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Boss has been off for weeks now and have been given 3 different interview times and dates I have been job searching for 2 months and am in a hurry to get employment due to taking care of 4 children.dicks sporting goods in Bloomfield hills Michigan may not be in a hurry for an excellent worker so I may look else where with my years of retail experience...good day to u Richards!!!!


Try calling Customer Service and see how they treat you. Sad I wanted to remain a Dick's customer but they do not want my money.

Middletown, NY employees keeping ammo

I have been looking for .22LR for weeks. It seems all the dicks sporting goods stores surrounding Middletown get plenty of .22LR, but Middletown never gets any. Twice I have seen employees walking out with bulk boxes of .22LR and putting it in their cars. Obviously they are keeping it for themselves. Also when you call and ask when they are getting ammo they lie. One morning they told me not to show up because they claimed they "weren't getting a delivery". Well I showed up anyways and they got LOTS and LOTS of ammo in. Something not right. I see a previous review where they don't sell pistol ammo without a permit. I have not had that issue they always sell it to me without one I just say it is for my rifle. I guess they make up the rules in Middletown as they go .. If they did start a rule where you have to have permit to get pistol ammo that is not right. stores should have to follow corportate policy and not be able to make up their own rules. and each employee does whatever they want.

not able to utilize

Athletes from different locations within Pittsburgh Pa unable to utilize Dicks sports complex in cranberry township. Dicks puts name on facility and should be available to all people who reside in the Pittsburgh area not just those who live in wealthy areas. That's a poor use of representation on dicks behalf. What about the inner city youths. There parents spend there hard earn money in your stores and pay taxes just like the wealthy. And the bottom line we need facilities and other resources for our youths. The wealthy can go out and pay for what they want and need, but its not that simple for inner city kids

Bad Policy for Pistol Ammunition Sales

Dicks in Middletown, NY will not sell pistol ammunition without a Pistol Permit. This is rediculous. 9mm, 40SW, 45 ACP , 357/38 are all common rifle rounds. I purchased a 357 lever action Rossi from Dicks last year, but they won't sell me ammunition for it anymore. BAD BUSINESS! I spend thousands at Dicks every year and if this policy does not change I think I will take my business to Modells and Gander Mountain

poor customer service

Dick's on Sunday night: spent 20 minutes in golf clubs. No customer service to help the customer. They called someone on the raido to come over, waited 10 minutes no one show up... On Monday what to Golfsmith in Dallas drop $660.00 " Your lost Dicks " lost a client for life..

No Local Sports!?!!!!

I recently went in to the Rochester Hills store and was surprised to see the Tigers game not on any TV. I asked a sales person and was told they're not allowed to have the games on? I thought this was a sporting goods store???! wow. very unimpressed

poor customer service

Went to Dick's with my receipt to return a defected item, I was told the receipt had expired (2 months ago) and I could no longer return the defected item. I asked for an in store credit, which I would use to purchase a different product. I was told they could issue a no receipt return and what ever the lowest price was that is what we would get. The price was 1/2 of what I paid for it. My daughter said to me isn't that a lie? They are saying we don't have a receipt and we do. Left with my merchandise on the counter- $100. I truly believe they didn't care..

Refused CPR to avoid liability

I visited the Brighton, Colorado - Dicks on Friday March 29, 2013. Needed to purchase baseball cleats for my son. On arrival, I witnessed a fatal accident - involving a toddler in front of the store. I had my own toddler daughter in tow and ran into Dicks frantically searching for help. The boy needed CPR. I asked if any employees were CPR certified. One girl from the back came up willing to go and the manager refused to let her help the boy. The manager did not want Dicks to be liable. Dicks... Is this a policy to refuse CPR assistance? or a bad decision on the part of your manager.


My daughter saw a jacket she wanted in a flyer we received. I went into Dicks and not only did they not carry it, but it's not even on the website to purchase. The sales people said they've never seen the jacket but that they may end up getting it in. How does a store put merchandise in a flyer that they don't carry???? Sounds like bait and switch to me.

so many complaints

No need to tell my sad story of poor service from Dicks. Think I will just short the stock. "Cheaper than Dirt" "Cabellas" and Walmart will get my business. If you are an employee of this awful outfit start looking for another job as they can not long stay profitable with their current policies.

False Advertising

Sundays flyer listed safes on sale. Went in at 11:30 A.M. to by a safe Sunday morning and was told that there were none in stock. None at all- All Sizes! How can you advertise and yet not have any? A check by the salesperson in area stores showd no safes available either. This is false and deceptive advertising, Period! Further, no safes were sold that morning on the first day of the salefrom that store. I'M Not happy! Can you tell?

Poor management

In the Kingston New York store unwashed waiting to return something and the cashier need manger numbers. He kept calling the store manger . I think his name was bill. He took 20 mins to come up there and when he did he made it the cashier fault. He was so rude to me and the cashier. On my way out i see him flirting with another cashier those two looks like they need a room. Some management from dick sporting goods. Never shopping there again.

Poor Customer service

I visited your St. Louis, MO West County Mall location today to purchase track cleats for my son. The shoe department was a mess with 10 or 12 boxes in the seating area. The wait time for service was ridiculous and the shoe sizes were limited. When service did finally come the ran by a couple time limiting dialog and clarificaition of needs. I won't return to this store and perhaps any Dick's location as there are many sports chains in the area.

Dick's Sporting Goods Fairlakes Virginia

Went to Dick's last night: spent 10 minutes in golf clubs, 10 minutes in kayaks and stopped by the ski stuff. Never approached by a sales rep. Went to shoes and asked for some Keen hiking shoes. They didn't have them. Then I saw some boots with the anti theft device in the top eyelet. Talked to the manager on duty and said it looks like you are more concerned with theft than selling. Told him I couldn't try them on and lace them up with the devicein the top eyelet. He told me that current day realities dictate the device. I said fine just put it in an lower eyelet that had already been laced. He could have cared less and didn't offer to remove the device. Went to REI bought the Keen's and 2 -$700 kayaks.

horrible customer service

I bought cleats from Dicks on a Friday on Sunday I looked at their circular and see a picture of the same exact cleat I drive 25 miles back to the store for the sale for them to tell me that even though those are the cleats you purchased those aren't on sale for that price

Customer service

I WAS a loyal patron but the last 4or5 visits to your store in consumer sq. the service was terrible . I was just there 1hr ago to pick up a putter I had regripped . Months ago I had all my clubs done .the employees asked to help said the guy was on break then called someone else good so far then as I stood there for 20 min with other thing to buy in my hands they just ignored me. So I put down my stuff and left granted it was only about 100$ worth but to me that's a lot. So needless to say after I go back and get my club I won't b back. Ill make sure I let the guys in my golf club know. Thank you for listening hav a great day.

Former Customer

Dicks is what is wrong with this country. Poor customer service and in sore need of a back-bone. Oh, in ref. to Amelia's review... move to Canada dear where the weak and uninformed roam. The 2nd Amendment was not for hunting, but to allow the citizens of this great Country to stop a tyrannical government... we can't do that with .22 or bolt action rifles.

military discount

sob's. Dicks used to offer a 10% discount to members of the military. Now besides taking certain guns off the shelves they also yanked the discount right out from under our service member's feet. And they did this in time of "war". Shame on them from all fronts.I found a place to shop right across the street in Puyallup Washington.

anti-hunting supporter

As an hunter & sportsman, I am extremely unhappy that Dick chose to use animal right groups in various ads. I strongly urge the hunting community to boycott this company. you want our support and money then kick us in the teeth. I will NEVER go to your stores and encourage all other spotsman/ sportswomen to do the same

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