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Had to drive 7 hrs. to final destination. customer service rep. was and probaly still has a job that she has not been properly trained for or she just doesn't care. Ask for compensation, another flight even to an alternative airport closer to home, a refund on tickets,credit for future flight(s),wife and I rented car and drove home. NOOOO help, bad rep. service,. Flight canceled due to weather, understandable, but not the failure to help or compensate hundreds of people left to "stand by seating" only on planes we all were told are booked for 2 days!!!!!! OCTOBER 28 2010 ATLANTA AIRPORT.

I am writing this letter for your immediate attention to the concerns I have as a Delta customer I believe the big organizations like your’s should make a matter of priority to win the approval of your clientele by going extra miles to accommodate your customers. If this attitude is not revised, the big will not remain big, this is just the natural course time takes and passes though and the history is full of it. Otherwise the Ferro’s would still be the habitants of pyramids and ruling over ancient Egypt This is not a matter of few bucks I want to collect but a humiliating experience by an uneducated, ill-trained, unprofessional and impolite crew of Delta at Atlanta airport during board for my next flight, who thinks and probably knows it well, nothing would matter as for as Delta continue to have customers to keep their jobs secure I believe the tides can swiftly reverse and an empire no matter how large, can fall if they forget who they are, remember what happened to the Romans If Delta feels that organization is too big and customers do not matter then of course no attention should be given to us. I believe we make Delta. If Delta wants to maintain its good will and reputation with the masses then she has to pay attention what is happening to its passengers. It seems this is becoming a habit of over booking certain flights, particularly the last 1049 pm flight from Atlanta Georgia to Montgomery, Alabama This is the second incidence in 3-4 weeks span with me that I have to drive from Atlanta to Montgomery and it was not before 3-4 clocks in the morning when I could reach Selma Alabama, my final destination. The reason is my commitment to my patients, I cannot miss On October 15, I flew from Montgomery to Atlanta to Tulsa, Oklahoma but had 545 pm flight back from Tulsa to Atlanta to Montgomery. When I arrived at Tulsa airport for my scheduled flight I was told flight to Atlanta have been delayed to 735pm because of damage to the aircraft in Detroit. I went to the clerk and asked him what about my next flight from Atlanta to Montgomery, he said if the plane come now and we leave early you may be able to make to your next flight but it will be very tight as you will probably have only 20 minutes for the next flight. Then it was changed to 747pm. I went back to the desk clerk and asked him the same question. He told me some passengers are being rebooked for the next day flight. I replied him, I have to make to Montgomery no matter what and do not want to rebook my flight for next morning. I told him what my alternatives are because I do not want to stay overnight. He looked though his computer and said you’re not rebooked but will have very short connecting time if plane comes in time and we leave Tulsa on time. He said there is a possibility for aircraft from Detroit to arrive early and you may have no problem at all making to your next flight to Montgomery. I replied I will take my chance We ultimately left Tulsa and arrived at Atlanta airport well before my departure time to Montgomery. I was delighted and rushed to my gate. I already have the boarding pass and confirmed seat. At the time of boarding I gave my boarding pass to the agent who after scanning through computer told me to move aside and wait, I said what has happened, I have a confirmed seat. She replied you have been rebooked. I went aside and waited until everyone got on board. She went inside and come out to tell me there is no seat. I try to tell her that I was assured at Tulsa that I have not been rebooked. She replied I am telling you what I see on my computer. Because of her attitude and arrogant body language, I did not want to argue with her and moved aside There was a passenger waiting to volunteer his seat if he could be compensated for giving away his ticket and was willing to fly by morning flight. I asked to take his seat but she refused. I have no choice but to drive from Atlanta to Montgomery to pick up my car and drive to Selma Alabama Before leaving, I asked the clerk if she can give me her name or ID number to use as a reference when I call Delta customer service, she refused. I asked her if I can see the supervisor. She just walked away. I saw a gentleman coming towards the gate. He was in Delta uniform so I hoped this is a supervisor. She stopped by him and talked to him quietly. This person was a polite human being and at least listened to my problem and tried to guide me I am not telling the whole humiliating and agonizing experience, I stood there, helpless and frustrated and not much surprised by her interaction with me because of my personal experience just 3-4 weeks prior to this incidence in the hands of another Delta clerk for the same 1049 pm flight. I hope, you have received a letter from Dr. N. Chapatwala who happened to went through the same experience but because of the time we did not feel to argue and drove back to Montgomery and then to Selma, at lwast we shared the exoenses and di not feel much burdened. Her responses were as if I do not even exist. I am not here to tell each word and the way she said but I am trying to alert you how some of your passengers are being treated. In matter of fact there was a delta employee who happened to be with a small grandchild and has to drive even farther than me and was amazed about clerk’s behavior. This conversation wasted at least an hour of my time Just imagine some one who wakes up 4 in the morning to catch early flight and then have to drive back to Atlanta half sleep. I almost rolled over as I was driving to Montgomery. Who could have been responsible, the clerk or Delta who did not inform me about cancellation of my flight due to no fault of mine or I am just a victim of being a loyal customer to Delta, or the clerk at Tulsa airport who affirms that I have not been rebooked and assured me that my seat is still confirmed on flight DL 5128 from Atlanta to Montgomery, Oct 15, at 1049 pm The most bizarre is the response from Delta. It is just an automated response. Who should I talked to, a machine or an email. I did not write a complaint for an automated email but was hoping after to get real response or call from a caring Delta representative. I had spent o much time and energy for calling different numbers and each time was redirected to another department by every agent. It seems I am paying a hide and seek and this a ploy to torture to its customers to the point they get tired and stop this effort to make delta pay some attention to its customers I ultimately have decided to write to you with the hope of different fate of this letter. It seems the money I end up spending for car rental, time wasted, frustration and risks to my own life does not mean a bit to Delta. Is this how Delta cares for its customers? I hope to hear from your office with concern what is happening to Delta customer’s under your leadership. If steps are not taken to correct the problems then that delta will be proud to call its loyal customers, the one who will be scared to even think about flying with delta or no one will be left at the end to be considered a customer

I took a flight from Tampa to LaGuardia with a carry on bag. The flight was delayed amost 1 1/2 hours. I was advised of the first delay and when I arrived at the airport, it was delayed even further. Arrived into NY late but that wasn't a problem. When I was ready to return to Tampa from LaGuardia, I was advised that the bag that I took with me was not too big and had to be checked. I am not sure why it was not acceptable as it was acceptable in Tampa and did not exceed the 45 linear inches required as stated on their website. The Delta Clerks were extremely RUDE, hardly spoke english and was pretty much told too bad. I was also told that they are much more strick in NY than anywhere else. I was also told by your check-in clerk that each airport was suppose to adhere to the same guidelines. If that was the case, why did I have to pay $25.00 to check a bag that was acceptable prior? Then when I spoke with the Executive Office (that is also a joke) I was told, very rudely I might add by someone who has trouble communicating and very uneducated, pretty much tough luck. I will NEVER fly Delta again. They have gone downhill and I would think in this economy, they would be all about customer service but that, again, was my mistake. I don't believe this complaint will ever get anywhere and that's sad.

I would like to know who can help me to find delta airline headquaters office address, not the post box number but the address which they can sign for a letter which i would like to send

I just had the worst experience with one of your representatives. I need to have a supervisor call me. When I try to call back I get hung up on. This woman changed all my seating and put my husband and I in different seats. She had no right to do that. How rude. This is the first time this has happened to us. I cannot even call to complain about this. After I called 3 times and get hung up on. Christine Sheridan 718-325-6414

Delta would not respond to several requests to handle a situation with poor customer service. Without getting into the details, they were terrible.

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