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Took my money!!!!

I placed an order from coachfactory.com. My total order was over $300 and I had a gift card for $500. They took the money from my gift card and somehow in the process of submitting my order, my order got screwed up??!? Now I'm fighting with them to send me my products I ordered or put the money back on my gift card! Customer service from Charlotte has been horrible! They act like I'm trying to scam them!!!!!!! It's not that hard to look at the gift card to see how the money was spent, etc...


As an ex employee I would not recommend working for this company. They do not care or respect their employee. Very cold company to work for.

Day Timer

My husband purchased a leather daytimer for me years ago.Upon going to the store location I was informed that they will not longer be carrying replacement for my binder. Now I have a wonderful daytimer binder that withstood the test of time and still looks new and basically will have to display it on my wall. Coach would not offer me a replacement. The customer service agent on the phone was rude, and I asked to be put through to the supervisor/manager. She did offer me a 25% discount on a different or similar item. She said if it was defective in some way it could be replaced. I said it is defective. I can no longer use it. She was rude again. Good bye to Coach. If they ever see a penny from me it will be a mistake.

Disappointing experience

I am highly dissatisfied with the service Coach has provided. I placed an order on December 17 and was told on December 18 it would be shipped out shortly and now I contact Coach and you are unable to find my order. This is extremely disheartening especially since some of the items were for Christmas I am highly disappointed in Coach as I purchase your handbags for quality and integrity that Coach stands for. Coach has shown no compassion in regards to this matter and has proven that Coach does not value their customers. This incident has fully discouraged me from purchasing anymore Coach products. This is unacceptable from such a corporation.

Horrible experience

First and Foremost let me start by saying I have been a long time customer of coach .I have spent alot of my hard earned money on coach products. I placed 3 orders on the 4th of December which two were canceled thanks to the worst customer service rep I have ever delt with . These are presents and very important presents I needed delivered right away. Not only did my orders get canceled not one rep or manager can figure out how to Reimburse my coach gift card so my money is just floating around coach and I can not reorder my presents because my gift card now reads inactive To top off this lovey experience I have been told I couldn't speak to a manage that they dont just put managers on the phone so i had to explain myself to oh about 4 different reps that cant help my favorite rep told me I needed to tone my attitude way down or she would not even deal with me i am in customer service and saying that to a paying customer is grounds for termination .. i have made almost 15 calls today alone to get a manager on the phone to resolve this issue and I still have yet to revive a response . I was treated like dirt spoke to like I don't matter and still have not gotten my money back. This is not how I wanted to spend my only day off I'm so disgusted with this company and I will be calling the Better Business Bureau


Yesterday was by far the worst experience ever in any COACH store. I walked into the Columbus Circle location in New York City and was not greeted by anyone. As I proceeded upstairs I was looking for a wristlet for my sister, there were various employees that saw me looking at some shoes and did not ask me if I needed assistance. I was very upset and felt discriminated because of how I was dressed. I work for a catering company and had went after work. Any other occasion I have been greeted nicely because I dressed differently. This is very upsetting. Lucky I ran into Alex the manager and was very kind.

False Promises

A company can be judged by its customer service. COACH has failed thus far. I paid over $400 for a holiday special addition purse as a gift to my wife. After very little usage, the purse comes apart at the top edge. COACH customer service stated she would get a new purse, repaired purse, or a credit for the full purchase price. A package from COACH arrives at our home two weeks later containg her original, unrepaired purse and a coupon for 40% off. This is the type of customer care that pushes customers to find a new company to buy products from. I ghave since asked the executive staff to look into this. Investors, take notice...

I purchased a coach handbag from a google website (Coach outlet online store). My bank informed me that this purchase was made in China. Thank my credit union for catching this before making the transaction. I approved the stop payment. Please check fraudulent online websites that use the Coach logos and offer newsletter and email advertisements. Buyer Beware! :-) 10/19/12

I LOVE Shopping for my purses at Coach, I have my 2nd Black one, now my 2nd Brown, now. A PINK large one.. Love them all!!! I do have an issue with my cream one which I am hoping to talk with someone at Corporate, as I have been a faithful happy client. My cream one has a color issue!! Truly an overall happy client!

I purchased a $298 purse at the COACH store in the Modesto CA Mall I have not had the purse for 6 months and hardly ever use it since i work 6days a week and have a "guess work purse" anyway the stitching is all coming undone I would think that for the price I payed I should have got a better quality purse unless some how the purse I purchased was a defective purse other than that I really love the design of my bag I just wish it were better made


On 8/26/2012 I went to Brandon Westfield Mall that is in Florida near Tampa I went into your Coach store ..Three women were working..One was the manager..Teriable service ..Was not greeted was virtually ignored by all three including the manager ..Was in the store about 5pm I have to say there professionalism was aweful..I went to look for a bag for my Mother for her birthday and was prepared to spend ..The expierence wasn't a good one.Im totally dissappointed the Legacy bags look cheap the insides totally cheap .my email address is eurofemme317@yahoo.com I can;t believe a company as grand as yours has terriable service ..After leaving there walked into the Bebe store and was immdeatily greeted funny had on my cute Coach slingbacks coarse the purse was a gucci ..Am so dissappointed Patricia Bryant

I have been a long time Coach customer for many many years. What happened to me over this weekend is not appropriate customer service by any means. I Placed an Internet order thinking it would save me time when I arrived at the store. Unfortunately this was far from the case. When I arrived at the store there was no record of my purchase. I gave the order number and it was in the system but not for store pick up. It seems that the purse was there and the wallet was not. This is what the order stated pick up the purse and the wallet will be mailed. I was fine with that but it never happened. Since it was my wife's birthday I could not go back to the hospital where our 18 year old was recovering from a bad kidney infection empty handed. You see, this was why I placed the Internet order in the first place to get in and out quickly. Needless to say we were also in the beginning stages of a hurricane as well. I spoke with your customer service department which had me on hold for 10 minutes then was transferred to supervisor who could do nothing at all. What's the sense of having a customer service department if they are unable to take care of the customers problems. After calling and canceling my order which by the way is still not showing on my American express I just wanted to let you guys know what I went thru. K-mart I would expect this type of customer service from. Coach never. Thanks for taking the time to read my complaint.

I wanted to purchese a pair of sunglesses at coach store in Summit Mall in Ohio. they were to be 138.00, which is how they rang up. the clerk then tried to mark them up to 187.00. when question ed about the chnage, she ansd another sales associated started to babble. Suspecting a scam, i left without purchasing. good thing, as i purchaed them at Dillards for 138.00 . oh and by the way the price on the web is also 138.00. you should screan your employees better, as these 2 were trying to rip me off! last coach product I will buy from store front or any other vendor!

The coach stor in Vicksburg, Ms has very poor customer service, I have purshased Coach handbags in other factory outlet and had a much better shopping experience than the one in Vicksburg Ms. When you enter the store they greet you from a distance most of the associates are engaged in their own conversations which is very unprofessional when you have customers in the store, finally someone asked me if I needed help with something after about 15 minutes in the store but I don't like their selection of hand bags because they are two-three years old and they are not the new or real real coach hand bags. Coach only stand behind their full price hand bags not the factory outlet one because they are made of cheap materials.

I recently purchase a Madison Coach purse and I love it. I have several coaches and consider myself loyal to this brand. Recently I was browsing the web amd came across Coach Outlet and was amazed at the sales I found. I purchased 2 purses from them and just recieved them in the mail. One, they are not the real deal . I hope people out there look at the ads for what they are phoney. I realize they were not official coach site after they took money and took to long to correspond back. What can loyal coach buyer do to make sure it it authentic purse.

I am writing in regards to a Coach Purse I purchased early April of this year from Dillards. It has adjustable straps, to wear as a under the arm shoulder bag or a across the body bag. I am totally dissatisfied with the purse! It has two metal rings the strap is attached to & it hangs up constantly & punches me...had even pinched so hard to draw blood!! I want it gone. I am looking to return it tmrw...don't think Dillard's will refund me, but I am going to raise some heck...& if nothing is resolved...going to Corporate office...! This is my second Coach Purse, & hate to burst Coach's bubble, but I'd rather waste $200 else where from now on...

Dear Coach, The appearance and approach of your roving salesperson needs improvement at the outlet store at the Premium Jersey Shore Outlets. Yesterday I was approach when on line with a person who had no name tag or a professional appearance who wanted to check me out by asking for my credit card. As she was highly unprofessional, I did not think that she worked for your company, therefore I waited on the line, not wanting to hand over my credit card to a stranger in a store. I suggest that this person along with your other roving salespeople introduce themselves properly and wear name tags and have a professional appearance. Remember the only personal contact one of your customers have is in your store. Your personnel should support your upscale image.

I ordered a coach bag from southern park mall Boardman Ohio for a friends birthday on 8/11/2012 to be shipped via fed ex. The bag was purchased on 7/27/2012 and todays date 8/14 still no birthday present.Perhaps they thought I wanted the bag to arrive on 8/11/2013.

Received a in February. It's now July and my black bag is now a faded grayish brown. It was a gift so I have no receipt. Coach will charge me $20 to have it sent away for inspection and best case scenario is that I'll get a coupon for a discount on my next purchase. There will not be a "next" purchase. Low quality, cheaply made garbage with a high price tag! Horrible CS.

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