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Fraudulent Sales Practices

This so called reputable bookseller not only advertised a used item as new, but failed to disclose that it was not the retailer. They then had the nerve to tell me to contact some third party that I had never bargained with in the first place (or authorized them to release my info so). Words can't express my profound disappointment with this experience. I will never buy from them again.

angry customer

I would not give their online service even one star, but you have to in order to get posted

HORRIBLE Customer Service

I have sent countless emails and even filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau regarding a very negative experience I had with an online order last year. That was months ago and I STILL have not had the courtesy of even the most basic of responses. Amazing. Apparently Barnes and Nobel doesn't need or respect customers.

Unable to have orders automatically using gidt card credit balance

I have had tried to order two itms in the past two weeks to use the credit balances that are registered on their site from gift cards. Instead of offering me the option or automatically taking the money for the order fro my credit balance they are asking for a credit card. I had to call to resolve the issue after emailing them several times. They are doing it to me again, tried chat. No resolution obtained.

Couldn't get the store to answer their phone!!!

On Oct. 24 I tried calling the Barnes & Noble in Dublin Ca. & couldn't get any answer. I called 3 times & let it ring at least 20 or more times. Very frustrating because I wanted to order a book. It took almost 20 minutes of my time for nothing...very disappointing! I ended up calling the one in Redwood City & she called the # & also got no answer? Not sure how they can be so busy that no one can answer the phone, or ignore it. Very poor customer services!!! I had to give 1 star rating. I would of gave none if possible!

No help at all...

I rented a textbook from Barnes and Noble for $65.21. The order arrived a week later, but the pages were separated from the spine and there was writing in the book. Obviously, it was a used book, so I called B & N to inquire about purchasing the book since it wasn't brand new anyway. I was told to log in to my account to determine the price I would have to pay to purchase the book I was sent because that information couldn't be given over the phone. It was an additional $122.81!!! I called back because it seemed ridiculous that the price of a new book ($142.95) was less than what they wanted me to pay for the damaged one. Logically, I thought I could purchase the used book I was sent at a discounted price since it was damaged. Three nice but unhelpful representatives later, I still haven't gotten an explanation as to why a used, damaged book costs more than a brand new one.

It was a good store, but not anymore

If the old manger left they need one with more life experience and how to speak to people with respect. I will it return until I hear positive changes taking place. Goodbye.

Customer service???

I worked for Barnes and Nobel for 12 years. I really liked working part time in a book store. We have had a few good managers. On the average the bad managers were bullies and did not believe in good customer service. If you took time to help customers you were reprimanded, called in the managers office and finally written up for giving good customer service even when good sales were involved. You were told no chit chat give the customer the book or CD and next customer, in and out. Very poor customer service from stupid managers who should be working elsewhere. Typical of American businesses. Wonder why sales fall and bankruptcies are on the rise??

Nook Books

I love my Nook and the online support and purchase options. I just need to know why would an electronic Nook Book EVER cost more than the actual book? That cannot in any way be fair when the Nook Books are delivered electronically.

There is no customer service


Helpful, but not

Everyone I spoke to tried to be helpful. and I think they wanted to direct me to the department I wanted to get to...but in the end I hung up the phone flummoxed, with a smile on my face because of all the delightful yet not quite helpful customer service.

Sales Tax

Why dose Barnes & N. charge Sales Tax on my ebooks? They do not have to because I do not live in New York. I am sick of political correctness and unless a law has been passed to make this mandatory I think it is a very bad practice. I have not been buying from B & N since they started this practice.

very poor customer service

they have the poorest customer service that I have ever us in my life of 72 years, spent over 5 hrs on the phone still have same problem, passed to 7 people even a supervisor she stated can't make a decision for 7 to 10 days .can't talk to anybody at corp office they don't want to they tell you to call coustomer service which is no help, stay away from this company.


Dear Barnes and Noble, I love your book stores but the closest one to us is 10 minutes away, can you please build a book store in Murphy Texas which is near plano Tx in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. If you build a store in Murphy it will be a minute or so away instead of 10 minutes. Thank you. :)

Bad Service

I purchased a $25 gift card for my son-in-law online on Dec 10th he never received it. I called on Dec 24th, they said they couldn't find it, but would send another expedited. He still has NOT RECEIVED that one either and its now Dec 26th! How embarrassing. Should have used AMAZON. Will never do business with Barnes and Nobel again. Sad, sad, and MAD

Return Policy is Idiotic

My wife and I (25 year patrons) attempted to return an itm,unopened and with proper receipts,etc,to the Framingham,MA location at Shopper's World. The Store Manager (he claimed) could not explain why,even though we fit into B7N's stated return policy, we would not even be issued a store credit. When we asked for a further clarification we were told we were being "arguementative". Quite baffled. Quite disappointed also. This situation has been posted to my Social Media pages as well as my blog. Patrons who aren't treated with even common courtesy should "vote with their feet". Jeffrey Warren

Fantastic, Caring People

Our Unity Music Boosters, Tolono, Il, recently held a fundraiser at the Marketview Barnes & Noble in Champaign Illinois. A young lady named Stephanie Sexton assisted us in setting up the fundraiser. She was so knowledgable, attentive, and helpful. All the employees made this fundraiser run so smoothly. We enjoyed our day there and were very pleased with the outcome and the generosity of everyone. We look forward to doing the fundraiser again next year!

Horrible Customer Service

I ordered a gift card. I called twice and they still did not send the gift card. Instead the customer service agent if you can call them that CANCELLED MY ORDER!!!! What was so hard about mailing a gift card. Never shopping there again!

customer service

When I tried to have an order cancled so it could be re-ordered, customer service would hang up the phone or conect me with an out of country office. This it the worst customer service I have ever delt with and will never shop at barnes and noble again.

Warmed by Windchill

This book will make you cry, laugh, get angry, cry and feel light hearted because Windchill will become the spoke person for the abused animals in the world. Laws need to be passed that the abuser is punished with jail time and never have an animal again plus a huge fine. This is murder and we have to stop the slaughter. Alright Jeff helping a poor little colt some love

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