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This airline and their corporate office SUCKS!!! Enough said.

I have been a loyal Delta Platinum memember for the past years and I am in loss of words when it comes to their so called, "SUPERVISORS WHO YELL AT THEIR CUSTOMERS, ARE IMMATURE, LIARS, NO UNDERSTANDING OF ANYTHING". I am not sure how much education they have but even so, you don't any rights to treat people like GARBAGE! It's already Feb.,and today, all I wanted to do was book my ticket online which takes about less than 5 minutes but their website wasn't working so I had to call them. FIRST: I haven't flown Delta so far and tomorrow will be my first trip. Anyway, I had to call,book my ticket and in my entire life I don't think I have ever dealt such awful awful&mean spirited people in my life. I wanted to book my ticket& of course last minute tickets are expensive which I was going to pay though I had some e-credits left in my account and then the agent said to me, "THIS CREDIT DOESN'T BELONG TO YOU". I said, "WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? I'VE HAD THIS IN MY ACCOUNT FOR A NUMBER OF YEARS AND FOR MY OWN SECURITY WHICH I CAN'T TALK ABOUT, I TOLD ASKED HER THEN WHY IS IT IN MY ACCOUNT? Obviously, I wanted to know what was going on but her response was, "I cannot disclose someone's information to you". I thought to myself what about what I just told her and I asked her not once but twice to say the least if she was sure..she said yes which was false because I knew I had credit leftover from changing tickets so I told her I wasn't booking with her. I called the 2nd time, this lady confirmed everything but said, "hello, hello and hung up". Nothing new so that wasn't a shock. I didn't get a call back which they used to do when it came to money, I don't think these agents really care nor does the AIRLINE. It just got worse from there after this woman said, THIS IS NOT YOUR SKYMILES NUMBER!!!! Again, for the 2nd time, I HAD TO ASK MORE THAN ONCE if she was sure she had the right information and she did. I told her I hope she is telling the truth. Anyway, I am a bit afraid that they may have done or mixed my information with someone. Can I be sure? Of course not because they can do no wrong! I have been abused by some gate agents especially in Dallas but mostly, it's Minneapolis. I have been paying close attention lately and besides the upgrades I get when I book online I am wasting my money on this Airline and I have flown NWA a few times as well spoke to an agent when I booked my flights (3-4) and DELTA sounds like Northwest of course since I am they have the formely NWA.. There are way too many issues that I dread flying and I don't trust any airline so I sucked it up since I fly a lot. I was told Delta's Customer Service was going to get better? I think it's getting worse and today after it took over 3.5 hrs for them to book a ticket, I am sure another Airline would love to get my busiess. They are invading my privacy and if I want to book a one-way fare when I am not a first time flyer, you do not ask any questions. When I told those women about my e-credits being mine, then they told me my ACCOUNT WASN'T MINE WHEN I WAS LOOKING RIGHT AT IT, THEY DIDN'T CARE, I would love to know why push someone who knows the rules and regulations to "buy a ROUNDTRIP TICKET"& when I told that woman I am not sure whether I was going home, if so, didn't know when if I may have to go to a different city, this woman asked me questions she had no rights asking. Since when did they have the right to do that? There are times when I call late at night to book a ticket and these people at night have no matters or have a clue what they are even doing. Also, never tell a professional frequent flyer that there are quote "THEY HAVE THESE COMPLICATED OPTIONS OF FARE" which is actually the type of fare. I asked for the number for Delta's Headquarters but @ first I wasn't getting anyone, only the regular agents then I got "CUSTOMER SERVICE or CORPORATE", didn't believe it because I don't think someone working for a corporate office or headquarter would talk the way these 2 men did. Didn't sound professional. I have noticed on the Delta website that they go to the bottom of the page where there's a "CONTACT US" listed, not anymore. There is a page you can go to if you can find or"click" on COMPLAINTS/COMMENTS. Well, today I realized, actually it's my theory that they have so many complaints that someone else got a promotion. I remember getting a hold of them so easily but not anymore. The direct you somewhere else.If you do get a hold of the real CORPORATE OFFICE AND THE HEADQUATERS, then that's great but if you don't again my theory is that since merging w/NWA, Delta has been a mess. IF ANYONE READS THIS FROM DELTA, PLEASE LISTEN TO THE PEOPOLE WHO NOT ONLY CONTINUE TO PAY YOUR BILLS, YOUR FOOD BUT THEY ARE GETTING ABUSED INSTEAD. I HAVE HEARD THE WAY FLIGHT ATTENDANTS TALK TO PEOPLE IN COUCH. IF IT WASN'T SO CROWDED AND WAS A PLEASURE TO SLEEP ON A SEAT THEN I WOULDN'T MIND COUCH. BY THE WAY I HAVE MY PACKAGE AGAIN AND LAST TIME I CHECKED, IF IT SAYS UPGRADE AVAILABLE ONLINE, IT USUALLY MEANS IT WILL CLEAR BUT AT TIMES (20% OF THE TIME IT DOESN'T HAPPEN) THESE RUDE AGENTS HAVE THEIR OWN NWA RULES. FOR THE PAST 6 MONTH OR MORE, 9 MONTHS, I KEEP HEARING GIVING DELTA MILES FOR AVAILABLE UPGRADES. I HAVE TOO MANY COMPLAINTS BUT 3.5HRS OF MY TIME HAS ALREADY BEEN WASTED THAT I AM BEHIND IN DOING THINGS. "FOR DELTA AIRLINES CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS", THIS IS FOR YOU: I REMEMBER THE SERVICE BEING PRETTY GOOD BUT NEVER GREAT IN MY GENERATION. I WILL NOT TOLERATE LIES, SERIOUS LIES AGAIN AND I BELIEVE MY DAYS ARE NUMBERED WITH DELTA. I AM SURE YOUR COMPANY AS I'VE BEEN TOLD DON'T NEED MY BUSINESS. I HOPE YOU CAN TRACE TODAY'S DATE. PLEASE TREAT EVERYONE W/RESPECT BECAUSE I SEE ENOUGH ATTITUDE. I AM A 32YR OLD BUSINESS WOMAN WHO IS A GREAT CUSTOMER AND GLAD I SLEEP ON THE PLANE BUT I SEE HOW THE FLIGHT STEWARDESS' TREAT PEOPLE IN TOUCH. IT'S WRONG. REGARDS, GA

In my heart you are the best. However on Feb. 9 2011 I flew from Richmond, Va to Fort Myers Florida with a return ticket for February 14,2011. My flight from Ft. Myers to Atlanta was just fine, however when I boarded the plane in Fort Myers to Richmond my seat was half occupied by this lady which in my opinion needed two seats. I was so cramped up in my seat that I could not put the arm rest down as she was way past that and her arm every time she raised her cup to drink was in my mouth. She was hanging half way out in the isle also. This would have been fine but there was no where to move as it was a full flight. I have traveled many many times with Delta and have never had a bad experience until this but it was unbearable. I feel that I should be compensated for the discomfort that I endured on this leg of my trip. The flight number was 1014. My boarding pass # 4 006 2341279773 1 and my Sky miles number is 2144356553. I would appreciate hearing back on this complaint. I had talked to someone with Delta and they advised me to get in touch with corp office. If needed my phone number is listed on my account. Also my email address is also. Thanks for your consideration in this matter.

It's been over 3 months now, and my baggage fees are still not refunded. Repeated calls to customer service have been met with hangups and excuses as to why supervisors won't respond to my queries....all this and my refund is still in process without anyone to answer for the delay, or dare I say thief job taking place. It's amazing to me that Delta Airlines would jeopardize the future business of a repeat customer for less than $60. Either I get my "authorized refund" by the end of this month (March) or I fly ANYONE BUT DELTA AIRLINES. If you even care: Email: David.Schumacher@rocketmail.com

Well I just had a good experience with Delta. Our flight was canceled because of mechanical problems. I would rather be delayed than fly on a plane with problems. It was late but most were able to get on the next flight; some people chose to stay over and Delta compensated for room and board. However I was not able to connect to my home city. I was given many options, as well as food and room if I chose to stay over. I took the next flight. I was given the choice of staying in the connecting city until the next day or take a taxi home(an hour 20 min.). Weather was good so I dragged myself (very tired) down to Ground Transportation and had a black Limo waiting. It was a very smooth ride home with nice conversation. Sure it was inconvenient but Delta took the precaution of not flying a plane with a problem and ensuring all passengers would somehow get to their destinations. I felt they handled the full plane of tired and weary people well. Things happen and Delta took care of everyone. Thank you Delta Air.

i was on my way out of st lucia when i got to the check in counter i was told i could not check in i was to use the kiosk it is mandatory to do so, i was told that they had a quota to reach, my god the lines were long and adding insult to injury the lines to the agents were empty, can u believe that? i had to wait over 30mins to use the kiosk and that was so slow i spent 15 mins tring to print my boading pass, that airport is too small for this nonsense try this somewhere bigger, and the agents were not nice all they keep saying is u have to use it first. shame on u delts u just spoilt my beautiful vacation in beautiful st lucia.

After 1:15 on the phone with DAL headquarters operators, I asked to be directed to an office that could answer a question concerning my 2010 form # 1099. I was switched to a reservation agent the first 5 times - a timekeeper in MSP the next time - building maintenance next and so on. I wish Richard Anderson had to inquire about something and had to go through the ATL headquarters switchboard. After being a NWA pilot for 33plus years, I became Delta.I cannot express my frustration with working with MY new company. They have either the dumbest employees, or they just don't give a S--- ! No wonder all these customer complaints are on this page. I hope the company can survive such poor attitudes and performance. Maybe the Northern work ethic is that far above the Southern one ????????

I will start by saying that they would have recieved a 5 star rate if LEE GREEN would have treated me the way that Mister Urale did. I have a conf. in DC that the Gov is paying for. i was told i could take my wife. so i booked her on the same DELTA flight i was on. Plans changed and so did my orders. Needed to cancell my wifes flight. Called Delta and Kate tried to help. She was nice but could not help. Some of which was my fault. In the rush of gettin the tickets i missed the non refundable section and well she informed me that she could not help. I ask to speak with her boss. not to try to get her in trouble she did her job well. She was unable to refund my ticket so i spoke with Lee Green. This guy should not have a job!!!! Rude and would not hear anything i would try to say. Kept reading off the non refundable prewriten line that they are given. When asked for his manager he told me that he did not have one. I could tell that he wasn't the smartest of person in he world. I told him thank you and hung up! understand the companys have rules in place but there are gray areas that should be looked at case by case. So this service received a one star (Sucks) rating. Then i spoke with URALE. He listened to the issue i was having and he reoslve my issue and i was able to get a refund for my wifes flight. That service was a 10. Not because i got my money back (which was a plus) but becasue he truly took care of a customers need.!! So BZ to URALE !!!!!!! and thanks to kate for trying!

If I could rate Delta Lower than one star I would. In Jan 9, 2011, as I was preparing to leave my house to drive my daughter back to school, 700 miles from my home, I received a call stating that my flight for Monday back from Richmond, Va had been canceled. I was also told they were putting me on a flight Tuesday night to return. I promptly called Delta and after being on hold for one-half hour, I advised Delta that the change was unacceptable and started to look for alternatives. There were two choices: One, I could drive to Atlanta and park my car or Two, my wife could ride back to school with my daughter and use the flight they were changing me to. Delta wanted to charge me close to $1100 for the second alternative and another large sum for the first alternative. Other than me missing two days of work and taking their new reservation they offered me no alternative. When I booked with Delta, it was done so that I could be into work an hour late on Jan 10. I called USAir, and was greeted by an understanding representative that said she had plenty of calls like mine already. She was most helpful and booked my wife on an early flight coming back on Tuesday. She also charged $700 less than Delta wanted to charge to change the reservation. It appears that a ticket agent at USAir, knows more about how to run an airline than an agent and supervisor at Delta. I just wanted you to know what to expect from Delta and USAir. USAir gets a 5 star rating and Delta gets a O.

This is the worst airline to fly on..Plz read all comments and take it and run to Airtran ,US or any other airline just dont fly with delta...In fact we are the reason they are still in service...And this is how they treat us it's time we Boycott business who treat us as if our money is worthless....Allow them to keep booking and treating 1st class as if their tickets are the only ones that make the flight run....Sooon they'll have to make all the flight 1st class because thats all that'll fly with them....2011 lets do something different.....MAKE THEM RESPECT OUR DOLLARS TOO....

This company is the worlds worse company,they cancelled my flights on December 26th and December 27th and lost my bags. They never answer the phone.

on sept 30 2010 myself wife daughter and son in law traveled from buffalo to miami with a stopover at jfk we were getting into jfk and as we were landing the flight to miami was leaving the machine that scanned our tickets for the next available flight was not working we spoke to people at the counter.by the time we got to speak to a supervisor the next flight to miami had only one seat left we were told we could get on the plane going to fort lauderdale at 3:30 bot would have to find our own way to miami .my son in law took the one seat to miami so he could pick up our rental car and meet us in fort lauderdale we eventually boarded at 5:00 and landed at almost 8:00upon complaining to delta we were given 3 $75.00vouchers for our next flight these vouchers are useless to me because unless this is settled to my satisfaction i will never fly delta again they also gave me an address for the corporate office i wrote a letter but all i got back was a response from henry torrence i would like a phone call from the corporate office bernie 905 807 4145

Your airline is hands down the worst run company I have experienced.

Delta airlines is terrible

I have been with American Express as a Delta Sky Miles customer. I am ready to quit Delta forever and have been very disappointed with many, mnay issues. I have already called American Express ( I spend a lot of money with them and pay my full bill each month). I am disatisfied with so mnay issues that I need to speak to someone in Delta's main headquaters. If you do not mind losing us as customers, then I suspect I wll not hear from anyone any time soon. You have made travel so difficult and uncomfortable lately. The variety of trips have had some bad experiences. You do not take care of your customers. I have recently flown with Southwest as a new customer. They were top notch and I already have a free ticket with NO restrictions. I used to get tickets with miles for anywhere from 25,000-35,000 miles. Those days are long gone. Companion certificates are a jole. PLease call ASAP, I am ready to swicth for good. Lynn Sheehan I have sent my complaint along on Delta's complaint site with the phone number

You think they are the worst airlines to fly with...try being employed by them!! They are awful, scummy, low life's...My husband was employed for 22 years when Northwest ( the company my husband worked for) and Delta merged as one carrier. My husband left on an approved FMLA leave and within three (3) weeks of him being off..all of our benefits were cancelled and two years later they have yet to be reinstated. The "powers that be" make sure their pockets are lined but can careless about their employees,or their customers. I too have boarded a Delta flight and its disgusting how some are treated. I was stuck with my two kids when the woman working the boarding area for Delta decided to let her friend jump ahead of me on the boarding list. Even though my husbands seniority would have warranted we board ahead of her..but after all paying passengers have boarded.She looked at me, didn't care and continued on with allowing her girlfriend to board..Now, not having enough room on the plane, we had to wait for an additional 5 hours. When you file a complaint I am convinced they toss it into the round file on the side of their desks. They can care less about the passengers..or their employees.

I bought a ticket on November 9th 2010 and was told by one of your employees that my daughter could fly for free since she was two. Now that 2 days prior to my flight you tell me she cannot. Your staff is very rude and hung up on me on several occasions. They will not help me with a ticket for my daughter and now I will be spending the holidays alone without my husband!!!!! Thank you so much DELTA!!! In my eyes you are the worst airline I have ever in my life dealt with and I promise you this I will NEVER FLY THROUGH YOU AGAIN!!!! Try and hang up now cause you can't!!! You people make so much money and favor your sky miles people and treat them with honor and go out of your way for them (as your rep told me) but us little people get treated like garbage!! I hope your happy cause I will never let myself or anybody I know book a ticket through you again!! I am just as loyal as the next and to be treated the way I have for the last 2 days YOU ARE NOT WORTH IT!!!!!!

Horrible horrible thieving people no wonder they are the worst airline in the country according to USNews. I cannot fly do to a recent injury and they are refusing to do anything with my ticket without taking $250 from me for the change no where in my paper work does it say that its non refundable or has a change fee. If you can avoid it stay away from these maggots.

Why you always trying to give a different seats for the members of family ?? My daughter,my husband and I were flying 2 times with Delta and never've been seatting together...and I've notices the others couples and most of the families - the same problem ! I've noticed as well that you trying to place men to one side together,women to another side possible together,what is this ? A joke ? Personally we'd like to avoid this company and fly with any other...

TO ANSWER Jeffrey 10/17/10 I would like to know who can help me to find delta airline headquaters office address, not the post box number but the address which they can sign for a letter which i would like to send HERE IS THE ADDRESS!! 1030 Delta Boulevard, Atlanta, GA (404) 715-2600 () ý

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