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Why woud you choose a gentleman that acts so feminine to promote your company?

Extremely let down!!!!

After spending almost 2 hours on the phone with customer service, not only did they refuse to honor their price commitment after wrongly cancelling my order but insulted me by calling me a liar!!! I will NEVER shop with Barnes and Noble or ANY company affiliated with Barnes and Noble and I highly recommend you do the same! I thought I was ordering new items and new sales items with Barnes and Noble and not with third party companies. At NO point during my purchasing online Christmas gifts was I asked if I wanted cheaper and sometimes used items. I am very disappointed and upset that myself as well as friends and family members have been shopping with this company all these years. I hope this review helps others so they don't get duped like I did!

Nook Support

To top bad service, Barnes and Noble lying to their fewer and fewer loyal customers ... I had nook support ask me how long I have been in a motel!!! I travel and needed a replacement nook and they kept wanting my BILLING address abd to reiterate my bank cardbwhen my Nook was still under warranty. I had jusr bought the old Nook tablet right before they transitioned them out. When I bought it with a extended warrenty they sold me on the idea no matter how much I traveled I could just exchange the Nook at any Barnes and Noble... There needs to be a class action lawsuit started!

The Logic Course by Steven DeHaven

Worst book and was sold to students at Wayne State University unsigned and the CD has never worked. WSU notified and so was Barnes and Noble and the books are still on the shelves being sold to students and the CD does not work. Please refund all students and immediately recall all books The Logic course by Steven De Haven and Blue Storm CD. These books and CD were sold as a package and they do not work. They are being sold illegally. Please contact me Immediately "''Please have Mary Yoder contact me as this is a very serious issue that needs immediate attention. Thank you, Roslyn Best

Poor Customer Service - nook

When I was experiencing problems with my nook - specifically with a preloaded app that I dont use. I called to have the app removed. I was told that I dont have a choice on having the app loaded. There was no option it is simply you have to have it. The only solution to the app being defective and causing problems is wiping and reloading the Nook - but the app would still be reloaded. I understand that stuff comes preloaded but forcing a customer to keep it is poor service and enough to make me go to another tablet when I am ready to replace this one.

poor customer service

Also, when I asked the Supervisor where I could go to file a complaint or write a complaint, she could not or would not assist me with the information I requested.

Rolling Stone Magazine

Time Magazine put Sadam Hussain on its cover as well as other dictators, despots and terrorists because their actions were newsworthy. Rolling Stone provides an in-depth analysis of what could have led to the actions of the Boston Marathon Bomber. Rolling Stone is not promoting him as a rock star but providing valuable insight to what can lead to the deplorable actions of a terrorist. Law enforcement and ordinary citizens can learn from this article what some of the early signs are for such barbaric actions.


I buy a book once a month from your store in hyannis ma. All of the stores are pulling the rolling stone magazine due to the bomber picture on the cover. I believe you should pull the magazine off the shelves. I understand no censorship but this isn't censorship it's standing for morals and values of human beings that live here in this world of ours. If you continue to sell the magazine you are saying to the world. The mighty dollar matters and people Don't!! Hoping deep down my favorite book store does the right thing.

Rolling Stone: August

Pull from the shelves!!! Rolling Stone has glamorized a terrorist... Horrible!!! Rating: NEGATIVE

Customer Service; they never heard of it!!

Just spent goodly amount of time on the "Live Chat". only to be timed out. Called the 800 number and got someone who goes by "MJ". Called about an order for which I received two of the books. She was able to pull up the order but said she was not allowed to tell me what I ordered. How was I tell what was missing if she wouldn't tell me what the order consisted of.?They were German-English parallel texts and apparently they were shipped by a company that B&N consigns these orders to. Therefore B&N claims no responsibilty for them. The stupidity and idiocy of this so-called customer support is mind boggling. It's right out of Kafka nover/play. Of course, this call center is located "overseas" which means a great deal of difficulty understanding what is being said. Could/would not transfer me to U.S. Said it was impossible. No number either. Top Secret I suppose. Will send letter to pres/CEO although I was told one quit 2 weeeks ago. I can understand why.

The Journey from heartbreak to connection

BE AWARE....... "Authorized Sellers (Books Revisited)are charging 10X plus for this particular book. Don't buy from them! Go to Susan Anderson's website and you can down load it for a small fee.

Your Corp. info on B&N

Your information on the Barnes and Noble corporation is next to nothing. Can't you do a better job than this?


Dear Sir/Madam, Greeting of the day! Hope you are doing well. We are pleased to introduce our self as one of the biggest manufacturer of Baby articles, located here in Panipat, popularly known as Anandtex International Pvt. Ltd. We are working with Marks & Spenser, Tommy Hilfigure, Ralph Luran etc. Also, we are Walmart, J.C.Penny, Sears, Kmart, Khols, Dollar General, Dollar Tree & Big Lot approved company. It would be my great pleasure if I could have an opportunity to join with your esteemed company. Please find attached our Baby collection for your reference. Hope you will like the same. If you have any question, please do not hesitate and let me know. Looking forward to hear back from you very soon & hoping for a positive feedback. Best Regards, Sanjay

Great service

My co-worker and I went in to the Chico Store and purchased many books. We found that all the sales associates were very helpful and courteous. We appreciate all they did for us that day.

Nook in Temecula

I am reading all the bad reviews I am seeing for your customer support. However, the Nook department in Temecula, CA is doing things right. Maybe corporate ought to look at that store and what they are doing. The service is great and I LOVE my new Nook HD+ and accessories!

poor customer service

Wish I had read the reviews before I purchased the nook hd+. I received a gift card for buying the nook but no one said it expired in 30 days. I went to my store after being on the phone with tech support, wasting 25 day time minutes on hold. Finally they said it expired. Went to the store and mgr said I don't know. Tried to call corporate office, and gave up after waiting another 5 min. With no answer. Buy something else people! You get no service here!

B&N scam

Barnes and Noble stores all credit information and uses it at there discretion. I am outraged that the Barnes & Noble has my accounts pending transactions and basically told me oh well.

Terrible customer service

I ordered my college books 2 days ago. I never saw a estimate shipping bor arrival date for the books. I went into the website and found out my books won't be shipped in 3 weeks. I called customer service and they told me that they can't refund my money and cancel my order. I told I need the books asap for my college courses. They didn't care or offer to express my books at no cost to me. I'm extremely angry and will never order from them again. The lady told me that they can't refund my money until I have the books. I just find that worthless.

complete embarressment

so i began having trouble with my daughters nook not charging... got online, chatted, and got a replacement charger sent. opened the box and bam, only half the charger was sent, the wall end... it was the usb end that was defective. i got back online told them the mix up and they told me they sent the remaining half and i should get it in 3-5 days, then convo was cut off midway. one week later and i still dont have it. jumped back online and chatted with customer service again to get conversation cut off midway 2 more times. then i finally found someone to not "hang up" on me. he tells me that my replacement was canceled due to lack of inventory, after i was already told it had been shipped. so now im reeeeeal mad that i had been lied to, they couldnt even email me to let me know. then i was told theyd let me know once they become available. so i actually called customer service to go through 2 different people and have been told it will hip tomorrow... i wont hold my breath. the complete incompetence is an embarrassment to the company

Poor products, Poor customer service. I do not understand how Consumer Report rated the Nook #1. Company systems are not coordinated I order one day to find out the next the item is out of stock. Service rep had no idea when the item would be available. Run to Amazon or Itunes and away from B&N! No star rating was not available.

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