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Customers service

Their customer service doesn't rate even one star!!!! On hold, on hold with incompetent customer service people. My gift card of $50.00 which I got for Christmas is a waste of money, I call it a $50.00 harassment card.


OK - more information from your customer reps - seems like this is happening - asked for an additional month on a college book rental (with pay) total rental of the book would have been 120 days with the additional time - was told I would be charged - BOY was I charged - charged for the whole damn book of $133.00. WHAT - went thru three rude rude customer reps - said it was basically my problem. We will see about that. You should not be in the college book rental.

No $50 credit

Have not received my $50 credit with the purchase of Nook HD+. Many calls to customer service but no action. So disappointed in their service.

Business ops, profits, and mistakes (Michael Vick)

Seriously, BnN?? Till tonight, I had no idea that you had allowed yourself to make money off of those monstrous acts! The only way to correct this is to double the money made on his book and donate it to appropriate animal shelters and charities, as it comes, right away and always! A huge fail for your marketing and business team! If you want more money start charging for your services that you already do great: provide a day long book rentals for a 1/4 book price fee, which would then on the second day create either a book sell in case of no return, or a smaller profit and a used book which (a) can be rented again or (b) sold on the used book store online. This would promote online store and provide profit from people that like to read books for hours in BnN, but not really pay a full price for them. It is easy and it can be done! Elaborate on this idea. Don't go down like Borders or even worse make business with Michael Vick and similar. Think BnN + RedBox + Amazon. Take the best of the worlds. Reminder again about fixing the mistake - donate to animal shelters and appropriate charities. This is the only way at this point to wash your face and hands. Along with giving to your loyal customers a heartfelt apology.

group leader

I have ordered books from a local B&N. All three times I was dissatisfied with the results. First: Wrong number of books arrived three days late. Second: Books were shipped to my home and used my PO Box address causing a three day delay Third: I ordered four books, got called my order was in and only 2 two books arrived. The other two would NOT be delivered. You call this customer service???? I plan on geting my books elsewhere.... thanks B&N for letting me know I am NOT worth the trouble to make happy.

Nook Customer Support

I am absolutely disgusted with the customer service that I have received from Barnes and Noble. In this day and age, what reputable company decides not to do price matches? I have inquired about price matches for classroom novel sets and was turned down. I also paid full price for two Nook books, but 3 days later the books went on sale; I requested a refund of the difference. It took them 5 days to respond to my request when the website clearly states that a representative will get back with me between 12-24 hours. Their response is always the same, "we provide competitive pricing." No you don't. Your eReaders are more expensive than Amazon and so are the online books. I will be letting all my friends and family know just how cost inefficient it is to buy a Nook as well as books for Barnes and Noble. It is one of the WORST purchases I have ever made. Don't make the same mistake as me.

Customer service disappointment

After being a loyal customer and purchasing thousands in nooks, accessories and books, an update wiped out my serial number. After spending more than 4 hours on 6 different occasion I was told I could purchase a different model at a reduced price! Shame on you Barnes and Noble for punishing loyal customers for your software issues!

Poor Customer Service

I ordered a book from your website on Thurdsay, April 4th, 2013 and paid $15.48 for expidited shipping. As of 7pm, Friday, April 5th, 2013, the book was still sitting in your warehouse. You claim expedited shipping will deliver a book to my door in 1 to 2 business days. Of course, Saturday is not a business day as far as your company is concerned. Your customer service people did not offer any assistance, such s refunding my $15.48 for expedited shipping which will NOT happen. I have been a B & N member for more than 5 years and spend several hundred dollars in your stores every year. YOU HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO CONCEPT OF CUSTOMER SERVICE !

nook response

Very disappointed with the customer service. I had a subscription for a year, and they removed my digital magazines without notice! I have tried to contact them and all I get are apologetic remarks from their Customer Service in India ... not results, just promises. Who wants to purchase any book, or magazine with the knowledge that Barnes & Noble can delete at them at their will and get away by neglecting customer claims? I should not even add the lonely start I was forced to add as their rating ..grrrrrr

Return my magazines!!!

Very disappointed with the customer service. I had a subscription for a year, and they removed my digital magazines without notice! I have tried to contact them and all I get are apologetic remarks from their Customer Service in India ... not results, just promises. Who wants to purchase any book, or magazine with the knowledge that Barnes & Noble can delete at them at their will and get away by neglecting customer claims? I should not even add the lonely start I was forced to add as their rating ..grrrrrr

Color Nook

I am very disappointed in B&N. I bought a color nook on March 17,2012. I had troubles with what I thought was just the charger because the nook was having trouble charging and I had to keep wiggling it. Come to find out it was the nook not the charger. Not only did I have horrible customer service at the store (the clerk said that I was rough with the charger) but because I was 2 weeks past my 1 year warranty, I had to pay $85 for a new nook. I would expect that if I spend $200 on something that it would last for more than a year. I had a horrible customer experience and I am very disappointed in B&N.

Nook and $50 gift card

I bought a nook on March 9, 2013. Three weeks later and after many long phone calls the balance is still zero! I can believe that it takes three weeks to credit a $50 gift card. If I would have bought a book on line would have taken more than three weeks to charge my card? This experience has been really disappointing.

Gift Card

Purchased HD nook plus 3 week ago and still haven't received $ 50 gift card. How long does an electronic gift card take? Been given the run around for a week now saying they would forward to concerned team.....Like how many times? This is a joke. Call them and you will get India. Try someone in the US. I think they should give us all double for the aggravation.

Gift Card Problem

I am angry and very disappointed in how I was to receive a fifty dollar gift card within 3 to 10 days of buying/registering my new Nook HD + ereader. It has been twenty one days since buying my new nook and I still haven't received the gift card. They say on the 23rd I will get it, but that was not what was promised. What is up with this?? Next time I am going to get an iPad or Kindle.

STOP Closing of Store #2142

Trying to contact the powers-to-be at Barnes and Nobles Corporate Office. Customer Services;Assistant Store Operations; Corporate Communications are unable or unwilling to take/return phone call.

Annoyed, Dazed and Confused

I just want to let you all know that word of mouth is very powerful. I will make it my mission because you all feel the need to charge a financially strapped college student twice for a rental book without a care in the world after begging and pleading that the book wasn't damaged. I'm never using your company again and I'm telling all of my friends and family about this as well. Thank-you for being a customer oriented company.

B&N at Camp Creek Marketplace is schedule to close June/Juy13. On behalf of Senior Citizens, Veterans, Teachers, Students, Children, Members, Non-Members, Employees and surrounding neighborhoods, we are requesting that the closing of B&N store #2142 be stopped immediately. Economics is not the reason-just that you have decided to not renew your lease. There is not another B&N store within 25 miles radius of the current location. On a daily basis, the parking lot is full and there is inadequate seating to serve your current customers. Please reconsider!!! Looking Forward

Great service

I am writing to praise the service I got from two employees, Echo and Marvin Mathews. In an era of impersonal treatment, these two representatives were extremely courteous and extremely helpful. We are quick to complain when things go wrong. I am happy to write as a satisfied ongoing customer whose commitment to Barnes and Noble has been strengthened by this experience.

Cancel Vick's book signing. Shame on you Barnes and Noble. Look at the pictures of what Vicks did to those poor animals. He should not be able to promote at your store and if he does I will NEVER enter Barnes and Noble again and I will share on facebook for all friends and friends of friends to do the same. Please make the just decision.


I was actually surprised that B&N agreed to have Michael Vick promote his book in the stores. I am for capitalism, and you have your right to your business decisions, but I believe this is a poor business decision. I am not threatening to pull my business IF you allow him to promote in your stores, I have already decided to take my business elsewhere because you decided to approve this action.

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