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The absolute worst company in America! I am surprised you have any customers with the level of customer service or disservice you provide! I have been trying to get my sky miles account straightened out fo over 3 weeks. Each time I call it's like the very first time although all of the notes are on my sky miles account. They gave me a report # for followup but absolutely nothing has been done to resolve the problem......3 weeks!!! I am appalled and subsequently I'm closing my Amex & Skymiles accounts, going back to Airtran!!! A much better airline!

The one and only reason Delta got any star at all was so that I could post this. This company is the worst but what do you expect when you have the same CEO that ran Northwest Airlines right in to bankruptcy. Richard Anderson...Bob Kight..and the others who sit and collect thier pay..making it on to Forbes list head after year..are just a bunch of greedy pigs. They can careless how the consumers who happen to keep Delta in business get treated..if customer service or a flight attendant is rude..management turns thier heads..they shit on thier own employees and run things very shady. Just teetering what's legal and what's not. I personally will never fly Delta..even if j were given a free ticket.that how bad this airline is. I would rather pay a fare..get the service we are all entitled to than to have to deal with an airline like Delta. They are scums from the top...down.

I understand the flight delays and poor food. That goes along with flying. But when our bags were broken into we got online and filled out the forms and jumped through all the hoops delta asked for. Now they want receipts for things taken. If I had known that delta employees would be steeling my stuff out of my bags I guess I would have kept the receipts to prove what I paid for my things. I guess this happens a lot with delta so they had to make it as hard as possible for anyone to receive money for the theft. I was warned by several friends not to fly delta and I did not listen. I won't fly with them again.

Delta is sooo pet unfriendly it stinks. I have a service dog and made reservations recently telling them at once that I would be bringing a serivce dog, 8 pounds. I had sooo many rights violated I can't even start to tell you. First the asked my disability then they asked for a letter from my doctor stating my disability. Blatant violation of the Federal ADA Law and violation of the Air Carrier Access Laws.. Will never fly Delta again. Never had trouble or even a question on Southwest, American or even international flights with avianca.

My step-daughter came home, after being in Iraq. First Christmas in 3 yrs at home. Flight here was good. But when she was recalled early to Ga. You people made her purchase a new ticket. Wow! Delta you really support our troops. If your company policy is like that, maybe people should know where Delta stands. I support my daughter, military, and my country. You should to. Make the impossible , possible . After all she planned on 2 weeks here in ND. Not 6 days. Military people better get special treatment. Refund her ticket, make good. I know she's talking about this issue, so have I. Bad news travels fast. Awaiting your reply. Is this News Worthy ? dtlafond@yahoo.com

My wife, daughter, and I flew last weekend to a wedding in Austin, Tx.. My wife and I each checked a bag and my daughter carried hers on. We flew from WV, through Detroit to Austin without incident. Our flight back took us from Austin to Minneapolis/St.Paul then Detroit and back to WV. Again, my wife and I checked our bags and our daughter carried hers on. The problem occured when we boarded the plane in Minneapolis/St. Paul. We were seated in zone 4 so we were called last. When we boarded, there was no room left in the overhead bins because they were full of camera bags, computer bags, coats, and luggage. My daughter and one other man were forced to wait in the back of the plane until all passengers had boarded then they had to take their bags back to the front of the plane where they were informed that they would have to check their bags to the final destination. Luckily the bag made it with us. It was a little aggrivating but still not the end of the world. My problem is with the response I got from a Ms. Sanders in customer service. I wrote to explain my concern with the carry on policy in an e-mail that I thought explained the problem clearly. She replied with an e-mail that had nothing to do with my original concern of people carrying on more than the allowed number of bags then filling up the overhead bins with them rather than placing smaller items under the seat in front of them as I understand is the requirement. I'm not sure she even read my e-mail. She was talking about the size and weight of carry on bags and I NEVER said anything about the size or weight of my daughter's bag! My only conclusion is that she, like the flight attendants, just don't care about the policy or their customers. I wasn't mad when I e-mailed my concern to customer service. I just wanted to express my feeling that they should address their carry on policy and enforce the rules. What I got in response was a blow off!!! I will not be flying Delta again.

DI've always liked Delta cuz I thought they are very responsible when something happen to your flight, in 15 years of living in the United State I travelled almost 2 times every year Internationally. Today is a different story about my flight where I have to go to a Funiral. I was scheduled to leave yesterday at 7;30am from Detroit to Chicago O'Hare, but there was a michanical problem so it was delayed at 9am but that flight also is cancelled and they gave my a flight at 12;30 which I couldn't take because my next flight is leaving at 12;30pm going to Korea. They kept on saying, i'm sorry there is nothing I can do. So, one of the Delta worker told me to run and catch a flight in 5mins so I run so fast only to find out that that flight was going to Chicago Midway, that if I take that flight not only that I would miss the flight plus I would be stuck in Chicago with nowhere to go. So, the lady said, call customer service, I did and the same thing they told me theres nothing we can do. I am exusted, I am stress and I am beyond angry because I am going to miss the Funiral. So because my flight was screwed up My husband had to leave the business to drive to hours and pick me up. As soon as I got home I found out from my agent that they can't issue another ticket for me because Delta refused to settle it with Korean Airline. My family are misirable that I am going to miss the funiral and I am more than misirable not only that I cant be there for the flight but also I am going to lose my ticket. I've called back n forth and the story just goes in circles and nobody seems to take the responsibilities. Today, I am going back Detroit Metro hoping that the Delta would take action to this problem. I hope they will resolve this. I am in this page because I so frustrated I don't know who to go anymore. Please take action. Thank you.. tinang07@yahoo.com emil me please.

Awful Awful service. Delta representatives are rude and helpless. I booked 2 business class tickets through Alaska Air and was told I needed to book my infant through Air France. Called Air France on the other phone and was told it would be around 100 or so but can be given an exact amount once I have a confirmation. So with this approximate amount I booked the Alaska tickets then went back on the line with Air France and booked my daughters ticket. I gave my confirmation number and was told my daughters ticket would be 134.16. The representative sent me a confirmation as well as an itinerary. He said that my card will be charged in a couple of days since the ticket goes to their ticket mailing dept but my ticket price will not change and is 134.16. Now that our flight was taken care of we booked our tickets to fly within France as well as Hotels and car. Now one week before our flight to Europe the ticket mailing department calls us and says we were misquoted and will need to pay 1,032.16. I told them that I refuse to pay a new price when I was quoted another price when I bought our tickets. They said that since the ticket wasn't actually charged yet that they wont honor it. I told them we bought our tickets based on the price I was quoted for her. They refused to help completely and were not willing to compromise instead said for us to change our seats to coach based on their mistake. Called and spoke with an Air France supervisor by the name of Omar said that it is clearly their mistake and was apologetic but said he can't do anything and that it is up to the ticket mail department through Delta to help. This is unreal, I have spent hours trying to resolve this issue and still have not gotten anywhere. Unfortunately if this is not resolved to our approval then another route will need to be taken. Feel free to contact me through my reservation which can be looked up by my first and last name.

First class seats on delta are for employees that need to go on vacation. Not for revenue passenger. Delta flight attendants and customer service are plain simple rude and old. I can run faster than the granny that we had for flight attendant on my plane. Why does it bother them when you ask for a glass of water???? Ahhh m because I interrupted her lunch that she grabbed from 1st class and ate in the back ...Simple don't bother flying Delta..all delta employees had to go to "charmed " classes to learn how to treat a customer right....

hey cry babies stop with all the lame complaints and grow up already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just wanted to let you know that I will be flying for the third time in the two years since I was screwed by Delta, and then ignored by your complaint department. I completely intend never to fly Delta again. I will continue to ask friends and family to avoid you as well. I am confident that my actions have already cost you, well beyond the money that you stole from me...and certainly by the time my life has ended...that sum will be substantial. I will take great pleasure in every dime of profit that I manage to deny your greedy company.

I am very generous in giving them any star as my rating. Delta Airlines deserve a ZERO. Why? My wife bought a round trip ticket for my Mother visiting from Lagos, Nigeria. We were VERY disappointed at the substandard service she received form Delta Airlines for the following reasons. 1. My Mom is about 70 years old 2. She was detained by customs in Atlanta due to the food items she was carrying. 3. She missed her connecting flight to Las Vegas, Nevada, her final destination. 4. No one from Delta helped her during this ordeal. She was instead helped by another passenger from Atlanta. 5. When she failed to arrive in Las Vegas, Nevada. A Delta employee in Las Vegas would not provide information to her where about, citing confidentiality. 6. Her luggage was also destroyed. 7. No one at Delta had the decency to apologize, or offer any explanation. This is here second visit to the United States. This in an unfamiliar place, or environment for her. We had requested Delta’s assistance, especially with connecting flights. We will NOT use Delta Airlines again. I am still waiting to hear from those IDIOTS after two attempts. It has been two weeks since they were made aware of this. No Response Yet. They do not list an address to their corporate headquarters in Atlanta. Now I know why. Charles Ajuziem 702-406-3080

After reading all of the other very similar stories, the only thing I can say is DITTO. This was my first and last experience with Delta Airlines.

You could help to make a customer's day by doing the right thing. I made a reservation with CheapTickets for my daughter's birthday. We will be taking a Delta flight to Orlando, FL. CheapTickets will give you the option to change your reservation but it is only when you attempt to do this that they tell you that it is $150.00 to change your flight. Presently we will be taking a Delta flight departing at 3:15pm and arriving at 5:54pm but now that my boss has given me the whole day off work I can now take an earlier flight which is 11:10am - arriving at 1:38pm advertised for the same price as my later flight. I called Delta and was told that the flight is $38.00 more and will involved the same cancellation fee of $150.00. This is absurd; ridiculous; and unnecessary, look the only thing that I want to change is the time. I am not changing much I am sticking with you Delta. Give your customers a break and help to make a little girl have the best birthday. You still have time we leave July 14th. (202)705-2731

While I understand unforeseen things can happen but then it relies on the way the problem is handled by the people in charge, in this case, Delta Airlines. Scenario: My flight from BUF to JFK was on time. Problem, a holdup on the runway ... Pilot announced this will not be taking too long ... We were sitting on that plane on the runway with virtually little movement for over one hour. My connecting flight to Germany was scheduled for 7:10P. We got off the plane at 7:30P. The stewardess announced that the connecting flights have been informed about the delay and will try to accommodate for the delay. Turned out not a single connecting machine waited to accommodate anybody, they all left on time. We all missed out connecting flights. We had to get back in line to get a new ticket ... They gave me a hotel voucher, a $7 food voucher and a rescheduled flight. The next flight was 24 hours late same machine just later. I asked if I can be rerouted, she said no. I asked how I get to the hotel. She said go to ground transportation ... I asked what happens with my luggage and she already called the next one in line. getting to the hotel turned out to be a huge hassle. I had to find out by myself because they did n't take the time to explain even as i asked for more details. because of their lack of informing me, what would have been a 20 minute inconvenience to get to the hotel turned into a 2 hour inconvenience. Not only did I have to go to the ground transportation, I needed to go ways to the Air-Train then select the proper route get off at that specific station, take a small bus to the hotel. WTF I checked in asked if I can stay a bit longer since the flight is at 7:10pm, but I have been explained, checkout is 11 AM ! NICE ! I used the $7 food voucher and on aiports , that amount is a joke, i paid 13$ for a sandwich and a small coke, so the remainder was on me ... I am at the otel now without and second set of clothing, no toothbrush, etc ... what a shitty experience. Delta YOU SUCK BIG TIMES!

I booked a flight for my husband and son and was given two seats that were not together. I first tried the on line chat which cut off in the middle of the conversation. I clicked again and chatted with an agent who told me I needed to call customer service. So what was he? I tried calling and hung up after an hour on hold. This morning I am trying again and so far have been on hold 1 hour and 21 minutes...still holding.

Soldiers returning home from Afghanistan said they had to pay Delta Air Lines $2,800 in out-of-pocket fees to check their extra bags--Really Delta--that's how you treat or returning war heroes?????????????????????

Could someone please give me the email address for Delta Airlines. It is not posted on their website; you have to fill out their form to email them. Thank you

Well, If there were an option of "0" stars, Meaning the worst service ever....That's what I would have chosen! Regarding our Soldiers, and their baggage that Delta made them pay for...I would say that's very disrespectful to our Men and Women in Uniform. I just would like Delta to know, That I will never fly with them, Nor will I ever suggest them, and I hope that our Government will reconsider their contract with Delta. After all, I'm sure that our Military will no longer want to fly Delta.

I paid an agent unstead of booking myself so that we could have seats together on an upcoming trip to St. Lucia. When I received the e-mail confirmation the seats were apart. Delta refuses to even ackowledge the problem and responds to my e-mails with the same old rhetoric each time never addressing the issue. These tickets cost $1200.00 so enjoy my money Delta because I will never ever fly your airline again, and I will go out of my way to tell everyone I know in my corporate environment and elsewhere to avoid your airline like a plague. In addition I will suggest that all business partners use another airline for business travel. You have spoiled my anniversary making my wife and I sit apart for 5 hours. You are the worst airline, customer service company I have ever dealt with, shame on you.

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