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I wanted to say that I love Coach Handbags. I buy poppy Glam totes on a regular basis . I think the quality is superb and am always very please with how nice they look for a very long time. I have nothing but the best to say about the Modesto ,CA Coach store. I am always treated with high standards and friendly staff. Thank you coach for brightening my life up with your beautiful bags !

WOW! I'm surprised to read so many negative comments about Coach. I guess I've been fortunate. I have purchased bags from three outlet stores in Colorado, mostly their full price bags that have been moved there, and my experience was without a doubt, wonderful. The employess at each store were very personable and so helpful that I felt like the only shopper in the store. I am not an employee or anyway associated with Coach, but I am a loyal customer. My bags have remained in perfect condition over the years without defects. BUT, I do not condone making expensive bags in China or elsewhere outside the USA. Shame on Coach!

for the people complaining about the quality of Coach purses. Stop buying Coach ''made for factory bags'' and purchase the high dollar real ones and you will have no problems with those bags! for this check your creed patch inside the bag and if the serial number has an F in it then it was made for Coach outlet stores and not for the Coach store!

It's truly sad that this company fools the public with so much "self-righteous, American pride." I will boycott Coach and will never support a company that tolerates bullying, discrimination, favoritism and men and women have to wear products to relieve their bladders simply because if they do not keep up with the moving target, they know they will be fired. This company runs nothing but sweat shops - constantly threatening to fire, bulling, berating, and should be shut down.

I purchased a coach handbag 1.5 years ago as a Christmas gift to my mother. I choose Coach because I wanted a quality product. After only light use, a piece decorative hardware come off the side of the bag. I sent it back to coach for service and paid $20 for this service. They called me and told me that they couldn't repair it and that "their handbags aren't meant to last forever." Forever?! Less than two years isn't forever! Needless to say, I'll never buy another Coach

Well, I did a charge sale for an iPad case at the Outlet store in Brandon MO. back in Feb. The items was to be charged and shipped from the Florida Location Men's Coach Outlet store. They charged my card on the Feb 21, and i received it shortly after. Then a month later I get charged a different amount for the same iPad case and all I get told is the it was a mistake we will credit you account for the amount charged. Then after I complain to customer service they reply and give me 25% off of my next catalog order... Next catalog order... I need to talk to the Corp. Headquarter. What happened real Customer Service! I don't just have to buy Coach... I buy because I liked it... But if this is how you treat you paying customers, Show me the free stuff!

I purchased a pair of sunglasses from the Premium Outlet Mall in Aurora, IL. On a recent windy day, the wind literally blew the sunglasses off my head. Needless to say, they were scratched. I called Coach customer service and I was told, the cost for handling would be $20, plus $35 for the replacement of the scratched lens. This is completely ridiculous, seeing as how I only paid $79 for the sunglasses to begin with. The only other solution given by the manager at the outlet store was to come in and buy a brand new pair, and that they're all on sale for $59! RIDICULOUS! There should be some sort of warranty.

My wallet from a regular coach store ( not and outlet) was purchased on Boxing day,on sale, as the one I recieved for Christmas was too big. After only 2 months the metal logo came off. I took it to the store and the only option was for me to pay 20.00 for it to be sent away in case it might be fixed, or I could buy a new wallet at 40 % off. After having spent hundreds of dollars at Coach for xmas gifts for friends, I will no longer be a customer. Will it make a difference to their bottom line? No...but no longer have faith in their product

I returned some items to Coach Return in Jacksonville, Fla. They received it on Jan.11,2012- but they cannot find it. I insured my items for $500.00 (and I called Coach before I sent them back and was told to insure them for $500.00....I think it should have been more). It is now 2 months and no one is helping me. The last person said he was going to help me-His name is Ruben Perales-I have emailed him and no answer for over a week.Coach is the one that lost my items -not the mail service -if the mail service would have lost them, they would give me the amount I insured them for($500.00)and Coach should do the same without hesitation. I really thought Ruben Perales was going to solve my issue. This is very upsetting-I'd rather have my items back then nothing.

PS As im reading about all the bad encounters with coach, as i stated earlier, they have the most stupidist rules while working there.. they have someone to ring up sales, which in my opinion? Is so time consuming, after i worked hard to sell two woman they products of 1500.00 some idiot at the counter told me to fill out a slip to first give to the runner to go in the back to pack the purchase, he forget to ring all up all products pissed off my customers, until i took the sale from him and said let me do this please!!!! You idiot.. my ladies were soo pissed that he messed up the whole process of the sale. they work too hard on rules and regulations that the customer gets F***ed. Hate that store and what they represent.

Very dissatisfied. Bought a purse that frayed on edges. Took it back to the outlet where I was told that the purse had a defect and the company changed the look of the purse to remedy the defect. And so off my purse went to Jacksonville to be repaired. I received a call (I told the outlet manager that I wanted a telephone call before any action took place) and repair told me they can't fix it and they can offer me 40% off a new purse at full store value. This really upset me. So Then I asked to speak to a manager. I retold my story and told her 40% is unacceptable since I can walk off the street at the outlet and get a coupon for 30% off. She proceeds to tell me "you weren't misinformed, but overinformed". Are you serious??? So she tells me she'll look into the problem and call me back. That was last week. I come home to find the purse sent back to me with a letter explaining nothing could be done and I get 40% off a full price purse. When I called repair and asked to speak with the lady I spoke to last week I was put on hold and was told she was in a meeting. When I asked to speak to another manager I was told they are all in a meeting. I will never purchase a Coach bag and this weekend I am taking back my mother's purse because the company does not stand behind their promise. I was told the purse is defective, the manager in repair did not deny the fact that the purse was defective. Unacceptable for them to treat a customer this way when they take pride in their "brand name". And now that their purses are selling for $500 or more, I will gladly buy another high-end name than fund Coach. And I will tell everyone I know about how I was treated and how they do not stand behind their product. Not sure if their managers know the "500 Rule" in marketing, but one unhappy customer can reach the ears of 500 and it build from there. And I am starting here first.

I had the WORST customer sevice EVER in the SHORT HILLS STORE this morning. I have never written a complaint about customer service ever before and I own a business and understand the importance of customer service to every company. The clerk I dealt with, Honora, on my arrival was rude and condescending! I presented a receipt for the purcahse of 2 bags and a wallet totaling $1,000.00 one of which I wanted to exchange. All of these items were NOT purchased at an outlet store and were purchased at full price. I felt like Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman"! I wanted to leave and return with an armful of a competitors bags I purcahsed in the same mall and return the Coach bag and tell her "Big Mistake"!!!!!But I was in a hurry, totally annoyed and fumed all the way home. Obviously, that is the last purchase I willl be making of Coach items!!Since I have read all of these terrible comments I probably won't be able to for very long any way because with this kind of service they will be out of business!

High priced bags with a very low quality of service in the Short Hills Mall recieved on Sunday morning 2/5/12. The woman clerk shoul not be working in a store like this selling high price bags with the attitude this clerk had, I was very insulted with the treament I received and I had just purched 3 hand bags.

Coach makes all this crap in China now--remember why you even started buying Coach bags in the first place--they used to make hand-crafted items in Ohio, and they were guaranteed for Life! I wrote the Corporate Store and asked them if they had anything at all not made in China, let alone the USA, and I received absolute silence. What a crummy bunch of low-life's, it's not like the prices have gone down to reflect the 50 cents per hour the Chinese worker makes. Certainly not the quality you would expect for a $900 bag either. The shoes if they are even real leather make your feet smell.

My bag was purchased at Coach's beloved Coach Outlet store. My reason for this: I fell in love with a bag that ended up being discontinued with the new season moving in. When I finally saved up the money the line was moved. I do not ask for Coach as gifts from people, I save to buy such high priced items myself. I'll go further... I went into the Coach store to look buy a bag as I had one in mind I wanted for a while. Unfortunately I was told by the car salesmen like employee they were removed for new stock then nagged about the new line. I explained I was only wanting that specific bag and she never mentioned I should try the Outlet. I was so bummed, so I asked to see a scarf in the counter. I was quickly ignored and no longer helped as she went to pounce on some girl walking through to get to the mall. This is how I get treated in Coach stores anyway. They act like know it all car sales people. Buy or fly. So I left, sad as ever about missing out and feeling put off. I ended up getting online and reading that SOME stock does indeed get moved to the Outlet stores. Not everything in the Outlet store was made for the Outlet. The employee never mentioned this to me. I can see how Coach works hard to get the products we want with class and sophistication of a cheap car salesmen. Yeah, let me pause for a moment to remind you guys. Most of what is in the Outlet is made for the Outlet with less quality materials and no respect or decent treatment by the company for owning it. Only a small portion is real honest Coach. They do not care. Try searching for a purse online. The top site and thousands of others are Coach knock offs. Do you think they could get off their arse and try removing knock off websites from the top google searches? Nope. Anyway back to my own issue. I didn't even want to purchase from Coach at that point but I wanted that one purse very much. I went to my closest Outlet hoping the bags from my stores were moved there. Sure enough my bag made it and upon examining carefully looking for all the signs I saw it was the small percentage not made specifically for the Outlet store. It was fresh from the big name stores. It was of the exact quality, leather thickness etc.. That shouldn't matter though. Coach is Coach, what they put their name on they should stand behind it and be honest about which is outlet and which is stores. I cradled my beloved purse up to the counter, even though it was now at the Outlet it was still a fortune and not much less since it had just come from the store. Not a mark on it, not a stitch out of place. Except of course for the freshly pressed mark stamped into the creed to let everyone at Coach know "do not respect this bag". I laid it down, the money I had saved up for so long. I was thankful for the Outlet store and for my bag ending up there. I thought I was finally a Coach customer and owned a Coach purse. Right? I mean Coach cares so much about their customers and strive to make the very best products and give their paying guests best treatment right? That's the dish they served me by employees and their advertisements all through the years. NO I AM NOT, First off.. I was happy to walk through Coach with my bag and talk to them about how happy I was with my find but I was sorely mistaken. The employees are snobby and hoity toity even more at every store I have been to when I either do not buy a "real" bag or they get the information that I missed the line and had to purchase at THEIR Outlet. Their bag they were just selling is now garbage to them. How stupid and silly of me to purchase from the Outlet store. "Don't you know you get nothing from Coach by doing that? We will not stand by A, B and C... " This happens in multiple stores as I always look at Coach when I go into the malls I get the most bizarre treatment every time they ask about my bag. The claims are always different and change with their moods like they make the rules not Coach. Everything from my bag has absolutely NO warranty what so ever becuase I had the nerve to go to the COACH Outlet. Or I only get a warranty on zippers (hardware) not stitching or any other part of the bag that falls off and I would be lucky to do so since it came from the creeeeepy Outlet. They would be doing me a HUGE favor to do anything if their own $850 product failed. All because it went from their store to their Outlet. Remember Coach still has their name, promises and prices to make you think it's a real COACH product with all that comes with it but as you see it's not. I have read many accounts (when I deeply researched before buying) of people walking into Coach and getting replacement or exchanges on bags that are defective on more then just the hardware with no receipt. Even fading of the suede! Coach is cheating people by using the Coach name but not giving Coach services while their employees treat you like an idiot and make up all sorts of stupid rules that change with the tides. Rules should be set in stone by COACH that employees must follow. Especially when you are dishing major bucks to a company to brags as Coach does. Certainly they should stand behind all product, promises and creeds. Not whichever their employees feel like. I am turned off by their product. Besides the appalling attitude of Coach's employees and screwed up way of making up rules as they go, The price for their bags are truly silly. You truly are buying a name. I have owned gorgeous bags made just as well (some even better!) for drastically less money. Owning Coach taught me to not spend a ton of money and expect a company to stand up simply becuase you did. It's sick that most people do not know when you purchase from the Outlet you are getting an Outlet made item and not a real honest Coach. I will have a lot of fun enjoying other companies products and after doing so will walk right by the Coach counters and look at their employees like peons for working behind an over priced retail purse counter.

My wife and went to the Coach outlet in Cypress, TX to buy some purses for Christmas. I asked one of the associates if there were any more ful price bags in the back, "if you want any good bags ask them the same thing where you go" he brought out 2 boxes full of really nice full price bags. My wife and I tried to buy them. They let us get up to the register after waiting in line for about 50 minutes, them told us we could not buy them since we had bought some the weeekend before. I told them to hold them and I would have someone get them for me. As soon as I walked out of the store my wife said that about 4 associates who work the came and took bags out of the one they were supose to hold for us. Come to find out the girls who work there had them all hidden in the back because they wanted all of those bags. The guy who went in the back and got them told me this. I thoughtg merchandise was supose to be for the paying customers not the theiving employees who hide them.

I can not believe you let your employees hide bags from customers and buy them so they can sell them on ebay. I also live near Cypress, TX and have seen employees there hiding bags in the back. Because I had a couple of bags I wanted, but had to go back to my car to get my ID and when I returned they said they did not know where the bags went. But, another customer told me an associate took them in the back. When I cofronted the manager she said there was nothing she could do. I think this stores employees need to be investigated for lying and keeping merchandise for them selves. Who wants to shop at a store where the employees take all of the good stuff for them selves!!!!

My daughter received a Coach purse for Christmas, from her aunt. We went to a Coach Factory store about 30 miles from our house. After standing in line to get into the store for over an hour, we finally found a replacement purse, and promptly got into line and waited another half hour for our turn at the cash register. She wanted to exchange it for something she liked better. She didn't have the receipt and was told that all she could receive was the lowest sales price minus 10% in exchange for another item. Not having a choice, we bought the replacement purse. When we returned home, we found a message from her aunt, saying that she found the receipt, and had mailed it that day. As soon as we received the receipt, we drove back to the store, waited another hour in line just to get into the store, waited another half hour in line, presented the two receipts, and were told there was nothing they could do because it was two days later. I said I understood if it was a week later, but two days? I asked them if they could void out the original exchange transaction and start again. The salesclerk said there was nothing they could do. I asked to see the manager, and she rudely responded with "too bad" so I asked to get the corporate phone number so I could speak to someone about this matter. Finally, the manager reluctantly agreed to give me the corporate phone number, and her name. I found out that corporate has nothing directly to do with the Factory stores, so I had to ask for the District Manager over the Factory store, and her phone number. Now I am waiting for a response from the District Manager, but I'm not holding my breath. For such a high end product, they have the worst customer service.

My Aunt bought me a Coach Wallet from the Coach Store in the Mall here in April of this year (2011). It is already coming apart inside where the checkbook is and the leather trim on the outside has either fallen off or cracked. I am going to attempt to call the Store to see what they will do because as much as the wallet was, it is COMPLETELY unexceptable for it to be falling apart already. I have bought less expensive wallets in the past and they are still 100% in tact. Please offer any advice you have on getting this resolved. Thanks!!

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