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One of the good things about the giant chains such as McDonald’s or Walmart is that when you are in unfamiliar territory, far from home, you can depend on the chains because they are pretty much the same wherever you go. They may not be the greatest but neither are they the worst, and if you don’t like surprises, they are a safe bet. One of the first things Best Western desk clerk “Bob” wanted us to know is that Best Western is America’s largest motel chain, and frankly, that was why we pulled into the Best Western in Hendersonville North Carolina: we figured it was a safe bet. Wrong. Noisy all night long, someone was hosing down things outside our room between 1am and 2am. Unclean, not filthy, just grey and tired. Owners Scott and Deborah Harrell must be having a bad year because they have their employees doing so many things “on the cheap.” 1. No free USAToday at breakfast 2. No protein at breakfast except for hard boiled eggs everything else was starch 3. Day-old or older pastries 4. Unbranded syrup in a sticky plastic jar 5. My wife of 46 years had the temerity to take two of the flimsy foam plates (knowing one might easily break) and the person in charge of the breakfast area summarily took the second plate away and put it back on the stack. The lady said “Oh! I think you took three plates, I have to have two of them back.” My wife had taken two and she surrendered one to the hostess (?). If the motel is representative of America’s largest motel chain, they won’t be the largest for long. Pastor Terence D. McLean PO Box 87, Alpha OH 45301.0087

I have to say, every time I look for a hotel when my family and I are gonna go on vacation, you loose our business. Every single review on the web is horrible, and you do NOTHING. I read countless BAD reviews for the Best Western in Huntington Beach CA, I really wanted to stay there because of the location....you will loose out on $1,000. I called to get info and see what sort of "attitude" or phone customer service I would receive, you'd think it was being ran by a bunch of hill billies. NO phone courtesy or professional tone, just sounds like any kid of question is a huge waist of time for them to answer. You should be ashamed, hundreds of bad reviews and these hotels continue to be unclean, poorly managed, the breakfast alone could be a HUGE health risk. But I guess it really doesn't matter as long as you are getting your money. There is a review from North Carolina, my complain is for California, seriously, from coast to coast. I WILL NOT be waisting my money on your Hotels. I'll go with Marriott or Hyatt. I'll pay a little more, but it is well worth it. As it is your rates are exceeding the service you ARE NOT providing.

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