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Just wanted to say I love your commercials I love the three ladies I literally start going to Big Lots because of them

Not Happy

Went Big Lots today to buy the 6 piece patio furniture for $999 that they had advertised but they only had part of it. So we called around and they to only had part of the set. I don't want to have to drive all over the state to piece it together! Not very happy with Big Lots right now!!!!!!

bad dog food

Please don't sell dog food accused of sickening and killing dogs. Like Beneful. My neighbor's dog sick with it as we speak.

Grove City Big Lots

Grove City Lots is the worst place I have eve been in. I have bought 3 different proscan tablet from them. The first 2 tablet was broke and use. So I took it back to exchange it for a new one and then they turn around and sale me yet another use tablet. I will never buy another tablet from big lots ever.

good place

I have worked at big lots and they are the hardest working people in retail I know. The company is bringing good prices to customers and they run it with a small staff so customers can enjoy the benefts of cheaper prices. happy new years big lots.


After reading many sad reviews by employees and customers from all over I have to respond. I work at Eastpointe MI. #387 . My managers are awesome. They go above and beyond for the customers and store (if you don't know the store you have no idea). If you ever need a manager you won't find them in the office but working on the sales floor or stock room doing whatever it takes, We have a team of wonderful people who call this store their own and their hard work shows.

poor service

I asked the cashier here in Macon, ga. if i could buy a display storage cart already put together, she said no, they had several already put together. I asked for the manager and she said no. I was going to buy something else, but i decided not to buy anything. I bought everything I needed at Walmart already put together and then some, at better prices! So thanks for not letting me purchase that! Also I told the manager that I was taking it to someone at a nursing home, made no difference to her.


Save mart company for sale cash

angry employee

I have worked for this company for 8yrs and seen a lot but this is ridiculous ive asked fot a transfer two an half months ago and im still getting the run around i have to move and would luv to take my job wit my but they act like they dnt wont hard working ppl working for them so now im might have to quite which i dont want to i dnt know what to do

Poor service

Placed call to the Corporate telephone number advertised (614) 278-6800 on 11/22/13 at 4pm in reference to contributing to my church's upcoming outreach for the homeless and community. The phone rang at least 20 times before I hung up! If the above is the right number, terrible customer service for it to be Corporate!

store look very bad

i went to the springfield ma store and that store always looks a mess the food dept. has so much of the same stuff and its never order i love going there to shop because of the prices but i always pass the food dept


Was in the store to day getting my son school supples..to day drop my money the manger came right behined me stood her there where i was new i drop my money and didnt give it to me..when ask did she pick it up she was very very very nast.to she just give me the run around...she you she have my money ....this is not right this is the store manger....store number#5219 dont go there this is what store are going takeing money when they find it...glenburin

the Big Lots in Tonawanda on Youngs St. is a joke they treat there employees like garbage there is no need for this just because I am a new employee does not mean you can take advantage of me and blame me for other peoples mistakes

Big Lots is UNFAIR!

I have been employed at Big Lots since 2010. Over the past yr I only get one day a week to work there, FIVE hrs per wk. Some weeks my 5hrs gets cut short. i have had to draw partial unemployment to help compensate, but that has ended. I asked my mgr last wk for more hrs. I told him I am available for any shift. SO, in stead of giving more hrs. for this week, he gives me one hr less. This company is so unfair! What is sad about this is that I LIKE working there. I am good at my job!


What a disappointment!! Walked I to the store and they had a huge PVC sign with 30% right in front of the swimming pools. I was excited to see the savings, it when I asked the rude manager to ring me up she stated the pools were not on sale for 30% off. Apparently the sign that was placed in front of the pools was for something else. And according to the staff there, I should have known better!! Well now I do... DON'T SHOP THERE!!!

Praise our remodeled store

I was shopping in your remodeled store in Greeneville, TN. Great job on the remodeling! Felt like I was in a TJ Maxx or a Ross store. Great inventory and a friendly staff!

Managers who need better communication skills

My managers are not very good communicators, because when I had sprained my ankle the first day I called them and told one of the managers that I can not go in to work for the following week for my ankle, and then my manager said that fine it will only affect your performance. and then my other manager called me and then said she needed a doctor's note and then told me that she going to put me on absence of leave. and then I found out i was suppose to call everyday I am out.

very little hours at my store

I've worked at big lots since 2006 and still only get one night a week doing stocking and recovery i'm not sure if its because I am a disabeled employee or what the reasoning is I know other people work more hours then I do and im getting frusterated.

It's A Shame

I've been an employee for Big Lots for over 12 years in Hartville, Ohio. I've seen more management come and go through the years, the disrespect, lack of communication and very little team work has ruined the atmosphere among the store setting these days, it has come to the point of wanting and will soon leave this job. For every customer I've ever had have either praised me for being helpful,friendly and approachable. It's a shame how management can ruin a good thing, if it's broken it can't be fixed.

Big Lots Warehouse

I am employed at Big Lots in Durant Okl there is no communication on my first day I am waiting to meet the manager,instead a employee pulls me to the side and says am suppose to show you the ropes. I told her well I was waiting for the manager she said shes the one that told me to take you I have been there a month and I have never meet her couldnt tell you her name.Then you have your drivers on the lefts they all past you and not a one use there horns not even the managers as they drive by you. Now I know that is a safety issue I dont know how they have gotten so many safety hours cause that is just a accident waitting to happen those are just some of my issues.

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