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Discriminated against

Woodbridge N.J. Location refused to sell me rifle ammo. They finally had my caliber in stock and I was making my purchase. I presented all the proper documentation. When the salesperson started to write in the log book he realized I live in Staten Island N.Y. I was told it is now store policy to sell ammo to only New Jersey residents. I've been buying ammo there loyally for 3 years. Now I feel discriminated against. I guess Walmart in Long Island will now be getting my money. Not to mention 3 other Staten Island residents who used to buy from Woodbridge.


Their Freehold NJ store refuses to sell handgun handgun ammunition even if you present a Handgun Carry Permit. They are NOT in compliance with NJ law.

Free golf analysis

Ridge hill yonkers - offered a free swing analysis. James Stewart was the golf pro in charge and analyzing. He was careful, interested, listened and watched, provided excellent advice and discussion of intricate speed, trajectory, queries. He was absolutely amazing . A great asset to the golf dept.

Very poor service

Terrible service!!!! terrible management!!! we have given Dicks two chances and they pissed them both away. The Oklahoma store are awful!! they came into our market and have completeley dropped the ball. on two occasions we have purchased high dollar items to be installed at our house, both times we had to call for weeks and could never get an answer. the staff was confused and at times very rude. we will never do business with Dicks ever again! Stay AWAY!!

no help

Bought a kayak at the Tustin store in ca. Brought it home 15 miles away and discovered a pice was missing from the foot mount. I called and asked if it could be replaced, they said yes. But they didn't have one on hand so they took my name and cell number and call me when they would receive the pice. Well its been over two weeks and several calls and no progress. I told them to give me the phone number and I will take care of it myself. Guess what? They either didn't have the number or they didn' know who to call to replace the missing pice. I'm going to try Dick's Sporting Goods corperation and see if they can help resolve my inquiry. Bad Tustin store.

store manager $ucks!

Don't go to the Mchenry il. store. the store manager thinks he is the corporate office! forget about returning something even if its unopened. He will only give a store credit even after I paid cash!!! Then lies about it and says that's policy. Where is it a policy not to give cash back?? It would not hurt my feelings if they closed tomorrow!! The whole place is a joke..

Bad Policy

I visited your Las Cruces store today purchase some tennis balls and a box of PMC 223 ammo. When I got to the customer service counter they asked me if I was an American Citizen? I wasn't purchasing a gun or rifle. Only one box of 223 ammo and some tennis balls? Come on Dick's Sporting Goods, an American Citizen? I even showed the sales clerk my military ID prior to making my purchase. And she commented about served 22 years in the military. So Dick's Sporting Goods, "are you all American Citizens?" Going to shop somewhere else with out any hassle like Academy Sports. You lost my business!!!

little man worker

Cashiers having to make 80 percent or more a shift in reward cards can go to where the sun does not shine. The big boss comes in and fires a young girl for a simple mistake, Even had to nerve to ask if she ever stole from the store. What a crushing experience. Keep in mind she was getting a higher pay than co workers for she came in from another job she quit in food services. For get the times she came to work when management was stuck. For get she never called off work for she loved the job and people. For get she can do just about all the jobs in the store. thanks for asking the managers that knew her best for an opinion on the girls work ethics. Just fire her. She was great when she was under the age of 18 but just days later fire her. Dicks is in trouble for a reason. You think money first! She made a mistake and probation should of been order, but lets see how long you will stay in business No wonder you are losing business. That young girl held her head high and went to her college and ask for a job. They granted her one with better hours and pay. Just goes to show you, There are people that know etchic mean more than money.

Even worse if you work for them and they take a girl under 18 and hire her and she works out great. But makes more money than the others and comes to work filling in for the other employees and then makes a simple mistake and corporate office manager in loss fires the kid.

Worst Worst BY FAR !!!

Absolutely terrified by their customer service.never had in my life such a bad experience. Purchased a ping pong table 4 weeks before ( ist purchase from dicks) , still has not recieved it. intially stated they forgot to place an order and then it is delivery company's issue. I wish i can do about it, i am so angry with them.


Excellent employee! Hard working! Great customer service! Regriped his golf clubs, supplied his own grips, off the clock, used a nickel worth of glue. Because he did it at the store. He get fired!!! I have spent ALOT of $ at Dicks in the past. They will not get another thin dime from me EVER AGAIN! You know what the say, "When you are happy, you will tell 20 people you are happy. When you are unhappy you will tell 40 People that you are unhappy." I will tell 400 that I'm am VERY UNHAPPY!

Corporate Giving

Cannot say enough about the generous corporate Donation given to Camp St Croix recently for a fundraising event. For the most part the online application was easy to navigate. When I placed several actual calls, response was immediate, helpful, and courteous. The donation request was very generous. Thank you Dick's


This store is a dinosaur. Wont ship from warehouse to store for free, they want you to pay $94 shipping for a $119 item. Cant order over phone. called 8 stores for an item only ONE person told me I could order it at the store. I am surprised people put up with this. Epic fail. U lost money.

Job Application

Applied for the a job in Jackson, TN and as a former Army veteran that has disabilities and even though I met all the minimum requirements plus more, I am not considered for the position. What has America come to when a veteran that has put his life on the line for his country is not considered one of the top nominees. It will be known that Dicks Sporting Goods does not support veterans.


I am a victim of domestic violence. I tried to purchase a fire arm with my CDL and my CCW. My CDL has a P.O. Box address but the CCW has my physical address which is required to purchase a firearm. The store refused to accept those forms of ID. That is rediculous. I will not purchase anything from Dicks and will inform my friends of this situation as well.

Radar Flag

I went in a store in Florida today looking for a Radar Flag for my kayak, however I could not find one. This is a life saving device I do not know why they do not carry it. Then I found it online shipped right to my door. Could of saved the gas.

Customer Service

Dicks Sporting Goods in Huntington Beach, CA has supperior customer service. Their store manager Steve knows how to treat customers and will have my family as a customer for life.

former employee

They mark things up remarkably high. Ask them to use a PDT gun to scan the price and show you the result. You will be shocked. They have awful management on the regional and district level. Anytime one of them gets good at their job they get moved or they move on. They are just overpriced. I couldn't even shop there when I was employed there it was so expensive.

Won't sell rifles to women

Dicks refused to sell me a hunting rifle today because I am a woman. They would only sell it to my husband. Needless to say, I told my husband that they would not get a dime of our money, ever again. I have already contacted the media. ( I gave them one star because they were open...that's all)

False Advertisement

Never shopping at this store again. They advertised a home gym on their website and when I went to go purchase it I waited 30 minutes for a customer service rep, only to find out that the Deptford, NJ store had none in stock. When I asked why the home gym store model didn't say "Not In Stock" I was told it was against store policy.

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