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The stay was great but the staff and management was terrible. We stay one and got charged for 3. It took me over a week to get my money back, after many, many phone calls. I like Best Western Hotels but I will never stay at the one Dry Creek, Healdburg, CA


My husband stayed in the Best Western Plus in Dunmore, PA for work. They put a hold on my account and I was never told, upon asking them if they did they said no ( this person said dhe was the manager). I checked with the bank and they said definetely Best Western. I left numerous messages for the manager, whom still has never called me back. I had my husband move to another hotel and 3 days later their is a charge on my account that is unauthorized. When I asked them about it I find out that I should've never been told I didn't have to pay for the night he checked out and the rate went up for the weekend. When I asked about this they told me the rate definetely would not go up over the weekend. Come to find out that the person I had been talking to , this so called manager, had just started working their that week. Never again will any one in my family stay at a Best Western.

Stayed at the Hacienda Hotel in Old Town San Diego on on anniversary, Dec.28th, as we have done over the years. Wow! Have things changed. Can't book a room through the hotel. Charge for parking, rooms are a pain to get to. No continental breakfast if you book through Expedia which we did only because we couldn't contact the hotel directly No hors d'oeuvres in the early evening. And, last but not least, no return visit to the Hacienda.


By far this was the worst motel I have ever stayed in. The carpet was dirty, the beds had not been changed from whom every stayed there the time before. We call for someone to change the beds. It took him almost an hour to find sheets that were not stained or did not have cigarette burns. The towels and face clothe were dirty. It was so bad we didn't think of having breakfast there. I will not stay at another Best Western soon or maybe never.

My wife and I stayed at the Best Western in Newmarket On, on 22 Dec 12, as we were getting into bed, I felt something cold on my leg, after pulling down the bedding, we had discovered that the sheets were covered in feces.after changing rooms and 3 showers later, we spoke with the front desk and she assured us that the mangager would be calling us on the monday morning. Well here we are over 3 weeks later and still no call. We are very upset and we will never be staying at one of these hotels again.

lost ring

A few weeks ago I stayed at the Best Western Rory and Ryan Inn @ 534 Highway 20 North in Hines Oregon. I was with my daughter, Carol Graves. We stayed for two nights and then returned home in Western Oregon. The next day I realized I was missing my ring. We called the motel and the gentleman at the desk told us they had found a ring in the laundry and after telling him what it looked like, it was returned to us. I want to thank those people for their honesty and let them know how much getting my ring back means to me. Stanford R. Bennett

stolen truck, trailer, racecar, and asscessories

Bradenton fl best western plus suite, dec15,2012. Don't stay unless you bring your own securtiy people, with you. We had a whole racing car setup stolen from this hotel. Found out later that a company truck was stolen minutes after checking in. You would think the manager of the hotel would tell you at check in, a truck was stolen, too a hotel filled with racers with race cars, to be extra carefully, that a truck was stolen earlier in the week. THEY WANT A RATING FOR THIS HOTEL -100

stolen items

I had booked three rooms at the Cottonwood Arizona Best Western during October to attend a wedding. The stay itself was uneventful unfortunately I left some clothing items behind which is what this review is about. After I returned home and discovered that we had left some items in the room I immediately reported it the hotel. They told me that items had been retrieved from the room (which had not been occupied yet) and that they would send them to me. When I received the package from the hotel all the items that I had purchased while on my trip (with price tags still on them) were missing. I have been trying to resolve this with the hotel manager however she first insinuated that I was making this up, informed me that she doesn't hire thieves and in her most recent email told me I must be mistaken about the items (even though I offered to send her the receipts). This is how they treat their customers!!!! SHAME ON THEM.

Poor Management

I saw and heard things from to many of the staff members concerning the management of this motel, Chilicothe, Ohio located on Bridge St. When you spend a couple nights you generally will talk with three different people from the morning, afternoon and evening shifts at the desk. In my persoal experience I heard to many complaints about the management and even their pay. Normally I wouldn't think to much of this but when the stories are all simular I have to wonder how this effects the workers. Even the cleaning people seemed on edge. This of course makes my stay uncomfortable. I don't think I'll stay there again. One thing I know from my old age is people react well when treated well but poorly when treated poorly. I don't want to support something that doesn't respect its own people. I'll stay at the Hampton or some-where else for now on. I guess when your retired you notice more. Thank you

Pitiful in peru, in. Me and the family stopped in to stay and the lobby hen we first walked in was full of drunk guys with beer bottles in their hands and loud and obnoxious in front of my wife and kids. The lady behind the desk told them they are to be in provided bar to do that. Right after telling them anther lady spoke up and itmust of been a manager(her name tag said Jill) and she told them it was okay and told receptionist that is their big money maker and let them even though its against policy. Me and my family will never stay at Best Western again if it is managed in this way. Very poor management at that Best Western!

My husband and another couple were traveling through Alabama. It became dusk and we pulled off in Oak Mountain, Alabama. I purchased 2 rooms at the Best Western Plus and we went to our rooms. My husband took a shower and when he was done he came and threw the blankets back from his bed and on the sheets was a big, brown feces stain. I wanted to throw up. I called the front desk and told the management. I was told that she would be up in a minute. That was 30 minutes ago. I have stayed at Best Westerns all across the country and was very comfortable in each and everyone of them. BUT, THIS IS NASTY. I will tell all of my friends who travel to avoid Best Westerns in Alabama, and believe me, there are a lot of them. Thank you, Evelyn Sue Douglas

We stayed at Best Western Oasis in Canadian Tx and had been quoted a rate o 109.99 per nite per room. No distinction for the room, King or 2 Queens. When we cecked out the King was the rate quoted but the Queens were 134.99 for one and 144.99 for the other. When I tried to question this the Manager became irritated and started telling me he could charge what he wanted and that we had 4 adults in one and 3 adults in the other I told him no there were 2 adults and 2 children in each room and that there was never anything said about the number or age status of the occupants until they decided to charge more. I would like to know how I can get the charges removed from my credit card since they are not correct and actually fraudulent. I told him I would have the charges cancelled from my card and he said Fine. I feel that Best Western is getting a bad name as a corporate when this type of thing happens and even if the motel is individually owned it is detrimental to your name. You should do something about this.

My husband and my sons sports team went to the Best Western in Spruce Grove Alberta. They were promised that the pool would be left open for them after their tournament and they had booked 6 rooms. 2- 2 people rooms, 2 - 4 person rooms and 2 - 6 person rooms. When they got there it took them 45 minutes to check in. When the girls team went to their room there was someone in the room already! They then did not have enough rooms for the girls. They did not have any 6 person rooms available either and the boys had to be split up. A parent had to give up their room and move in with the coaches so that the girls had somewhere to sleep. To top it all off, they would not let the kids swim like they had promised when the hotel was booked. This was the main reason they had chosen this hotel. No one should ever try to bring a large group to this hotel as they are very unorganized, do not keep their promises and were quite rude about the whole thing.

Beware of price quotes...with Best Western Bloomington, MN Quote you a nice price, then charge you double, then tell you that you were the one that mis-understood their pricing. They then tell you there is nothing in their area with the rates they quoted, then when proved them wrong on that, they came back with another excuse. The motel itself was very nice, but beware as the shower leaks all over the floor. Shower head is clear up by the ceiling, unable to reach to adjust it.

Best Western My husband and I spend one nigth at the Nanaimo Island, for one night they told me that will be 130.00 Candian dollars, when I come back and check they charge my debit card 269.00 American Dollars I thinkg that the difference between Canadian and American dollars no so different should be something like 145.00 American dollars They charge all the time to American people extra? WHY? I want an explanation the room was very small.

We just went to the best western in North Canton Ohio on Sunset Strip. We booked into a suite on friday at check in they put a $50.00 deposit on my card which wasa not declared to me at booking time nor was it on their web site. so short of walking out with no where to go we allowed them to do the charge knowing quite well at age 65 I am not at risk of causing any damage. We get up to the room that was booked for two AARP seniors and there was only 1 face cloth 1 hand towel 1 regular towel but 2 big bath towels. I bring my own wash mitt and soap so one face cloth was not that big of a deal but if it was I would not want to be showering 2nd LOL. I am sure they would have brought us up another one if I called. Now the breakfast was not as good as other best westerns we have stayed at but the reason why I am writing this review is When we checked in and they surprised us with that 50.00 deposit they said it would be credited back to our card when we check out fine. when we checked out now they say it could take 10 days before we see this credit back on our card and this is not acceptable. We are seniors on a budget and my account dates may not line up with my bill date and I am really ticked. I will never go back to this best western again ever. felt deceived and bullied by this hotel I hope someone from head office reads this and does something about this deception. I would not have booked there if this was known up front.

This is the first time I have written a review of this nature, but I feel a sense of responsibility to indicate to you that I the Best Western in Utica NY needs to be imploded. It smells of STALE smoke. It is poorly heated. In fact, I would consider saying that the heating elements are unsafe. The mattresses and pillows need to be replaced. The sheets and mattress pads are thread bare. Whomever it is that is responsible for the room cleanliness has done their level best to make the rooms tidy and presentable. The lobby is dated as is the entire place. The continental breakfast will be tomorrow. Time will tell...

Best Western Sundowner Inn 737 S 6th Street Hot Springs, SD Called ahead to reserve 2 Queen rooms. The only available rooms were smoking so we took them. When Sandy at the front desk checked us in she was not able to access 1 Queen room. She gave my husband and I or so she said an upgrade to a king suite for the price she quoted for the Queen $69.99. When we check out the next morning the bills was for $99.99 and not even an AARP discount. I was told there was nothing I could do about this and would have to call the next day. Great we are on a road trip from Chicago to Jackson hole WY. and I have to deal with this. Called the next day talked to Sandy at the front desk said she didn’t know anything about this. I called my credit card co. and refused to pay the $99.99. It is still pending. This hotel was so dirty and shady, I hope they go under.

A humiliating stay at the knoxville, strawberry inn. Was awakened at 12:30 in the morning by Police. I do not know what the heck was going on there or what went on there. I felt very unsafe and the atmosphere was very stressful. Need security guards there..The signs in pool area and in the exercise room are misprinted.. Just not a good experience.. couldnt wait to leave after nooooo sleeeep that night.. Will never visit there again.........:(

This TV Commercial make man look so stupid now I want stay at a Best Western the one about freebies man thought it was free bees that stupid so if I that so stupid i dont know to find a Best Western and dont need my stupid money than you lost me as a customer.

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