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Michael Vic

Your should be ashamed for promoting this monster. Only thing he's sorry about is getting caught. Take a look at the pics of the dogs he abused. Promote a book about the dogs that survived and let profit go towards their care and rehabilitation.

Michael Vick Book signing

I think this man is a spawn of the devil for the sick and deliberate murder that he committed to all the dogs and pups, which he truly enjoyed and has no remorse for. It is unbelievable that I have been spending my hard earned money at your business for years, not knowing that your views were to promote and profit from the likes of someone like Vick. If you continue to promote him or others like him, I will not spend another dime in your business. I know that you will not miss what I spend, but there is millions just like me. Dig deep in your hearts and ask God if you are doing the right thing. If you do not believe in God, ask yourself if one murder's profit is worth all that you will lose by promoting him. Do the RIGHT thing and cancel Vick's book signing at all your stores. Ed's

I will never give another penny to you if you support Michael Vick. He enjoyed doing what he did to those dogs. How could you allow someone that killed a dog by slamming it into the concrete like a jump rope? Vick is only sorry because he got caught. If he wouldn't have been caught he would still be doing it today. I am sticking with Amazon.

You Disgust Me

I am appalled that you would support and promote Michael Vick, a known animal abuser and animal serial killer. What is wrong with you. No one wants to hear what this convicted murderer has to say. He is dispicable and now, so are you. Disgusting.

Blood Money

Shame on Barnes and Noble for allowing a murderer to profit! Stop promoting Michael Vick.


I hope the profit is worth the price of your reputation. Greed is not attractive on any entity. Take a stand for something and let this one go! Are going to promote child abuse next?

Vick Needs aBSL for Him

B&N need to examine its conscience. Vick is responsible for the deaths of many dogs through no fault of their own. He is not a role model, but an inhumane person who thinks all can be forgiven because he plays football and has a huge ego. NOT!!! PLEASE RECONSIDER YOUR DECISION TO PROMOTE HIM AND HIS BOOK. Somethings are more important than money.Sax.


I do not know who made the horrible decision to allow a convicted felon and a murderer into your stores to sell his book.But I can tell you this,if you follow through with this decision I nor any member of my family will ever step foot into one of your stores again.

Dog killer

Way to put the last nail in your corporate coffin. For a business that's going under, you'd think that you would try to keep the few customers you have left but apparently you don't really care. Michael Vick is vile and you're promoting his book? Shame on you!


And for all you idiots who actually endorse Michael Vick, do you know that when a dog is tortured they scream??? Like a child. They scream and cry and beg for deliverance with their eyes. Did you know that?? Hopefully each and everyone of you "people" will hear those screams at night when you put your empty heads down on your fluffy pillows!!

Puppy Killer

If you as a company are supporting this monster, I can say I will no longer support B&N . I am very dissappointed you are allowing Monster Vick to financially or any other way benefit from the cruelty he had those poor dogs endure. Shame on B&N! I thought you were a better company than that. Very dissappointed.

Michael Vick

I no longer support B&N because they support Michael Vick!


I don't usually get in these types of discussions. I just want to say, way to go. This is what forgiveness is all about. Way to go Barnes & Noble. Forgive & remember.

Only Way

Unless, ever penny Michael Vick makes from that book goes to help dogs, your allowing him to do book signings in your stores only contributes to his horrific actions.

Do you REALIZE what you are attempting to do!!?? Besides ruin your business, since it is already slowly going out, due to folks using modern technology, which lessens the requirement of your store......much of the WORLD will DEF abandon your business with ANYthing to do with MICHael Vick!!!! Wake UP!!!


Michael Vick crossed a line when he brutally tortured and murdered innocent puppies and dogs. The time he served in prison does not make up for his evil heart. Anyone who promotes Mr. Vick does not deserve my money. I will purchase from Amazon online from this point forward. And, to GE: I am sure you can't afford 1 book let alone 1 for each member of your family so who are you kidding?


If you are having a book signing by Michael Vick I will no longer shop are your store or ask for gift cards from your store which I do every year. Do you not know the cruelty this man is capable of?

Bad move Barnes & Noble. Decency, the law and Humanity all say NO to Michael Vick. You should also.

Michael Vick

Cannot believe you are supporting Michael Vick! I for one will never spend another cent in any of your stores or on line! Normally purchase a couple of books a month at your Burlington, MA store. Now I am going to try and organize a protest there if you go ahead with your planned Vick book signing!!! Do you have any idea of the atrocities this man perpetuated against innocent animals in the name of sport!!! What is wrong with you and your company!!!!! Maybe losing one customer will not hurt you at all, but losing tens of thousands will!!!

Puppy Killer

Anything for a buck? I think it is disgusting that you are having Michael Vick for a book signing. You may get a lot of sickos in the door and they may make a purchase, but I will NEVER spend another dime at B&N. I'd rather support my local small business anyway.

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