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I purchased 2 swim parkas but Dicks cancelled my order due to their error in pricing. This is like walking up to a cashier & having them say oops let me put the right price on that it should cost more. Ridiculous! I have talked to Dicks 5 times about this & was lied to twice. And this is called satisfying the customer!?!? I think an ethics lesson is in order.

This is the worst place to buy anything.Customer service ha they do not know what that is. I have Never had to show ID befor to pick up a product with receipt.Management worst EVER

I'm a full time student and work at dick's as a part-time cashier. The way our managers have us treat customers at check out is completely unethical. If a customer says no to signing up for the Scorecard, our managers tell us to look at the keyboard and start asking for your information FORCING you to sign up or harass you until you eventually give in, win at all cost I guess.

needs improvement on people skills

Terrible store manager located in Manahawkin, New Jersey He gives Dicks a Very Bad Name I would be embarressed to have a manager with lack of people skills

Website steals your money

I placed an order online using a gift card, I never received a conformation email, I signed into my account and it showed no orders had been placed. I check the balance on that card and although there was no record of my order, the money had been taken off the card. It's been 10 days since I placed that order. I've called the customer service line every day for the past 7 days. Every time I call to see where my refund is I get a different response for the reps I talk too. First it was "it will automatically go back onto the gift card a week after the order", then it went to "we'll process the refund to the card". Then after not receiving a refund it became " we'll have a supervisor call you back", which never happened. Now I'm being told that they will be mailing me a replacement card in 3 -5 days. I just have no faith in what their "supervisor" told me. Dicks stole $56.98 from me. I love dicks, however I will never shop there again, I'm canceling my rewards card and I'm letting everyone I can know that their theifs!

don't order delivery

frustrated - friday they call to say they need to reschedule I'll be first on monday monday comes and i call them at 1115am and the driver tells me sorry his people scheduled it between 10-2 i get a call it will be after 3 i have to leave at four i tell them if they can make sure to done by four i get a call at 330pm we have to reschedule for tomorrow . I ask for some kind of reduced fee on the 157 delivery I'm told in person and on the phone nothing third party vendor won't give you anything. I have been a long time customer and two days and two hours on the phone and I feel like i am the only one that losses.


How can you sell a product if I have to wait for the following day or whenever for your Archery person to come in. I'm not sure as to how it would be as I am the customer. Can you also explain why a ready to hunt package at your store has less on it than all others at the same price. I am curious to know if you you resell items that come on these packages as I clearly saw many of you compounds that were displayed had scratch marks on from where a stabilizer has been moved.

No customer service

I placed an order on 12/7/12 On 12/11/12 the wrong item was sent. I returned it the next day after 5 phone calls in which I was told my order was being expedited. I finally had to cancell it on 12/18/12 now two more phone calls and a pay pal challenge later I'm still trying to get my money returned. Stay away much more customer friendly companies out there

They have the worst customer service. I've been waiting for my re-found for two months now. You can never get a hold of a supervisor/manager. They are never available and the customer service reps just want to get you off the phone lines without helping you with the problem. I will not recommend anyone to shop there.

Gun Sales

I see on this site that you have received a number of negative reviews (many with requisite misspellings, of course) from people who are displeased with your decision to remove some guns and related products from your sales inventory. I support your decision fully and, since Dick's has just recently opened up stores in my area, I plan to give you my business. Thanks for being responsible citizens.

Worst On-line Shopping Experience

On 11/26/12 I placed and order for 2 tackle boxes and 2 gift cards for Christmas presents. On 11/29 I received an email advising items had shipped and my credit card was charged for all items. 12/6 I received the 2 gifts cards and 1 tackle box. The shipping paper showed 2 tackle boxes shipped but only 1 was delivered. After the other box not coming in the next few days, on 12/14 I contacted custer service and spoke to Paul who apologized and advised he would send the item out. After not receiving the product nor an email on 12/19 I contacted customer service again, spoke to Peter who advised that the order was being processed 5 DAYS LATER. On 12/21 I receiveed an email stating my new order number for the tackle box. 6 DAYS LATER 12/27 I received an email stating that my shipment was on its way. Today 10 DAYS LATER, on 12/31 I tried to track my order and was adised there was no acess to that infomation. I again contact customer service and was advised that my order should be received but end of day on 1/2/13. Since I am a sut-in, I did all my shopping on=line for 9 grand children and 5 great grand children and everything arrived way before Christmas allowing me to ship out of state and still be there for Christmas except for my order with your company. This is defimately the worst shopping experience I have ever had. I assure you, even though 2 of my grandsons love your store, I will never shop there again. There are other sporting goods store with much better service.

Gun sales

I am writing in support of your decision on gun sales. I thank you for your concern in spite of the negative response. I think many people are behind you decision. I believe that things could have been slowed down if this mother had not been allowed to have so many of these guns. Rick Warren put it so well when he said we do not address the mentally ill well. I work in elementary schools with special Ed students and general population students. I think schools need to have all doors locked at all times and bullying taken a lot more seriously. It is ok to be different and not made fun of. Actually, some of our most brilliant members of world are what most people would label as a little different. Thank you for not being afraid to stand up.

never shop again

Dicks management, you have made an incredible dissapointing mistake in removing the scary black rifles from your gun shelves. While in your store Monday your employees were also removing all magazines that hold over ten rounds of ammo for all guns and all airsoft guns that looked scary. Yes, you even removed toy guns, incredibly stupid. In the emotional response to the Conn. shooting you felt you just had to do something and your "something" is a cowardice act. Why dont your remove all your baseball bats which rate above guns(according to FBI statistics) in homicides. I could go on and on with inconvienant statistics but what good would it do. The people feel great about themselves making these decisions..... they did "something". I will NEVER shop at your stores again.

Thank you for removing assault rifles from your shelves

You have taken a wonderful, courageous step in addressing one of the contributing factors to the carnage caused in this country with the aid of firearms. NO ONE, save the police and military, need weapons which have this much firepower and large capacity clips. My freedom to shout "fire" is restricted when I am in a crowded room. Likewise, any supposed freedom to own military grade weapons should be restricted in a culture so prone to violence. I urge you to remove these weapons permanently from your shelves. Dick's definitely has my business as a result of this courageous move.


I just read an article stating that Dick's has removed certain guns from it's stores due to pressure exerted by anti-2nd Amendment activists. I am astonished that you would cave to these blatant attacks on our rights, and will NEVER shop at Dick's again. I will instead support companies that have the moral fortitude to stand up to those who would stomp on our freedom. I will also be telling my brothers, father, friends, and other relatives of Dick's cowardly stance. I'm sure they will feel the same way. Thank you, -Ryan


Thank you for removing these assault rifles. Clearly, the pro gun advocates do nt understand it is the assault automatic AR 15's removed. The paranoia they are experiencing is typical of fear based individuals. Let them keep the rest of the arsenal. But thank you for understanding the real issue here which they do not. I will gladly remain a customer of Dick's.

You lost our business!

The weapon is just a tool. The people were murdered by a person that was not legally permit to possess the weapon. (Kill anyone is also illegal. Bad people ignore all laws.) The bad guy can always attack unarmed people (makes it easy, no resistance). You need to be responsible for yourself. When seconds count, the police are only minutes away. School teacher and staff should have the ability to protect themselves.

leave my guns alone

Having learned that you pulled off all your AR p platform rifles is stupid. You are blaming the gun and not the person( in this case a nut). Please make certain you remove all bows and arrows , knives, barbell weights of and of course golf clubs. They can all be used to hurt or kill a person. This is not extreme. I feel great sympathy for the children and the families. But enough is enough. I'm sure after you ha've removed all of your dangerous items you will have a much safer store, more politically correct store. I will go else where for my ammo. Oh wait, you have to stop selling ammo and baseballs and bats. They also might be used in an illegal manner. Gee whiz why saint you just close down so you won't be the source of any evil. And good luck.

Removing weapons

Mr. Stack...I read your bio...you are an intelligent man...an accomplished man...your boss said you would not make a good merchant because you wanted to include fishing and camping supplies. Your grandma gave you $300 and said you should pursue your dreams and follow your dreams...When did you stop selling sporting goods and following your dreams and become political? You realize that if you remove your weapons/guns off the shelf you must remove your guns, your crossbows, bow and arrows, etc., etc., etc. Did you know that a few days ago a man bought a knife at a store somewhere in the U.S. He stood in the foyer and cut people up...but someone with a "weapon" a gun stopped him...You see Mr. Stack it will always be the "person" never the weapon. You being so accomplished and intelligent should understand that. What might your grandma say today?

Goodbye Dick's

Your decision to drop firearms sales to appear politically correct means that my family will be taking our money elsewhere.

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