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There customer service is the pits the receptionist are nasty, when you ask them their name they tell you they don't have to give their name out, they think that it is funny when you keep calling back. I have left messages for the Regional Manager to contact me back and no one has done that. Each time you call you just get bounced around from telephone number to telephone number getting annoyed. They need a better customer service base and new receptionists that know how to do their job and assist the customer and not annoyed the customer.

Regrettably there's nothing below 1 on this site. I'm sad to say that I live in the St. Louis Metro area. And we, like many cities have a mall called the "Galleria." At this mall, there an tall Caucasian dark haired Amazonian woman there who is the manager who goes by the name Katie. She is the store manager. She goes through employees (that don't look like her) the way Heidi Fleiss goes through men. And worst of all, she racially profiles her customers. The first time I saw it, I thought I was just confused. But upon my 5th visit, oh I was certain about what I was seeing. I used to really be IN LOVE with Coach...but once you see (as the politicians say, laws and sausages made), you just don't want it anymore.

I bought a Ring from coach and it turn my finger green got infection from it I am very upset and disappointed I shop a lot with coach and never had this problem where I was dissatisfied with a product before . I

i bought a pair of shoes wore them one time and the rubber on the bottom started falling apart so i called customer service they did absolutely nothing for me then i called corporate and got hung up on ... i WILL never buy a coach product again nor will i encourage my friends on buying coach . This has been the worst customer service i have ever received!

I have a coach purse that I got for christmas in 2010 the seam is coming apart, I would like to know what i could do

There's a coach store in NYC on Madison ave, a block down from fifth ave. If u take the E or M train to 5th ave and 53rd street and then walk to 5th ave, about a block, take a left and walk to madison ave then take a right on madison ave and its 1 or 2 blocks down you should be able to see the store from the corner of madison and 5th ave anyway. Besides the usual badgering by countless employees if I needed help, probably got asked min of 10 times, the sales associate that did eventually helped me was quite friendly and good looking too :D I was also surprised to get a letter in the mail from the sales rep thanking me for shopping there and hoping my girlfriend liked the purse as well as wishing her luck in school, which I mentioned while talking with her. Pretty unique thing for a store to do.

Well these bags really are nothing special. Just so you ladies know 'lifetime garenteed' means the lifetime of the leather not you! There is no warranty, thats silly to even think that. In the end you can get the same quality other places, you are only paying for a name. I think there should be a COACH AA resort/meetings. You women need help! HA!HA!HA! SUCKERS. I mean that with love.

i purchased my first coach bag in florida )near orlando) in december i was there in the shopping center with my grandaughter who purchased 2 coach bags. It is only about 2 1/2 months and the bag is getting discolored, i would like to know wear in new york city can i go to get an exchange on this purchase . i Love the bag it is beauiful and would like another one. thank you. eengel01@optonline.net

I was recently at the Coach Milpitas Store this past Saturday and bought a great new Coach bag for myself and was able to take advantage of a 30% off coupon for the day. I was helped by an associate named Lyn who took lots of time with me even though the store was packed. I needed a new wallet to go with my new Coach bag and she graciously helped me find the perfect wallet. The store was so busy and I knew I was taking up a lot of her time but she stayed with me to help me until I was satisfied I made the perfect choice. Anymore - it's rare to find customer service like that. I was so motivated by her consideration for my needs and for making feel special that day that I wanted to write you and tell you what a GREAT employee you have with Lyn. Keep up the GREAT work - Coach. Customer service and satisfaction is important. Thank you for making sure you have enployees that understand and represent you in a positive manner. A very happy and returning Coach customer - Evelyn

I have just encountered my first bad experience with Coach. I am not a wealthy person by any means and the one thing I do splurge on is Coach handbags and wallets. My boyfriend also has purchased 3 mens waist bags from Coach. I purchased a new mens waist bag for my boyfriend for Christmas and he only wore it 20 days total and the whole strap came off!!! I went to the Coach store to return it and the gentleman in the store told me they do not offer refunds on used merchandise. He told me that they could repair it or exchange it for an identical item. I let him know that I have purchased several things from Coach and have never experienced anything like this from their other products and did not want another just like it, I feel like it will do the same thing again. The man was not willing to work with me in any other way. I was extremely furious, because I could not believe that they would not offer a refund on an obviously faulty product that had barely been used. It's not like a womans purse that is used daily. This all happened at the Greenwood Mall Coach store in Greenwood, Indiana. I feel that as a loyal customer they should be willing to do anything to keep their customers coming back. The refund would only be $118 dollars, which should be chump change to a billion dollar company. Coach really needs to rethink their policies because they do have great products, but the customer should always be number one!!!

Coach associates in St Augustine are miserable, phony and mean. They follow you around like you are a criminal. It is the only store I have gone in to and feel uncomfortable. I stopped buying any Coach and have informed my friends and family to not purchase any more Coach. My sister came to visit and I told her to experience the unpleasantness in Coach. She came out of the store and was astounded at how they watched her like an eagle. She stopped buying Coach too. There are too many stores that are better than Coach and treat their customers with dignity and to feel welcome! What in the world is wrong with tahat company!

I received a Coach wallet for Christmas last year (2009) and it was a great gift but 1 year later the outer cover (leather) seperated from the main part of the wallet. I took it back to the Coach store where it was purchased and they denied they even every carried that wallet. I talked with the store supervisor and she said, it was probably a knock off and could not help me. So, I wonder if any Coach company employees every read these complaints? What a rip off from a Coach store to say it was a knock off, when in fact it was purchased at that very store!!! Goes to show you that the "Cheapest" purchases are the safest cuz they always stand behind the customer!!!!!!!! Thank you - Walmart, Target, Kohls, Sears, etc. etc. I will continue to shop at these stores and not Coach

My husband bought me a Coach bag from your Orland Park, IL store 2 weeks ago. When he brought it home, I didnt like it. So, I brought it back the very next day. He paod with cash. When I brought it back they would not give me my cash back. They said they would have to issue me a check in the mail. Well, I was not happy. I had my reciept and the purse wasnt even removed from the box. But, more than that the sales girl NEVER told my husband that if it was returned you guys offer a different form of payment. The way its paid, is the way you get your money back. Tahts how its been at all stores since the beginning of time. It doesnt state that on the reciept either. So, Making up rules and polies is really a poor choice. Next, I was nice enough to choose another purse that I was told they had 2 in stock. But, wouldnt you have guessed? They didnt. So, ihad it sent to the store. She told me it wuld be about a week. When I finally called Friday, after waiting for a call. Yes, they had it. Where was my call? Great i picked it up. I opened it up and its missing the shoulder strap. Im absolutley DONE with COACH. Im frustrated and really disappointed the Customer service. Coach is a luxury store, not a grocery store. I have options to go anywhere to buy my handbags, I mad a choice to pick Caoch. I made a mistake. The company should really be ashamed of the Customer Service you provide to your customers. Maybe,even a apology would have been nice. Im retruning the handbag,and washing my hands of Coach.

My husband purchased a $450 Coach bag from your Coach store in Orland Park,IL. I brought it bag the day because it was not my style. When I tried to return it, the store would not give me my cash back! It was paod for in cash!!! They wanted to issue a check in the mail! I was furious, because NO Where does it state that policy on the reciept or any where in the store. I certaintly wasnt told of that policy either! That is the worst customer service I have ever had to deal with! I will Never ever buy a Coach bag again. I will also be telling those I know of my horrible expierence.

I need authenticity on a coach pouch I have, 41943 Holiday patch. It seems some accessories don't have the creed stamp in side. I'm sending the bag and hope I get a letter with the bag back saying so. I had a beautiful patent leather coach carly. After about 2 years of taking great care of my bag, the color under the patent leather started to change. I brought it back to the coach store at the Freehold Raceway Mall in NJ where they let me exchange it for another bag of the same price of 400.00 I miss my Carly, it was like a gun metal color, very different, but I'm very happy with the out come and the way the whole store, including the manager Jim,were so kind and friendly. Kathy Amalfitano 6 New York Ct Jackson NJ 08527

I visited the Coach Factory store at the San Marcos, Tx outlet and was repeatedly followed around the store. Yet none of the associates offered my mother and I the daily coupon or offered to help find something. I left the store empty-handed because I had no help from the sales associatesj yet they found it fit to follow me the entire time. I truly believe they thought I was going to steal something. I will NOT be returning.

I want to thank an empoyee of Coach at Roosevet feild mall for helping my mother in choosin a bag, that was for my birthday. I want to thank shalara for helping my mom, she was pleasent and very helpful and I would want to thank her my self and I wanted Coach to know that I appreciate her assisting my mom who is not good at choosing birthday gifts for me, but this present was the best I ever got, Thank You shalara

My ex took my 11yr old daughter into the Knoxville, TN location and purchased a $300 backpack. He refuses to give me a receipt and I, as an ex retail manager KNOW that they can go back and look at purchases made for up to a month or so. The girls at the store refused to help me after even telling me that they do have a program like that. I know for a fact how he paid because he doesn't have a bank account. I know exactly what time they were in the store and I have the backpack with the bag that was given and the silk bag that it also comes with and they won't even try to help me. My daughter needs school clothes and supplies with that money NOT A $300 backpack! I THINK COACH SHOULD "COACH" THEIR ASSOCIATES AND SUPERVISORS ON CUSTOMER SERVICE AND DOING WHAT'S RIGHT FOR THE CUSTOMER!!!!! BOOOOO!!

I love coach hand bagg, wallets and shoes. I own over ten purses and four wallets, but I had some problems with two items. One is a purse that I paid quite a bit of money for the bottom trim came open and the trim plastic wire is sticking out. I understand this should not happen and the purses are supposed to have a lifetime warranty. I haven't used this particular purse very much and this should not ha[ppen to a purse ypu pay over 300.00 for. Also one of my wallets is falling apart. The pulley for the zipper came off and the seams are comming apart. What can I do to replace these items??

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