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DELL HAS BECOME a horrible company to deal with. The Technical support I paid extra for is a joke. The technicians are incompetent and ignorant. The computers are inferior and I cannot believe this company has become such an inferior company. There are plenty of people in the USA that need a job - the language problem is a real problem in delaign with foreign countries.I will never buy another Dell again and will never recommend them to anyone

Dell is Gone Down Hill

In the last 1 1/2 Dell has changed. I have purchase over $1,000 in product from them and they both has been garbage! What's worst than garbage device? The answer is garbage customer service!!!!

customer service

Bought my last DELL, your service has gone down the toilet.

Part order and dealing with what is called customer care LOL

Would be nice if you could get the real truth and the right part when one makes an order. Very poor service and understanding! What a joke.

customer service

Dells customer service is absolutely horrible. You can not speak to someone who understands the problem that you are having and waste the time of customers waiting for hours on hold. I will never purchase another computer from Dell as a small business owner i do not have time to waste on hold dealing with the customer service dept. of dell

lost a long time customer

To detailed to go in too, many transfers, more lies, more lies. Still no pc delivered. Done with dell.


that phone system is sh--, need help ,live service no BETTER

Do Not BUY

Never buy anothing from this componay. You can never talk to anoyone that can help you and then once you time is up, they say it's past 30 days. Oh yeah, ask to speak tp coroorate office...That's a joke!

phone system - horrible

Can't get to anyone to verify an employee's work address.


There phone costumer service is horrible. No one knows how to help, and all they did was transfer me over and over again. Also the technician that they sent broke my computer. I am still waiting for them to send a new one... over all, my experience had been awful. Can i give less then one star??

new purchase

I ordered a new computer and printer and asked that it be shipped to a friend in AZ. Long story short computer came to me in La Mesa (wrong computer) printer still trying to find it's way to AZ. I'm told. No order confirmation, at least 5-6 attempts to correct. They now have sent Fed-X to pick up the wrong computer from me and send to AZ. No more Dell for me!

tech support

I have a 1 day old all-in-one I just received. your tech support should all be fired and that should start with the CEO of Dell. I had a minor problem, I called tech support, I was transferred 5 times, on the phone for 2 hours and finally hung up after waiting 45 minutes for the 5th person to answer. I had to get geek squad to fix my problem. you stink

So far so good!

I was about to get frustrated as I have a warranty and have frame damage (lid hiinge). But they found water damage also which would normaly negagte the warranty (probably my kids). HOWEVER, they have given me a price break and agreed to repair the computer so it wiill be returned "like new". Everyone was foriegn, but that was OK! They were very helpful! and as our education system is so pathetic who can blame Dell for hiring foreigners! Education should not be in the hands of government!


Not good

Pay but not Deliver?

So, same sort of stuff. Ordered a new computer that had two options: 16GB RAM and SSD drive. Received it and it had 8 GB RAM and a regular HD. After 2 hours, 5 transfers, 3 hangups and 8 people, they still couldn't figure out how to fix it. Emailed customer support, and the best they could offer was a credit for future purchase for the parts I didn't get, or just return it. Not sure how that's going to fill that hole on the desk that needs a computer at my company. Guess it's going back. 20 years I've been supporting this company, and they really have gone straight to being one of the biggest, most horrible, most difficult companies to deal with I've ever experienced. VERY VERY BAD. Done with them.

What happened to Dell?

I have been a dell laptop fan for many years...just purchased a new one through Dell & it was horrendous! In stock 2-3 day shipping, 1 month later... 4 times telling me it was shipped only for that date to approach and they move the "we shipped it" date to another date! Called, screamed, showed my dissatisfaction with what happened to their company...and it was pretty much "oh well, sorry" - NEVER AGAIN!

Service is pure S--T

Dell CS is SH-- . If I could rate lower than 1 "star" it would be a negative (-) 100

Horrible service and damaged products!

The worst customer service I have ever experienced. I purchased a LG LCD TV on Sept 5th, it was shipped Sept 6th and received Sept 18th. It was a gift so I left the TV in the box untouched, well when the recipient opened the tv the LCD panel was cracked/shattered. Dell refused to replace it or refund my money. The only thing I got from Dell was, sorry we can't help you. They've lost a long time loyal customer who will NEVER purchase from them again.

Software Support

Purchased software support one year contract from a Dell North American team located in Canada little over a year ago. They were excellent. I did not renew it. Just had a severe viral problem that crashed my computer. Was forced to use a foreign team. That tech spent 9 1/2 hours trying to fix the problem. Still have the problem. Found the number for the North American team. I am told this team only services extended warranties; therefore they can't help me. They can't use the contract I just purchased. I was told there is a possibility Dell will no longer support North American teams, only foreign in India and Phillipines. If Dell wants me to continue purchasing their products, they will have to offer North American support, you know without the accents. There is no way to contact them without getting a foreigner on the phone.

new purchase

I purchased xps8700 in sep. they sent me the monitor in 5 days.my tower was never shiped. i have been on the phone several times from the philipines,india,and south america.they have canceled my order twice. i am thru with dell.

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