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Hand bags and more

There should be a Coach outlet Duty free for purses plus clothing, chocolates and more stores at Pearson airport for the last minute shopping for gifts. At Heathrow airport there Harrods stores at two levels of the airport.

Refused return

I spend over $50,000 on local coach outlet store, never make returns, just this time, I try to return one purse, they refused it and told me that it has few invisible tiny spots inside of the purse...who the hell can notice those spots? Sorry Coach you just lost one big customer here! Bye forever! This is the worst experience ever in my life!

Coach doesnt value their worker's

I have worked for this company for the last 2 years, selling the company a Million dollars in sells both years and to only be making 10.56 is Horrible. I love my job but will have to find a company that values their employees soon. Tina Singleton store 4004

lost my handbag

I purchased a coach handbag and within a few weeks it tore. I was told to ship it to Coach for repairs. Well, they lost my handbag and will not do anything about it. I have a receipt of my bag, pictures, letters of proof that I shipped the bag and they still do not care one bit. In other words they are calling me a liar and will not do anything about my bag they lost. Absolutely appalling.

Aurora iL outlet

I am a long time coach buyer, my first coach was a blue leather hobo after that a large black hobo if there was a problem you fixed it I was in love with coach & have been buying every since not on today 8/18/14 I took 3 purse to the outlet in aurora Illinois and now my coach buying days are over I was told after a year we don't guarantee your purse I have many purses it many be a year before I carry my purse coach no more #MK#DB#CC

Coach Boots

I got the new coach Thelma boots that I wanted so very much for Christmas. They were perfect in every way except I was heart broken when the top of the boots at the seam were uncomfortably tight at the calf. And of course that boot does not come in wide calf :( I was so disappointed. How are you gonna sell a boot that does not fit all people! I went out and bought bearpaw boots that fit perfectly for much less! If your going to sell a product for a rediculous amount of money then you should make sure it's versatile to all your customers.

No weekend off

I worked for Coach in Commerce GA for two years. I worked for 6 months with no weekend off. I requested off weeks ahead to go out of town but was denied time off. I was their top seller so they wanted me there every weekend. " I was only part time" The Managers thought we should feel honored to work for Coach. With Managers like her, it was like working with a prison guard.

I used to love coach but in recent times customer service has really deteriorated. To purchase an item takes an inordinate amount of time even when the outlet store is relatively empty. Do they care about their customers anymore?


I really like Coach handbags, phone cases, keychains and just about anything they sell. The factory store nearby (Pismo Beach, CA) has the friendliest and helpful employees of any store I have been in. The bags have help up quite nicely. I have over 15 bags. I did have a problem with one, the gold color was rubbing off, the employee quickly exchanged it with no question. Thanks for the great service and quality product.

Coach Returns

Beware of the return policy. They refuse to except my bags back unused with the tags. What a joke, customer service refuses to help and Corperate office doesn't want to get involved. It's a joke. The find any reason not to give you your money back. BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!

Customer service

Won't give them my business anymore , their customer service sucks don't care about customers at all. Why spend money on a company don't know anything about customer service?

Worst Company To Work For

i was an employee at one of the outlet stores for 4 yrs, it started off well but it seemed the longer i stayed with the company the worse the conditions of the work environment got. The managers all were very disrespectful and lazy as they did nothing but sit in the office and gossip about meaningless things and sometimes even employees that worked there! They also were jerks when it came to working around my schedule when i had events coming up. The company was beyond strict over dress code and expected you to buy new new jeans the second they began to fade and did not reimburse not one penny that you spent on their ridiculous dress code. I suggest anyone not to ever work for this company, go to Michael Kohrs instead.

Return policy SUCKS!

I recently got a coach purse and went to return it only a couple weeks after I purchased it and was turned away. I realized the purse was too small for my needs and I am unable to wear it on my shoulder. The store manager said it was used so they could not help me in any way! I have only had this purse for a couple of weeks I don't see the problem I don't want my mo ey returned I just want a purse that will work for me. I bought the purse in the store but it was shipped to my house because the only one in the store was scuffed up and looked used. I have been buying coach for many years and have never had a problem like this. I will discourage any and everyone from buying anything coach.

Where is it made?

I am a 15 year old student at Cleveland High School in Seattle, Washington. I have a smaller coach coin purse, and I am currently doing a project where I am suppose to find the history of the item and where it is currently made. I am angry that I can not find where exactly the coach bag factory is I can only find where to buy them.

do not shop at coach

I went into a regular coach store to look at a couple of bags that I had been wanting for some time, they only had one on display but it had scratches all over it. The sales lady was very polite and said she would order me one from the factory, it was sent in a timely manner. Then it all started to go downhill, the bag I received had a scratch down the front of it; I called and the rep basically said that it was my fault but she would send another one out. I called today after dwelling on it and spoke to another rep and told her my frustrations she basically said sorry and hung up. I will be returning my bag that I spent $500 plus on and I will not buy coach ever again as I will tell all my friends and family to not buy. BEWARE

Coach handbag # D-M 4924

years ago I bought the above mentioned handbag- It was the perfect handbag. After many years of use I had to replace it I tried to find that model- no luck- Only found a slightly similar bag that shows no #- it is not the same as the above mentioned and I wish you would make the D-M 4924 again.

Rude and Unprofessional

I had gone to the Coach outlet in Dawsonville, GA. I found a hobo bag on the shelf of 50% off. Asking the cashier why is it so less, she said it was missing the strap. I being honest, opened it up to see if there were any other problems and the strap was there. The manager ript is out of my hands and claimed it is now full price. So I got punished for their mistake and my honesty. After fighting with her I walked out and never will be a Coach customer again..


I had the worst experience with Coach's customer service line. I ordered a phone case online which was the wrong size that I received. They refused to send me the correct size and were going to make me pay seperate shipping and handeling for their mistake. Even the supervisor I spoke to was extremely rude. I will never shop there again.

Horrible customer service

I have ordered 1000 handbag via phone. The order was done with mistakes (wrong color ordered). They charged my credit card and the item was shipped to me even though I contacted customer service 2 hours later confirming that the order is not correct. After 10 days I still did not get my money back. Do not trust this company, specially with such expensive items.

Do not work here.

As an employee of Coach Inc. for over seven years I want to warn potential candidates that this company has become a very hostile environment to work within. (I work in the Creative/Design area.) Coach does not encourage work/life balance, heavy fisted leadership limits the empowerment of the individual and, most disappointing, has a disproportionate ratio of women in top management (and those few women have little effect or humanity). Finically it is a healthy company but I wisely suggest you consider the "corporate culture" as well if you are considering employment here.

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