer service sucks. I'm tired to call customer care numbers and cant communicate with the rep becuase they are in Indian or China!!!

I have been trying to get my Directv correctly installed since July 5, 2010. First you brought the wrong pole for the apartment complex that was not allowed, and did not bring the DRV HD Receiver. Had to order the DVR HD shipped from Directv, set up appointment at same time for July 18,2010 for installation. Installer did not show or call. Call again spoke to several of your agents and supervisiors, which is not different than talking to the agent. They confirmed installation on July 22, 2010 between 12 and 4 p.m., no one came or called!!!!!! What does it take to get a HD DVR INSTALLED???????????? NOW THE NEXT DATE SET IS JULY 27, 2010!!!! WILL THAT HAPPEN????? I NEED A REAL ANSWER!!! MY BROTHER IS MENTALLY ILL AND LEAVES IN OKLAHOMA. I AM IN CALIFORNIA AND DEALING WITH YOU ON THE PHONE OR I COULD INSTALL IT MYSELF!!!! CAN YOU CHECK YOU INSTALLER'S SCHEDULES FOR A 5 MINUTE INSTALLTION HE HAS GONE WITH OUT HIS ONLY ENTERTAIMENT FOR ALMOST 1 MONTH BECAUSE MY MOTHER DIED AND HE HAD TO MOVE!!! IS THERE NO SYMPATHY IN THE WORLD LEFT. HIS ACCOUNT NO. IS 2244444. CALL SHEILA ON THIS ACCOUNT

Currently, I am working with the Attorney General to see that Directv is prosecuted under the RICO statute for fraud and racketeering. Anyone with complaints concerning Directv's billing practices are encouraged to contact the US Attorney Generals office and the State Attorney Generals office for the state in which you reside. Please provide them with your name, the date of the transaction, and the amount of money involved. Also, include a statement detailing the reason for the complaint and copies of any correspondence regarding the disputed charges.

hello i live in murfreesboro tn. i was a tech for a contractor name bbi for directv after 7 months i was denied a tech number after all i was doing a great job makeing directv money i have a family to take care of and thats what happen now i have to look for another job thats crazy having me working for 7 months now nothing

I wish I could score them lower. I have never ever had a DirecTv account, would never get an acct with them, or refere anyone to this co. I used my bank account to pay for an installation charge of $27.00 for a family member. I confirmed with the rep prior to providing my info that this would be a one time charge; she said yes it would be a 1 time charge. Months later I'm being charge $466.60 plus $210 in NSF fee for them overdrawing my bank acct. After they have been aware of the mess they made, they agreed to reverse the transactions of $466.60. Now I'm back and forth trying to get refunded for the NSF fees. Every legal bank documentation that I provide is being rejected. They will not allow you to speak to the finanace dept who does the resolutions for this kind of stuff. This has been a nightmare!! I have never seen such poor business practices in my life...

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