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oh my god

it was not a good flight, letter sent to corperate today ) ; my money not spent well would like it back !

Horrible experience

Misinformation and very rude personal at Atlanta Airport made for a very unpleasant experience.

Great Service

I was on an MD 88 from ATL service to ALB, and we got Economy Comfort Seats And they were EPIC!!! Iwish I could give 100 stars!

Missing Suitcase

On August 18, 2014 I paid twenty-five dollars to have my suitcase to arrive the same time I landed in Dayton, Ohio but I was told that my suitcase was left behind in Minnesota where I came from. Here it is the next day August 19,2014 and I get email saying my suitcase will come to me by 3:00 P.M. Wow! UNACCEPTABLE

Disappointed in Delta

I don't want to go thru this whole story again, but missed my connection in Atlanta to Venice, and because of this missed for the cruise, took 6 hours on the phone with Delta to get rerouted the next day to Brussels and finally able to catch up with boat in Durbrovnik. Missed one day of our cruise. Just a nightmare - very unhappy with Delta

personal jurisdiction

Best Chauffeured Worldwide


I flew from NY to Atl in January. Before flying out I called the corporate office regarding assistance. I spoke to Chris an employee, she represented Delta really well. So I will fly Delta from this point on. A+

I was not at all please with the situation my son Corey had flying on Delta from Atlanta to Phoenix. (and that is Delta's corp. Office headquarters) The plane was delayed one and one half hours, ok understand that, then got ready to take off and was called back to gate. Stayed on airplane at gate for awhile, then take off was cancelled and told next flight was next day at 8am. Said not more hotels available and when people asked where are they to stay the employee pointed to seats in airport. And closed their customer service desk. I had my son get on hotel.com and found a hotel. I will be calling to get compensation and I hope to get refund for hotel and cab. Then they made him pay $60.00 for aisle seat when he already had an aisle seat, but that flight was cancelled and did not have aisle seat on next day flight. What a way to treat your customers when airlines have so much competition and this is headquarters city and state. Never again. I thought US Air was bad but at least they put you in a hotel room. And being the size Atlanta is and telling your customers no hotel rooms available. Whatever!

WHY Does Customer Service Suck

You tell me you will call me back in an hour. Then you call me back with someone who does not speak English. Then i ask for your boss then you proceed to place me on hold for another 20 minutes. I am not sure why we have customer service people if they cannot help you let alone understand what you are saying. All i want to do is confirm my flight and make sure i have an isle seat. That is all, nothing more. I am sick of companies like Delta, hiring people that cannot do a job. Thank you for out sourcing to a third world country.

telephone service

Today is Monday june 17, I have been trying since Friday the 14th to speak to someone regarding sky miles. phone rings and recordings come on..no human answer...it is now 5am, on the 17th same recordings no answer a total of two hours wasted attempting to speak to someone. their airport service is the BEST, their telephone customer service is almost a duplicate of Mohawk, the airline.. toilet material. no one cares

Disabled Passenger

I would like to commend the expert service Delta Airlines did for my disabled wife on a recent flight. The Delta staff assisted my wife with a wheelchair and pushed her to her connecting flight. Within the aircraft they made special accommodations so she would be as comfortable as possible. She has a terminal illness; thank you Delta you went beyond the call of duty.

Your Rating

There is a reason your rating is 1.9. I gave you 2 stars because I did make it back home in one piece without my luggage but I made it back to the right airport. Are you even paying attention to these ratings

Exchange ticket

Purchased 2 tickets form Pit to ATH in 2012.Had to cancel since the person were visiting died 2 weeks before scheduled flight. Delta said I could exchage the tick but there would be a $250 charge.. I proceeded and purchased the same ticket a year later but was told the exchange would not apply. I soughtto purchase tickets domistly and attempted to apply the e ticket number.. The online price was $413 then I was transferred ti International and the same seat was now $852.

Great Team

No sense going into my personal details, but I would like to say I have flown for over 30 years going back to PanAm, PSA and others. I know from many occasions that running an airline is a tough business, and I have frankly had many sad experiences, but I am writing today to thank DELTA for standing up for me and my situation, taking care of myself and my daughter from top to bottom. No other airline I have ever flown has exhibited this level of concern, help, and compassion. After this experience I will take DELTA over any other airline and thank my lucky stars for the great customer service and the great DELTA team!

I am extremely frustrated and disappointed in Delta. I have tried every possible option from waiting on hold for more than 1 hour on 2 occasions, e-mailing, putting myself on a call-back list with no response. Meanwhile, my flight is yet to be booked as I don't want to deal with Delta

Delta is an awful airline!!! Flew with them 3 times. 1st they lost my luggage. 2nd the plane had a mechanical issue and was not notified until last minute when i already had meetings and plans at my destination. Then it had just happened again! This is a horrible way to treat a business executive. So that being said.. Delta will no longer receive any business from myself or my 113 employees that travel the country frequently!

I am ashamed

I was so angry to hear of the treatment of the disabled veteran. Boarding a plane can bae stressful. Imagine how a double amputee felt being bumped and treated rudely. Why would they refuse to let two service people (first class) exchange seats with him? I thought human decency and love of the service of that man would count. No Delta for me anymore. It's too mcuh!

Change flight fee

Called at 9am to change my husbands flight from 6pm that day to 4pm that day. Was told I had to pay $150 for the flight change fee. My husband got to the gate and his buddies only had to pay $50 to change their flight. Called customer service and was told that to get the $50 rate I had to change it within 3 hours of the flight. Asked why I was not provided that information the first time I called and he could not answer me. Said he would not refund. Asked to speak with manager and he said there was no one else to speak with. Needless to say I fly delta instead of the cheaptickets and cheapoair b/c of the customer service but after this, might as well save a buck and fly through them. This is price gauging at its best.

10/08/12 Cancelled flight from Albuquerque, N.M. #1663. Booked into a hotel for 22 hours. The Delta staff on the desk and the flight were pleasant and helpful. I resent that I can only obtain $50.00 voucher toward another flight. 22 hours in a hotel and away from my family and have to take a vacation day from work for a $50.00 voucher. The 800 number I was told to call told me I would have to call Atlanta at a 404 corporate number. A pay call with the possibility of being on hold in order to get a $50.00 voucher. There must be a better way.

To explaion, I do NOT write letters like those above from 8/12/12 back to the beginning of time. I have tried to sende a constructive letter to Mr. Anderson, CEO of DElTA and about ATLANTA NOW THE ADVEFRTISED BIGGFEST in the wORLD, meaning traffic and confusion not efficienchy nor safety or security....and those affilaita like SHEArfAtoN ETCETCETC. SUP[PLIES AND ALL THAT TRIVIA. mR.Nderson whose PR write ups are impressive, regardless of the seven years he has had at the helm of DELTA AND BEFORE IN HIS PRIOR POSITION AS VP etc..... I had horrific experiences in 2007, when last I flew DELygt AND TOK ANOTHER CHANCE ON JULY 31, 12. Mr. RA' tenure as CEO began 2007, I read, , hardly his responsibility then for my decision then to avcoid DELTA in future. But this AUgust 2012, it should be. My kdecison my fault, but the horrific rhings I experienced on my seasonal direxct fligth to DUS, which was not so direcxt and all the consequences with my luggage broken into at Atlanta securithy lockup and those other mattesr that occured becasue of SHeRATON POLICIES WHICH SHOULD HAVE BEEN COVERED BY delta, THEIR AFFILIATE IN ACCOMMODATIONS FOR FLIGHTS DELAIYS OR SIMPLY NOT CONENCTING. My leeter to this CeO WAS READ AND REPLIED OR WAS IT BY SOMEBODY KEEPING THE BUY mR. a. FROM OUR MAIL. TYPICAL BUT NOT for a CEo who makes those promises for his airline, all those consumer frinedly homilies , innuendo and platitudes....or oculd it just be a disconnect between consumer, the staffs that have directo vcontact with those passengers and those peopl ein those lofty offices who set those policies in cobncrete before they first run them by those resources on their payrolls, and also maybe those consumers, at the very ;least those who meet them daily in their regular duties. Makes no sense? Apparently not Highly paid people are so important, maybe they know it all, but then why do they not impelemtn all that knowledge and experinece as travellers themselves, first calss of course, preannounced and then treated like the kings theyu begin to believe they are anbd not learn a bloody thing about their passengers actrual experiences, nto even firstg calss, business clase, and certainly not thos eeconomyt peope hwo make up the major numbers.......if and when the decide to give DELTA another try.Also us writrer who have to take call classes in order to write about all of them. No I do not offer myh articales to the DELTA mag.,. nor any arilines if I asm going to writge constgructively about them. Some people can not be bought. Fancy that. R. A. I shall resend my letter to yo agi, maybr ehtis time something will tricklyh upward? MB Maybe I must resendmy letter one more as it shows a disconnecrtbetween top management, board of direcytors, Ceo OFFICE AND TGHE HARDWORKING CREWS, FLIGHT ATTENDANTS AND FLIGHT CREWS, gate keepers, booking agents, seatt assignments, supplies in cabins forward and backward., baggage handling cneck in counterfs adn all those directly in touche with the oublic, and thier underutilized experience, which apparaenlty nobody responsible for bifg budget items consiers as a resourcwe before p[licies are set in concrete and the staffgs and crews have to deal with them and the least expensive but mopst cost effective item inm budgetgs, training is in the hands of whom??????low budgets items do not seem to get the a ttention that huge ad campaig ns do. SMall wonder, yet what is the use if the promnise of all thnose promotions is not delivered? My letter to Mr. Andersom will go out agaion Mondy marniong,sin ce todays' USaikl delivereis are onlhy one ak day late and then nothing more.... Nd those who complain but do nothing willnot be heard ever, As for constructivfe critique, this wqriter is a former top executivew with a major multinational that is leading its industryh in its field worldwide. I was their first female corpoate officer and the onl one until women's lib, the civil rightgs movement and the laws of the 80'1 1980 ytthat is when womenat least were recognize3wd,not as equals but as capable of re sponsiblities levesl the good old boys mostly hanbdled on the squash court or club or steam room.....while chasing everything that moved and nobdy could sue. THat seems like the stone age but this old bag is still actively engaged in making things work. incljuding communications among those lofrty overpaid perfomrance rated lexecutive tyhpes who tour preannounced with an entourage of many and expect in first calss traeament exculsive for them to realize what is going onin their ailrine and also in their ocmpetetive industrtry where service is the only real thing they can compete on , not buying refineries to save gas, or allt hose other impressive things only a board of direcytor willin g to sypport will approve. CEos may come and go but the good on es will be those who are in toyhuchwith reality, and those who will save yet another ailin e after so many have gone down inistory as failed or what? No, I am notlooking for ajob I just nuse my retirement tmet owrite about thg sI experfinece and see, observation powers are not all that easy to find. but seein g things form tghepstandpint of cost effective measure versus just gripes. is ot so easily found,,.Much easierf to read about the reason wh some CEDOs get 10@ raises and spiffs, bonuises, stock options and all those other benefits noboyhd advertises in detail. No wonder we have a nation of 1@ rich* Remember thnose jets were wqar booty from tghe GErmans, as were the other two big items also from the Germans, one they did not use we did, the other made us what ruler of the earth ANd OUR GALAXy> please. BE REASONABLE AND LEARN WORLD HISTORY NOT HISTORY A LA hoLLYWOOD. Face it the3 global community is reality, ASk the CHInese, Ask those we dare not attack or blow us all to kinbgdom come forwevker. Nobody will be exempt, not even somebody with a spaceship of their own, like SS SUpremo.#1 , that second % nobody mentions, those forein g liek ENlgish howners and then that 98 % called the middle class. PLEASE. I am not an economist, but I can read and think and put together with some logic the sequentially obvious. FOr now PEAXCE and harmony and please give those overworked understgaffed harreied and harrassed flight attendants and thos flight crews a chance. Athey work for peanuts compared to those corporate guyhs with their titles and all those big decisions they make whiule promising ht emoon fore those skies that are not so frineldy at all. MB

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