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hard drive crashed and still dont work after being replaced

Please provide me a contact number I can contact the corprate office. I have tried several times to talk with a person on the phone and cant'. I need assistance thank you.

Very Sad

After years of being a fateful to the dell brand.always buying the best top of the line computers and other electronics for my self, and my business. I always buy the best service plans putting my trust that Dell backs there plans and products. That is no longer the case. The have lost a long time customer over the cost of a battery.


Don't buy from Dell. You'll be sorry. Everything about them from top to bottom is substandard (and perhaps shady). I would go with a more reputable firm.

Horrible customer service

This is my fifth and last Dell Computer. Windows 8 is nearly impossible and Dell will not exchange it for Windows 7 or any other program that makes sense. Intuit has not been able to download Quickbooks Pro and that program is essential to my work. It's time I learned how to use a Mac.

Dull computers

The folks at Dull Computers, sold me a broken computer, couldn't figure out how to send a tech to fix it, then sent two replacement computers none of which were identical to the one I bought, and then claimed the warranty on the broken computer had been transferred to one of the replacements (which I had returned), that was really no replacement at all. Left me with a broken Dull, no warranty and a need to find a real computer company to buy from.

I will never do business with Dell again. I did not get the laptop that I ordered. They kept putting me off and putting me off. After 2 home visits from a dell tech to switch out the motherboard, battery and power cord. The issue with that problem is not fixed. I still do not have all the software that I bought and paid for. They could not even get the software downloaded remotely. The cursors jumps all over the place. Then they send me a used replacement laptop that STILL does not have everything on it that I paid for. How in the hell to you get in touch with the corporate office.

Dell sold my boss a computer tablet that doesn't even work. It's never worked correctly. The least that Dell can do is test their product before selling it! Now I've been run around from department to department asking about when a technician will arrive to fix it! My boss really needs that computer to function in order to do her work!!! Dell has horrible costumer service and they have horrible products. This business is doomed to fail. Don't buy their products no matter how cheap, because its money wasted on junk.

Bought HP instead

My son's Dell Laptop is a piece of crap and all Dell can do is "Please turn on your computer using the power button" in a thick Indian accent. When I started shopping around, I refused to look at Dell, I bought HP and am quite happy with it. IT WORKS!!!!!!!!! My son's Dell has bad hardware, but Dell won't take responsibility. Guess they will have to be sued again for their lack of service. They lost the last before, they will lose again. I will never waste my money on Dell EVER again. Don't waste your money on Dell, unless you are able to afford real IT people to fix your new computer, because Dell won't.

The worst customer service ever

I would never buy any computer from them. If you call for help your call get routed in India or Philippines. There is no help in USA. Do not recommend to buy anything from them.


Mr. Dell. Do you know your company is falling apart? No help with anything. Can't even get through on a phone call... What a mess of a company.


I had the worse customer service experience. Transferred 11 times and still no resolution. I would never recommend Dell again to anyone.

your helpers

I have a problem with the people you have who are suppose to help you with a problem. I have had to call 3 times to ask questions about my new computer and I always get someone who has such a heavy accent that I can't understand them. Don't you hire anyone who can speak English? Frankly I don't want to call there again for anything. If this is an American product why can't you have a choice of speaking to some one that speaks understandable English.

I have a Dell laptop and wireless printer. My printer is not working I have been on the phone with your customer care and tech support people for 2 days. It is more than obvious that my printer's hard drive is broken. No one in your organization wants to take action. My time and patience has run out. If Dell can not back their products, they should not sell them. Dell's technical support is a joke. They have no customer service to file a complaint. I spent a total of 7 and 1/2 hours on the phone and three technicians in my computer, and still no offer to repair or replace my new printer.


Dell is a piece of garbage, no support, no help, tuff luck if something is wrong buy anything other than a dell

Laptop is FRENCH, I live in Texas

Dell send me the wrong Inspiron 17. When I called India, the told me I must have purchased this laptop in France. I've never been to Europe in my life.......I ordered this online in my living room as a Graduation gift for my neice. When she opened it, it speaks French and we can't get it get it registered. Dell won't switch laptops, I'll have to get an attorney to work this out.

Worse Computer & Company

I purchased a dell computer in January 2013 from QVC, will never purchase a dell computer again. It worked for approximately one month and then it would not come on. Call Dell tech support and they changed out the motherboard and the AC adapter, and it is still not working. Dell is the worse company I have ever dealt with and I am 58 years old. I will never buy another Dell laptop or computer. I tried talking to someone in their corporate office only to get India again. I will try making this information know to the general public in Atlanta, Georgia through the news media. This is a waste time and money. I will tell all of my friends and neighbors never to buy a Dell!

Dell customer service & laptop

I purchased 4 Dell computers and would never by another again. I had virus protection along with it and when it was about to run out I asked to purchase protection from Dell. They referred me to someone else named iolo. I had paid almost $200 for this protection because Dell told me you get it when i called in. I called Dell support because i has obviously got a virus. I spoke too a supervisor on the floor and they told me that it wasn't offered because they would have everyonecalling in for any little problem. I was shocked that he even told me that. He then tried to offer me a year protection plan fit $249.00 for 1 year protection. I'd he crazy? I think so! He said the referral to iolo only protects 80%. I recommend Mac Books all the way. I am about to purchase one this week because they offer protection for the life of your computer. Tell me, who was the idiot for trusting Dell! NEVER AGAIN!! I will be purchasing Apple Computers for myself and family members indefinitely. Take heed everyone. Don't buy a Dell computer!

Never getting my orders

Disappointed that the last two times I have never received my order which was ordered on line. Dell company needs to bring their jobs back to the USA or lose the unhappy customers they seem to be building quite fast. Well DELL have you been listening to these complaints.

Worst Customer Service Ever!

I spent 8 hours on the phone with India yesterday to get my new Dell Laptop to operate with my Dell wireless printer. It was once working, but all of a sudden stopped. After 8 + hours, and the tech telling me it was the printer (which it wasnt, because I have my PC , also Dell, printing to the same printer wirelessly). He wanted to reinstall my operating system, and after they installed & reinstalled all of the drivers , i didnt trust their opinion. The tech said to me, that a new printer would work with this new lapto, because it would be introducing a new product to the stsem, but after all of the unsuccessful trys he made, I decided I would go out & buy a new printer specifically for this new laptop.....not a Dell printer, thats for sure. I am done with Dell products.

Dell Desk CSR

I brought a dell less than even a year ago and I call to have my password reset due to virus. I spoke with six different people for about 2 hours and all they wanted to do was sell me a software for over 200.00 dollars. I have had different computers from other company and did not have so many problems with such a small request. I hope that the Headquarters are reading these comments and fix their CSR and provide better service and start fixing problems. My computer is still under warrenty and the want more money. My sister told me not to buy from QVC for a Dell computer. She paid over 2000.00 had a problem with logging in and did not fix it and did not seems all Cd nor manual for instructions. This a rip off. Please no one buy this type of computer. I lost over 1500.00 due to Dell

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