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Boycott Michael Vick!

Michael Vick is a heartless animal killer who should not gain from his crimes against animals! How could Barnes and Nobel support his financial gain? I encourage you to reconsider and drop Michael Vick. You will otherwise loose many customers.

Please, Barnes and Noble do not support Michael Vick with book signings, promotions or anything else. Vick is an outrage and whoever thinks you can reform a killer, needs a brain transplant. If you allow this heathen into your store for anything promotional, I will take my business elsewhere.

Michael Vick

I just renewed my B&N membership I think I should go get a refund!!! I will just shop amazon.com as long as Barnes & Noble supports people who have committed crimes against animals! Those same people exhibit no remorse and are perfectly willing to do the same thing to a human; whether it be adult or child. Remember this B&N you too have families you should be worried about instead of fostering and advocating this behavior!

Supporting Vick? Now I'm supporting Amazon instead of B&N

I will not support any business that supports Michael Vick. Dog fights ended by death by drowning, strangulation, hanging, gun shot, electrocution or some other horrific methos. Bye B&N - Hello Amazon!!

Stand for what's right.

Please do not allow Michael Vick to sign his book at any of your locations. Not only is this unethical on your part to allow such a monster promote himself, $0 of the proceeds from his book are going to animals in need and THAT is not the sign of a changed man. I am a frequent customer and I will never (along with everyone I know) step foot in a B&N if you allow this to happen. Stand up for what's right and stand up for all of those beautiful pups whose lives were either taken or destroyed by this man. Be their voice and say no to Michael Vick.

You are scheduling book signings with dog murderer and torturer Michael Vick? I will never spend another dime online or in Barnes and Nobles stores. Your corporate greed at the expense of innocent animals is disgusting beyond words. Shame on you.


It is unbelievable that what this sick excuse for a man has done is so easilly forgotten. Let me remind you, Michael Vick has personally taken part in the drowning, electricution, hanging and brutally beating of innocent animals. I have banned subway and nike for being affiliated with MV and believe me when I say I will never step into a B&N again.

Lost another one

I usually read between 10-15 books a month- by endorsing Vick u lost another costumer.


Forget what terrible customer service I recieve... I can deal wiyh rude and lazy people. And on yhe occasion I find a good employee I tell them they are the exception. But to endorse a felon, who has never shown remorse, has only complained what happened to him, and for all inte t and purpose ben selfish and self serving his entire life... UNFATHOMABLE. Michael Vick is NOT A ROLE MODEL. Children should not be encouraged to emulate him. He's not even a good quarterback. Keep this up and you will be served the same fate as borders, which I miss everyday. Saddened in Philly.

Mike Vick Book

I'm sorry you don't have sense enough to know that supporting a monster is bad for business. My family is done with your store. I now have to buy a kindle for my daughter to replace her Nook. You will not get another cent from me. I am disgusted.

Horrified You're Supporting A Murderer

I'm absolutely horrified and deeply disappointed in your corporate decision to allow a sick, twisted man who was CONVICTED of electrocuting, hanging, torturing and killing innocent animals to make a profit along with you off his disgusting book. SHAME ON YOU for carrying the book, SHAME ON YOU for promoting it, SHAME SHAME SHAME on you for having this man be a part of your company in any way. You have lost me, and many others, as a customer.

Happy Customer

You guys are a bunch of cry baby's people make mistakes get over it. You all act like your stuff smells like roses, the real losers are all these people with their negative comments. Im sure Barnes and Noble wont miss your business one bit. I think i will go buy two copies.

I am shocked and outraged that your company would promote Michael Vick, a convicted dog killer. I refuse to spend my money with a company that is obviously putting money ahead of doing what is right. Go to your FB page and you will see that my opinion is shared by many. I will never shop at your store and sell my Nook and buy a Kindle. You made a horrendous business decision that I hope sinks you. You are no better then Vick.

Puppy Killer

I don't need to read it. I know the story and unless Vick is giving every single dime earned on that book to The Humane Society, then I not ONLY will not be buying I will not be giving my money to Barnes and Noble, in person or otherwise. Actually, to prove my point, I might just go buy a copy of something worth reading, go to a B and N coffeeshop and sit there a few hours reading, buying absolutely nothing, just taking up some space for some customer who wants to buy some of your stuff and drink three lattes.

Very Disappointed in Your Company

I was very saddened to hear that you are promoting Michael Vick, and thus condoning his past behavior. B & N should not be associated with this sorry excuse for a human being. Are you even aware of what he did, including drowning, electrocuting, and torturing dogs without any remorse whatsoever. His sociopathic behavior coupled with your company's lack of respect for the animals he tortured is a recipe for bad business. I will no longer support B&N and will be sure to tell my network of family and friends about your irresponsible business practices.

M Vick

Shame on you, I will no longer buy my books from you. Why would you do such a thing? He is a killer.

Michael Vic

Are you kidding me! What is going on. I will never purchase another book Barnes and Noble....This guy is a loser big time. It was bad enough they took him back into the NFL, but we know NFL has no conscious they are out for the almight dollar. It appears that B&N are doing the same...this guy is a murder in every sense of the word...he should still be behind bars or doing community service the rest of his life at a vet clinic or dog shelter. Instead we make him a millionaire.....I just don't get it....

Finally Free

Michael Vick will never be free from me or any of the other millions of animal lovers. They promote him with book signings and lose my business. If that is what the want then so be it.

Michael Vick

I will not any longer step foot in your stores or buy anything online from Barnes & Noble. This is outrageous that Barnes & Noble even considered inviting Michael Vick for a book signing. Michael Vick committed heinous crime against animals. The only thing Michael Vick is sorry for, is the fact he got caught and exposed. He is not hero, he is not someone anyone should admire or look up to, he is nobody.....only the dogs who suffered horribly at his hands were and are the heroes. Michael Vick is a disgraceful human being.

Customer, No More.

I am disappointed to see a wonderful company such as Barnes and Noble support a horrible human being such as Michael Vick. For this reason, and this reason alone, I will no longer frequent the stores. You have lost me as a long time customer. You will likely lose some of my 6,000,000 followers via twitter, facebook, my personal blog and personal friends due to this injustice.

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