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Coach is an unfair company full of favoritism! I was promised a job at Coach based on my application. But the second the managers niece said she wanted a job she was given the job on the spot, no interview needed! I definitely don't support this kind of favoritism, if Coach does then I refuse to support them.

I just wanted to say that I had a horrible problem with a gift card that was promptly fixed with the help of Harry at ext.7648 at the corporate office. I am a very loyal Coach customer who has never had to return anything and have never even had a problem with any of my Coach purses. I buy my Coach purses at Dillard's, the Coach store and at the outlet stores also and have always been very happy with any purchase. As I stated earlier, I did have an issue, with a gift card, but Harry saw to it that it was fixed and he was very professional and courteous while he listened to my long story. Thanks again, Harry for being you! You made my day and my neighbor's also! Sincerely, Tammy Cable

Had a HORRIBLE Customer Service experience at the Southern Park Mall in Boardman, Ohio and the Manager made the situation even worse! I've been a loyal customer for over 20 years but they have lost my business forever. Looks like Louis Vuitton will be getting my business from now on!

I see i am not the only person to be upset with a Coach store. I have a beautiful pink shiny purse which is leaking the pink color onto everything it comes in contact with. My eyeglass containers are covered with it. It was on my seats in my cars and gets on my skin and is very hard to remove. The two Coach employees said it's not the purse leaking the color, but something else. It's the same color as the purse, so how could it be anything else. I even had a cleaning towel with the color all over it, that I had cleaned my articles with. Little did these Coach employees know, but if they had offered a credit towards another purse, I would have shopped and probably bought one or more other purses. Now, I will never purchase another Coach purse ever!!!

I had bought a coach bag, from the Allen premium outlets and had to take it back, for it bled not only my clothes but throughout the bag, I took it back the first time and had no problem , trading it out for the same bag, I was hasten to get the same bag but (that manager assured me, that if I have any problem with it bleeding again to please bring it back) I really liked the bag so I went ahead and got another one just like the defected one. I have a several coach bags, that I use with different outfits , when I used this bag again the black band, bled all over me and the bag itself again. I took it back only wanting a store credit, the first manger I spoke with, (I didn’t get her name) said no problem she would get me a store credit if that would be ok, I said that is just what I wanted and I took an hour and a half to pick out another bag, I did have my receipt. Another manger Lindsay Marin said the bag was dirty and worn and she couldn’t do anything to help me, I ask for the other lady that was helping me, Lindsay she was a higher manger, and that manger went home. I ask for her name (the lady that helped first) Lindsay said that manger didn’t know anything for she had only been there a month and wouldn’t give me her name. Lindsay went on to say that the bleeding of the dark black band was due to, if you get it wet, it will bleed, I told Lindsay that , I didn’t get the bag wet, you can clearly see how the bags black band dye bled throughout the bag , she took a cleaner out and started to clean the bag and she couldn’t get any of the bleeding off and when she put the cleaner onto the dark black band she got dark black on the cloth she was using, and said it was just the dirt! My bag was not dirty; it was the stain/ dye from the black band that goes around the bag. You could Cleary see this. I take really good care of my coach bags, and again she said it will do that if the bag gets wet, she also said she couldn’t do anything for me, she was very rude and didn’t make any sense, she said the bag is dirty and if you get it wet then it will stain! Again I said I didn’t get it wet, but if I did then it still should not bleed as it has, the material/dye shouldn’t do that, that is why I paid more for coach. I said that all I wanted was a credit even had a different bag with a billfold to buy, and I wasn’t happy that she could not do anything, I also said again you can clearly see where the back bands dye has bled through, she said it was because it was dirty. I ask for a higher up manger then her, Lindsay said she was the highest for that store, again I told her it was not dirty and the bag’s black dye was the cause of the bleeding throughout the bag. And said that if this is how coach runs their business I would never buy a coach again, that I have been a customer for over 10 years and that is all I carry is coach, she said her store was one of the biggest stores and it didn’t matter if I came back and bought anything , it wouldn’t affect her store! Where is the customer service? And where is the coach I have come to love and only carry, where is the quality not only in customer service but in the material of coach? As a business owner I am very insulated in how I was treated, I would think upper management would like to know how this store is handling customers.

I have to say , I love coach so much. It is the only bag I will carry now. I love the poppy line.I feel for 200 I can carry a glam tote and feel like I am carrying quality. I have never had an issue with my bags. I love all of them and take very good care of them , Making sure I don't set them in dirty shopping carts etc. I really feel if you are going to spend this kind of money you need to take care of what you have. I always make sure I put each of them in their dustbags and make sure I am not stacking them on top of each other so that there wont be marks on the bags. I have nothing but praise for Coach Quality. Thank You Coach for all the beautiful bags and making this woman happy ! I look forward to all your releases !

in my town there is this tax office that sell the knock-off coach bags on main street in starkville, ms 39759

Around two weeks ago I purchased a Coach bag at the Columbus Circle store for my mother. I misplaced the sales slip (my bad). She did not like it so I took it back, with all tags attached and paper on the straps. Toni dealt with me. She searched and searched in her computer, but could find no record of the sale. I left the store very angry. She then went back into the archives and tried to find anything that could help, but couldn't. She called me late yesterday to tell me that and to apologize again. I called MasterCard and had them email me the proof of purchase on my statement. Today, for the second time I went back to Coach, and Toni was waiting for me. It took a while, but I eventually got my MasterCard credit. First of all, I want to compliment Toni on her customer service and genuine desire to help. She is an asset to Coach. And secondly, I have to say that for a large company such as yourselves, you have a ridiculous IT system. When I made the purchase it was entered into your system....how could it then disappear? It makes me wonder about the company as a whole. Friends to whom I have recounted this story are dumbfounded. I hope this does not go into the ether unnoticed. You need to upgrade your system or risk alienating clients such as myself.

Be Careful buying Patent Leather Coach Bags, if you wear a pair of jeans.. it fades off onto your purse if you carry it where it may rub against your jeans. I bought a WHITE Coach Bag and noticed Blue all over the back of my bag! Called the store and long story short they will not do ANYTHING and there is nothing that can be done becuase it is Patent Leather. If you use products it will take the top coat off and ugh just a mess! I am DONE with Coach! 1st thing the manager asked me is what does your Care Card say - when I pulled it out of my purse and read it to her think she was suprised! Yes it's still NEW! Still they will do nothing! Very Upset!

Hi Mr/Ms, A couple of Boothes are selling fake Louis Vuitton (and Coach …..) handbags, on Saturday at: U S #1 Metro Flea Market 3500 Augusta Rd West Columbia, SC 29170 Thanks Paul

I have bought Coach all my life until now. I sent 3 items to be repaired-all 3 sent back not even touched with a letter saying that the purses were no longer under warenty. But they included a 40% discount on a full price item. why would I buy another itme when you do not hold up the current warrenty? One purse was only 2 years old and the piping came loose. So I called customer service or should I call it no service. The girl was loud and rude and would not let me talk. Told me to throw away the purses and buy something else. Then she hung up!I am so upset with the whole situation. I tried calling the store where I am a customer and basicaly told too bad but they love to help me with my 40% discount coupon. Do not buy Coach because they will not repair it at all. They will charge you $20 just to ship it back to you not repaired!

Awful Customer Service Experience Manager made the situation even worse. Was a loyal customer but they have lost my business forever!

I just wanted to inform you CoachVIP outlet .com is representing your handbags as authentic and are selling garbage in the way of Coach name the quality of the fabric down to the fake leather as well as zippers that arent even sewn at the ends they just slide off. I appreciate the quality of the Coach product and cannot believe what CoachVip outlet is manufacturing and trying to tell people that it is a Coach item. Kubikpatrice@yahoo.com

Coach return policy states they will not return, replace or exchange any bag which has been used period. THIS IS NOT TRUE!!! Several people by word of mouth, found out about a, "manufacturing flaw" in the design and making of the COACH CARLY BAG which was a top selling item roughly five years ago and got a full refund! No questions asked, no receipt required, cause any Coach Carly bag would meet the requirements, its a Design flaw in the bag. Although, instead of notifying there consumers of the bag, or doing a recall, as most company's do with these types of errors, Coach only informed distributors of the item and its issues, not the customer. The never even posted something on there website stating the items defect, their policy was left clearly to say; no returns upon any bag which have been used, will be returned/exchange/etc. The unfair, crocked part of Coaches conduction's is when customers physically went into the store with their bag were told and give refunds in a variety of ways, on a "case by case" basis. Most all of the consumers of the bag were given some option of full return, using different methods and amounts of returns, but were never asked any questions, not ever for a receipt, just simply, given money, in store exchange, (some had to do then and there only, some could order their personal preferred preferred if out of stock) Amounts offered varied as well, from 350.00- 500.00 refund, or store credit. Some were even given another defected Carly bag, which eventually resulted the same way. but this time offered other options. Word of mouth continued to travel randomly all over, and finally reached me, five years later. I stopped using my bag 6 months after purchase, due to the 'fraying at the top of the bag which is the 'flaw', and I paid 498.00 for this bag. The original Carly carrier whom informed (me at a random pub) showed me her new bag and new wallet and was give 450.00 in store credit just ONE MONTH AGO! Within 2-3 days after finding this information out, (baffled that Coach was not the source to inform me but some random person had never seen before) I showed up with my defected Carly. The result: Different excuses all resulting in, no return/exchange of any kind for me. Yet they had been doing some form of refund for everyone complaining for the past five years. The multiple employees I spoke with could offer me no explanation in regards the Carly bag issue. But all seemed well aware of the "Manufacturing Defect", and all stated they "useeven though all were well aware of the 'Manufacturing flaw' and were unclear about the return policy regarding defected bags... Uh... Huh? To read Coaches website right after experiencing this ordeal over the past few days, and became totally SICK TO MY STOMACH!!! What a load of B.S.- They, installed an 'Integrity Program' to ensure 'customer satisfaction' and an 'ethical' way of doing business?!?! They continue with, 'common since' in all matters of business operation, and 'standing behind our products' they will continue to so. Come on! Are you F'in kidding me? Is this the same Coach company that is conducting dishonest, unethical, unequal, selling high priced defected products, lacks common since Coach?? At the very least, read your own F-in websit.

The Coach customer service for their handbag repair is so horrible, i have had issue with the leather on one of my coach bags that i purchased from a regular priced coach factory store and spent $600.00 dollars for and it was dark brown after about 3 months of buying and carrying it the leather started fading out in some spots and discoloring it looks like a fricking bomber jacket from 1980's and i sent it to repair (and mind you this is fading in multiple spots on the bag not just one area) and after few weeks they sent back to me and said it looked as if i had spilled something in the purse to make it that way, i can totally understand that if it was one area, i wish could attach pics on this and you can clearly see that it is not any way some of the areas that faded could have had spills, like under the hardware and it just makes me sick they basically said that i could get 40% off item at full price, why would i go spend more money on anything when i already had issues with it, coach used to be a company that stuck by and guaranteed their items, that is why they became so well known, people really need to stop spending so much money on their products that arent even made in the united states anymore, i have since purchased Brahmin and marc jacobs and low and behold i have not had any issues with leather discoloring or any thing else for that matter, it is really too bad between myself and my sister that company has lost our business, and i can tell you that we purchase enough bags and other accessories to make a pretty good impact, and i see some of their products that i genuinely think id love to buy, but i always come back to the disappointing quality and customer service. I am actually writing this today because i was at work helping a co worker fill out a repair card for her to return her coach purse a few weeks ago, well sure enough she got her purse back and they did the same thing to her that they did to me....purse came back with 40% coupon, ahhh i feel good to know that i wasnt their only customer that spent a good weeks paycheck on a purse that was crap quality and they would not stand by!

I had a wonderful experience today purchasing a Coach purse and wristlets. Jill, the manager, and Bibiana, sales associate at the Shops at Wiregrass location in Wesley Chapel, FL.. were so helpful and pleasant! They took their time and showed me all the options available to me and I was there a long time! Great service! Also, a few months ago I took back a bag I had for 2 years. the bag had become discolored. That same store mailed it back and I got a full credit for it. They stood by their product and I appreciated that! I will continue to buy from Coach because of these experiences.

Just purchased a white leather purse not even two months ago and the purse is showing gray discolorations. It was purchased in Orland Square Mall, from a Coach Store. I feel that for the price the purse should be of good quality which includes the freakin' color. I felt like I got a knock off or something. I'am calling the store to see what can be done. Who wants to walk around with a supposed quality bag that is faded?

If they had a zero star I would have given it. I purchased a Coach zip around wallet from the new outlet store in Pottstown Pa. Less than 2 months later the trim around the top of the wallet is falling apart. I called the store and was told that if I came back I would be able to exchange the item. WRONG! I went back and waited for 10 mins while she looked up the CURRENT price of the wallet. NOT what I had paid for it. It was less than half of what I paid for the wallet. I am never buying from Coach again. I was excited to have found this wallet it was really nice! When you think of Coach you think of quality....not the case in this issue!

Your products come with a 100% guarantee because of the quality of the products your company believes it sells and stands by the quality of the product however, the guarantee and the quality of your product has not been a 100% satisfactory in my opinion. Based on the fact that I followed company protocol and request to return items if not satisfied or defective. The products were returned in the same defective condition I returned them in and my customer service issue was not resolved pursuant to your quality assurance guarantee. I appreciate your attempt to satisfy my complaint with 40% off a future purchase however incurring and additional cost to replace a defective item has moved me to terminate a business relationship with your company.

I ordered a Coach purse and when I recieved it two of the zipper pulls were missing. I contacted the seller and their answer to me was to go and buy two pulls from anywhere and put them on my purse. I explained that these had the logo on them and have gotten no response since. Bottom line--happy with the purse, very upset re: the service/response. Would REALLY like to have this situation taken care of.

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