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I had directv for over 10 years and paid them about 100 dollars a month for their services. This amounts to over 12000 dollars. When directtv offered HD we got HD and bought a receiver for a discounted price from them with the understanding that the receiver would be mine after 2 years. One day I had a call from directv that there was a mandatory upgrade to the dish and receiver at no cost to me. The install of the new dish was handled horrible and had to repaired things that the installer damaged. After that everything was OK.We decided to move years latter and now directv is demanding that we return the receiver that I thought was already paid for. They want close to 200 dollars for an old 3 year old receiver? We have requested for them to send me a box and they have not but they still are billing me. even if you send the receiver how do you get confirmation that they receive it? It just seems idiotic that directv would just loose a customer for life for a piece of hardware that is not worth much. I will never ever use directv ever again until they rectify this situation.

i'm writing u cuz back on 6/8/2011 i instructed my son to pay direct tv bill not knowing that i would be in the hospital thru june 27th 2011 which is why there was a ach return apparently on the 22nd however after realizing that this could be a factor after i was not able to work and put my ck in the bank i cld on 6/28/2011 and spoke to lala and she told me that my total balance with returned amt$333.75 and if i made $170 by july 8th then i would not have to worry about service interruption but what do u know my son calls today 6.30.2011 to tell me services off then i call ur office to find out what is wrong cuz this is not what i was told and then the dept says very rudely well they see the arrangements and notes of their representative but had already disconnected srvcs based on the ck being returned poor customer service it like u signing something and then one changing their mind after a signature meaning agreement. which this shows to me that someone must didn't do their original job on the 22nd and disconnect etc. but did it after the arrangements was made with someone else and they tried to cover up their mistake unacceptable i'm coming to u cuz also the representative was cutting me off and then put me on hold w/o saying hold on etc... Please don't make me have to go further and have NEWS MEDIA investigate this only to display poor customer service on Direct tv part thanks in advanced a confused and upset customer

on 6/25/11, an agent, called my house in regards to my bill, that I can honestly say, was past due, so i asked for an extension until Wednesday, until I got paid. The agent did grant me an extension, and ased if I could be palced on hold for a minute. well, that minute racked up to 66 minutes, witout him getting bac on the phone. I held on, and used my home phone to call DirectTV's number bac, and asked for a supervisor. I explained the situation, and she insiosted on giving me a $30.00 credit toward my account. Which I thought was rather generous of her. On Wednesday, I made my payment, and called, to see about te complaint that I had made, and no one could tell me anything, luckily, I made sure on Saturday, that I wrote down all of my information, and whom i had spoken to. When calling back on Wednesday, I spoke to not one but two supervisors, and no one could tell me anything. One of the agents, hung up the phone on me. This is really poor customer service, especially when, you have been a customer since 2004. I told the last supervisor that I spoke to, that the agent had hung up on me, but prior to tis, he stated tat, I caould chat wit someone from the feedback dept. about my issues, adn i stated to him, that I would prefer that someone call me. The last supervisor informed me that I could write a letter to the President of the company, in Colorado or California, and I told her that if I did write them, who says they are going to read it. This is unacceptable. They think that when they give a little credit to your account, you are supposed to forget how your customer service experience went. I really don't think so. The first thing that they can tell you is the amount you paid, and your balance, but no one can tell you whether or not your complaint was handled.

i let my brother use my debit card to start his service i explained to customer service that this is a one time thing that was 7 months ago since then i ve been charged without warning 3 times i called them about it they assured me that the debit card had been remove well last week i was charged 679.00 without warning called them to dispute it and was told i would recieve a refund in 7 to 10 days well today is the 7th day i called them and they told me no refund becuz my card has had 2 charges to it i explained without my consent they said it is on file so they can charge it this is crap i will never ever use directv for anything

From day one I have not received anything that I signed up for. Call after call, being given the run around, left on hold but a supervisor for over 45 minutes. Cannot get accurate information, I get different information everytime and I call and the supervisor's are no help. I think the Better Business Bureau is my only option at this point. lousy, lousy company to sign up with.

I became a new customer 15 days ago. I had a death in my family and was out of town on the 14th day after my installation. Since my number of available TV installation spots had increased from 1 to 2 I called in to ask for a new receiver. I was given condolances for my loss but was told rules were rules and since I didn't respond within 14 days I would have to pay and additional $69.00 plus. I called the corporate office and explained the situation and Melanie agreed to send the receiver with no charge. As a new customer I would highly recommend Direct TV. They went out of their way and even by-passed their rules to make me a satisfied customer.

To those who want to stop directv from taking money from your bank account, or credit card. Move the money in your bank account to another account and cancel the first account. Credit card people call your cardit card idiot and tell her to give you a new credit card number. Problem solved.

Since there was no negatives or a zero I will give you a one. Like Jean Fuentes I had a similar experience. I moved to my new house,and DTV came with me,a promise of free Showtime and HBO for 3 months;like the saying goes nothing is free. I was charged for the service time and time again.Every month I was on the phone to your lousy customer service dept.,put on hold ,switched from rep to rep,the final straw was the 2 hour marathon and 3 rep's. that I spoke to. Now you send me letter after letter,non-stop phone calls, to the point of harassment. The next time I get a phone call from DTV I will report it to the P.U.C. They call up to 9 P.M. If you spent more time taking care of your current customers,you would not spend so much time trying to get them to come back. I liked my DTV,no problem,till I moved and had to deal with your PISS POOR customer service Dept. when you call the non-customer service dept. the rep's are not able to resolve the problem,so it becomes a monthly ordeal. I'm OK with Dish,but think I will try cable next

Worst company on the face of the earth... See BBB complaint below, When I signed up with Directv I was receiving HD locals. Suddenly 1 month after my service had started my locals stopped working. I contacted Directv and was advised I'm not allowed to receive these channels in my area. I said why was I sold on them then. There were no explanations to be given. I was a victim of a bait and switch. As I was now locked into my contract.(I started service on 11/13/2010, My hd channels stopped working on 12/16/2010. I've contacted Directv several times and apparently a few people over there have there heads strait because they could fix the problem. However it would only start happening again in aproximately a week. The main reason this causes a problem for me is the fact that when the hd channels work I can have my directv only display HD channels and hide the SD duplicates. However when I only receive them in SD there is no option for just receiving locals in sd and the rest hd therefore I see two channels of every channel for my locals to even work. This has caused so many issues for me when I record shows. I even select the correct channel on my Directv app and it will automatically record the hd channel and not the SD every time leaving me with no recording and an error message. Everyone in this entire area has these same problems with Directv. This is the companies response to a BBB complaint filed by me. Company's Initial Response - Posted 03/25/2011 Thank you for taking the time to write in to share the details of your situation. We regret any misunderstanding regarding HD local channel availability. Our records indicate you reside in an area where we do not provide HD local channels. HD local channels are provided through spot-beam technology, and if your zip code falls outside of the spot-beam area, HD local channels may be received intermittently or not at all. Some customers who have occasionally been able to view HD local channels may lose access to them completely as the programming moves to our new satellite. While we understand you may have previously been able to view HD local channels, your DIRECTV service is located in an area where we do not provide local channels in HD; therefore, we are unable to guarantee access to them. You are not being charged any additional amount for the HD local channels you are not receiving. All of our promotional material and advertisements state standard and high definition local channel availability is based on service address and ZIP code. We have no record indicating that you were promised HD local channels by DIRECTV. The DIRECTV service agreement does not guarantee specific programming will be available. It is an agreement by the customer that they will maintain service for a specified length of time in exchange for significantly discounted equipment and installation. Therefore, we consider your agreement valid and compensation will not be issued for this issue. A valid and prorated Early Cancellation Fee of up to $380 will apply if the account is disconnected prior to the completion of your agreement. Respectfully, DIRECTV Office of the President Initial Response Summary We consider your agreement valid and compensation will not be issued. If the account is disconnected before the agreement is completed, an Early Cancellation Fee will apply. Consumer's Rebuttal Consumer's Rebuttal - Posted 03/29/2011 It's funny to me that Directv's response for why they don't service HD channels to my area changes with every call or inquiry. I've been told all of the following It's an FCC violation to broadcast in your area, we don't know whats wrong but just call us when it goes out we will fix us, my parents were provided a number to call and a code that fixes it each time it goes out and now the office of the president replies with this. Your company really needs to get it's act together. Having your customer service lie and tell customers it's an FCC violation to broadcast HD in their area and thats why they aren't receiving it is a serious violation of law. I will be reporting this to the FCC. I personally wouldn't even mind not having HD locals but your guide wont allow anything other then showing two of every single channel if you don't have HD locals. Either fix the HD or fix your guide so you can hide just the local channel duplicates. Either way you have not resolved my concerns and I will proceed to a major class action lawsuit. I hope your CEO supports your response after he investigates and finds you cost your company several million. Company's Final Response Company's Final Response - Posted 04/01/2011 Local television markets are determined by a customer’s service address ZIP code and county data provided by Nielsen Media Research. We are required by federal law to use these definitions to provide local channels to our customers. You live in a ZIP code near the edge of the area where adequate signal for HD local channels can be received. As a result, although we do not provide HD local channels in your area, you may have been able to occasionally view some local HD channels. Our customers are able to verify local channel availability at directv.com prior to acquiring equipment and service. DIRECTV advertisements for local channels include a disclaimer, which states that programming is based on availability. Your residence is located in an area we are unable to guarantee adequate signal strength to access HD Local channels at this time. While we understand you may not agree with our position, no credit is due to your account for this issue and the remainder of your service agreement will not be waived. If your account is disconnected prior to the completion of your service agreement, a prorated Early Cancellation Fee will be charged. Respectfully, DIRECTV Office of the President


So I am also a very unhappy person with Direct TV. First of all they should have their customer service people tell the truth. I am a customer who suspends service from Oct - April. When I recommend some I was given $100.00 credit for (10 months). The person I recommend also got the $100.00 Well again another BS story from Direct TV. I suspend service so I lose the credit. I got $10.00 for May-October. that is 6 months. The person told me I would get the credit when I sign back on for the remanding months. I called and was told that I was getting the credit. They gave me the credit! How could I get the credit if service was suspended. The answer was if you signed back on before the 4 months you could have gotten credit. What a story. I am at the point another company is starting to look good. Shame on you Direct T.V. for having customer service lie for you. Also I won't recommend another person to you.

I do not have DirecTV service through them. I paid the bill a couple of times for a family member. I do not live at the address where she had the service, I live well over an hour away. Now.... she hit some hard times apparently, and cancelled service. Because my card was "on file" with them, they felt that they had the right to take every last dime from my account without telling me ($726.14). At no time was I aware that they could do this when I paid her bill to help her out. She is not an authorized user of my card, and I am surely not a DirecTV customer. I have made numerous phone calls to dispute this with them. The first two people I talked to there, said I would get my money back. The last 3 said I would not. I have contacted the BBB, and filed a complaint. I have also tried to find every website I can to get this message out there. DONT PAY SOMEONE ELSE'S BILL! How is this legal????

I live in Anchorage,Alaska.Pay for HD,but do not get it with the NBA championship or the Stanley Cup finals!!! WHY a myriad of answers,depends on whom you talk with . Direct TV should not promise,charge, then don't deliver.

Too bad there isn't a no star rating. Directv has been the worst provider between both cable and Dish Network. Even though each one has it's fault, Directv is definitely the worst as far as overall customer satisfaction. First of all they have this so-called protection plan which they never told me about when I signed up with them. I assumed that since I was leasing all my equipment, that everything was protected, No-way. Only the so-called leased equipment is warranted, not you dish or remotes. I am paying a monthly service charge and leasing my equipment, so everything should be warranted. Make sure you have the protection plan since everything is not protected. I wrote to the California Attorney General's Office complaining about the hidden cost required not were never mentioned upfront and I received a call from the Office of the President of Directv wanting to know all my issues and complaints. I don't want to go into detail what we discussed but my contract is up at the end of this year and to be honest, none of the tv providers aren't really that good. I wonder if they still make rabbit ear antennas.

Sent me an invoice after cancelling - paid invoice. Two weeks later sent me an invoice for a $5 late fee .... Talked to 2 reps and they stated they could not reverse the charge even though I explained they sent me the invoice late. VERY BAD COMPANY - WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THEM AGAIN ... LIARS and CHEATS

They should include a "0 stars" rating. This company is the worst!!! I have never seen anything like this. I guess we should have read the reviews before signing up. So my contract is over in Aug. and so is my connection to this company. All I can say is absolutely terrible! If you are thinking about satelite TV run the other way!!!!!!

Customer service is terrible. Their service is very economical as long as you don't need anything. We moved to an area with no area for a signal, so we had to terminate our service. We were told there would be no cancellation fee charged due to it not being our fault there was no service. But, they in fact did charge a $300 termination fee causing a downward spiral of events. It's been over a month, I finally got the credit to my account for $300, however, they now owe me money because they withdrew another month from my bank account and am being told I have to wait 1-2 months for a refund. I have had to call customer service 3 times a week so far just to get the credit to the account because it wasn't reflecting online. I called the office of the president and they are supposed to be expediting the refund so I can get in about 2 weeks. Still unreasonable at this point, considering they took money that I never actually owed them. But, it's the best they could do I guess. Wouldn't recommend to family and friends. Service is a package deal, and the TV service can be awesome, but if you don't have the customer service to back it up, it doesn't really matter.

This I must say in the worse company to do business with. I started (new) service but before I had them install the service, I informed them that I was going to be moving in 30 days. And that if I was going to be charged for the move. I did NOT want the service. They called the main office and I spoke to someone name Mary who said who not be a charge. And 5 days before I moved I called them and they said it would be a problem. But there is a cahrge for the move. Now it's been 4 months and I have NO SERVICE but there are charging me every month. Can anyone HELP ME WITH THIS MATTER. jaydog357@hotmail.com If you have any advise

Our family has been customers of Direct TV for over six years now. We were interested in the new upgrade to DVR for our household. We researched the package deal that Direct TV would offer a new customer coming on board compared to an existing customer. NOT SATISFIED!! We contacted the customer service and they were not willing to maintain relations with an existing customer by giving them the same offer that they would a new customer. You would think that the Sales & Marketing department would do everything in their power to offer the same deal to their existing customers to maintain their service and to also help promote their business. Direct TV has been of good service regarding channels, packages, etc. However, when it comes to your customer service department and your intentions to maintain your existing, valuable customers, you have a funny way of keeping that dedication as your customers do to you. We are not pleased with your loyalty to your existing customers. One suggestion I would recommend to your sales department is by offering an equal deal to your existing customers and also maintaining your promotion offers to your new customers. Remember, business increase is by "word of mouth" from others than it is with ratings that you can pick and choose to post.

Very poor customer service. My rating is "0" for Directv. Representative hung up on me today. Everyone that I have talked with was unable to assist me. What kind of business are you guys running? I wouldn't recommend this service to no one. I'm cancelling your service and going back to Brighthouse. I was told that you offered better service. That's a BIG LIE!!!!!! You won't stay in business long with this type of non-customer service.

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