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Awful. Not worthy of one star. You would think in this economy especially, you would receive standard customer service, but instead, this store decides to live up to its name. A bunch of Dicks

I went to Dicks Sporting Goods in Monaca, PA. I had my son with me and we got some stuff for golf. Not much about $79 worth. When I went to the counter to check out the girl ask if i wanted to donate $1. or more for military family's. I thought for a second because i already shop at Golf Galaxy which is an affiliate of Dicks, and Golf Galaxy gives military discounts but Dicks doesn't. I thought what heck i ask if they give discounts now and she replied nope, that they have talked to management but wont do it. I was very irritated to say the least. Not because they wont give a discount but because they ask for a donation for military families but then wont give a discount for a military family. Makes me wonder what are they really doing with the donation, didnt seem to want to do anything for me as a family member.

Unfortunately I have to agree with the lack of customer service at the Gresham, Or location. I never saw a manager and none of the sales personnel were interested in helping me out either. The only response I received was "I know the manager would not do that". I did receive better service from the Clackamas location and there was a manager there who tried to solve what was a minor problem that turned into a big one. When I asked to have the product I wanted sent to a closer location for pick-up, I was told it would take a month to do, which involved a twenty minute drive for the store and an hour drive for me. Needless to say after driving over 100 miles round trip I was not a happy customer. I have been in retail service for over 25 years. I simply can not understand a company hiring people who do not care about their customers. No wonder so many companies are going under. I will not shop at Dick's again. I would not have bought this product but it was the only one in town and I had already promised my students I would buy it for them.

I placed 2 online orders in the same day. I was sent an email to confirm the orders. A week later , nothing , not an email or phone call to let me know the items have been shipped. I called customer service when i was told 1st order was on loading dock and 2nd order was cancelled. Because there wasnt enough to fill the order. I find this really hard to believe since I can still go on web and order them. But the price is different now. Shocker!!!!!! When the manager got on the phone she said both orders were cancelled. Because they were mispriced online. So what happened to the 1st order that was on shipping dock???? Or was it that there wasnt enough to fill order? Get your story straight!!!! I will tell you exactly what it is. I ordered enough of an item to reach $99.00 for the free shipping and they were priced very cheap. When Dicks found out the big error online, instead of honoring my orders they just cancelled them without an email or phone call. Hey if I had ordered a pair of sneakers and the other item together you would have never cancelled. But because i ordered quantity of one item you just think you have the right to cancel without notification>>>>>>>>

While shopping at the clearance rack in Dick's BEWARE of the prices , they lower them by 2 cents!!!! And call that clearence!!!! BAD business!!!

I will never do business with Dicks sporting goods ever again, there customner service department leaves a lot to be desired.

I have lost complete faith in Dick's sporting goods Management. as with the other comments I have read it seems Dick's sporting goods Management really needs an over hall. I went into the Glen Allen Va store and noticed one of their contractors, paper shreading service, had their huge tractor trailer parked right in front of the front door. Clearly marked FIRE LANE NO PARKING. I explained to the Manager I was concerned about custoemr, kids, walking past this truck to get back out to their cars. Created a blind spot that on coming traffic couldn't see pedestrians. Manager told me it was my responsibility to call the cops. I informed him that it was his contractor he hired to do a service and It is Dick's responsibility to tell them where to park. I hope like hell no one every gets hit and I hope like hell that Dick gets sued when it happens. all the Manager needed to do was tell me he understood and would handle but instead this piece of crap Manager decided to prove some kind of messed up point on how it was my job to handle. i will unexhaustfully now let all I know about how DIck's operates. I have also called corporate on this and they don't care enough to return a customers call. i hope and pray one day I am in a situation I can screw Dick's. nice way to have a customer feel after buyinf things from ya ain't it.

Awful customer service especially from management

I just wanted to commend you for the awsome crew you have at the 280 location in Birmingham Alabama.They have made this years season so easy. Jeff in sporting goods is a great guy, willing to acutally try on baseball helmets wen my child was not present. I am usually in there a couple times a week and i never leave without a smile a a few good laughs. Yvonne at customer service is great. She has a love to serve and always has a smile. This location has made what could be a stressful time be so simple. I have never had a problem with a return and if it wasnt in the store they will have it sent straight to my door.I hope you are very proud of the crew you have here. Thanks guys for everything you have done. Keep up the good work cause I will be coming back. Thanks, Leslie Hassell

We went in the Independence Missouri location and they had shoe's on a display for sale items and the employee was helping us and got the shoe's for my wife. We liked them at took them to buy but when we got to the front to check out the rung up wrong price, the original price not the sell price so the (what he said the manager no name tag or anything) said that he would give us 20 dollars off the original price that we could not get them at the sale price because they were half price. And the girl that helped us and my wife showed him they were listed at half off. They were very rude and did not give us the advertised price. The store was very unprofessional and unorganized. If the product is marked a price it should be that price if it is the stores fault then the customer should be right. But the customer is never right any more people that work in the retail are very educated and know more that anyone..RIGHT

Make sure you read the small print on all warranties from Lifetime products, especially the Lifetime Elite Basketball Hoops. The product I purchased and had installed was defective and, where they replaced the backboard, the warranty read that I had to pay for the shipping of the backboard and that they would not cover the re-installation of the backboard. HOW IS THAT RIGHT? I paid $1,000 for a bad product and I have to pay more money to fix what they screwed up? Dick's Sporting Goods should have made it right and all they did was offer to give me a discount on re-installing the product that they made a profit on in the first place.

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