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I bought a couch, side table, and TV stand 4 weeks ago. The couch has been delayed twice now and I have been told that it will not be delivered for 3 more weeks. If the couch was on back order we should have been told this at the time of purchase! Now it is too late to cancel, we have no couch, but are expected to start making payments? Ridiculous!

Ordered a bed and a couch which arrived at 7am when they were told multiple times and emailed as well not to come until 9:30 am, because we would not have the keys to the apt. They left and in order for them to come back charged another $140.00 delivery fee or they would not schedule another deliverer date and time. They make a mistake and I pay for it!!!! What a racket and way to make more money. Hopefully it will come tomorrow? This is not over yet!!

Shabby furniture, shabby treatment

Bought a sofa less than 4 months ago and, with normal use, looks shabby and is of poor quality. Had a technician to the house, he agreed with our assessment, but Customer non-service would do nothing for us. Customer service person was rude, did not listen, and frankly sounded like he was a horrible fit for customer service. We also paid for a protective coating that was not applied and customer service would not even address that. Shoddy, shady business practices and we will not go back. We are pursuing this with the BBB and other avenues but realize we may not be successful. Regardless, this company is a rip off and displays no customer service/satisfaction whatsoever. Buyer beware!! Run away quickly!!

not worth it

I will make sure you lose as many customers as possible. Every one on twitter, Facebook, any possible social network will hear of how bad you are at the service and product you provide. Just get prepared.

Bad Business

I purchased furniture from the Galleria store in Houston TX back in July 2014. I arranged to have items shipped in August 2014, on the day items arrived I was missing the lamps I had purchased and was told that Ashley does not deliver these items and that I would have to picked them up from the Galleria store. then on one occasion I was told the lamps would be shipped in September 2014. I requested to cancelled the lamps and was told I could not because I had 48 hours to cancelled. what a joke! this order was made back in July 2014...

Worst experience ever

I was going to write another review on this horrible store, but there's already 894 ahead of me. What's wrong with this company ?? They don't care about the consumer at all, only about lining their pockets . This is the worst store EVER

Failed commitments 3 different purchases!!!! I hate Ashley's

I don't know how many Effin calls it takes for someone to listen and take responsibility to help you. No one owns it, I am so patient this is my third purchase of a Fruniture set. They have screwed up every last commitment, it's never delivered or ready for pick up when they say it will be. It's a run around I will let everyone know not to show here

Worst Service EVER!!

I had a new mattress delivered on August 13, 2014. While they were bringing the mattress to our bedroom, they damaged our new moulding that was recently installed, First the driver was denying that they did but, I was right there so they couldn't get away with it. Then the driver insulted me by trying to put putty in the dent. I have been trying for weeks to rectify this to no avail. All I get is the run around and no one wants to be accountable for the damages. They haven't heard the last of me yet!

Inferior furniture

Ashley furniture sells inferior furniture and sell's even a worse extended guarantee from Guardian. My son bought a leather sofa set a little over a year ago which is cracking and splitting. When the warranty was called they would only fix 1 cushion as a courtesy and it would cost him $160 to do the rest. They only fix accidental damage not replace inferior materials that were used. So I guess if he sat on the couch with a knife in his back pocket that cut up the furniture that would be covered because it was on accident but does not cover the crappy material that you used that is breaking down. Even the repair man that came out said there was something wrong with the material and it should not be doing it., I will never step into a Ashley or Value City furniture store and will definitely make sure none of my money ever goes to Guardian.

Horrible Service

NEVER shopping at Ashley Furniture again! Daughter ordered a couch and made sure with salesman and manager that it would be available for pickup on the 2nd as soon as they opened, asked the manager twice, MUST have before the movers come and she leaves for Ft. Bliss, called the warehouse today and it won't be in until tomorrow could be even after they close! THEN on top of that even though she paid with debit they will be mailing her a check so could be up to 2 weeks before she gets her money back... But they pulled it out before we even got to the parking lot! Ashley Furniture in Live Oak. In the end the manager barely even muttered an apology under her breath and that was as close as she came to apologizing, no apology from the store manager or the salesman either! Not only will they lie to you and make promises to get a sale, but they could care less! Fantastic way to treat someone serving our military! I will be sharing this with everyone I possibly can!

I was told by the salesman that when they delivered my dresser they would take my bed. The day the dresser was delivered bed not taken called customer service and was told by customer care that it is up to the driver. I called the salesman he said he would take care or it mattress still here stored in the backyard. I will never go back to ashleys again they lie to customers.


Horrible!!! will never shop here again I went to the store in Colton, CA purchased a sectional and ottoman was told my the sales rep it would be ready on Tuesday the 26th. I called before picking up furniture and was told over the phone that it should be ready just go pick up so I went to pick up they told us it was ready that it would not be ready until September 7th that's two weeks with no furniture. this is ridiculous people go buy furniture because they need it right away not in a month or so. I will never shop at Ashleys again.


I went to the Ashley store in Arlington Texas and tried to buy furniture with my Ashley credit card - I had more credit on my card than I needed and they demanded I pay a 12% cash down payment. You don't have to pay down payments on credit cards to use them- I had a bad experience- their credit cards are not worth the plastic their printed on. they insulted me and encroached on my integrity and I will not forget it.

horrible experience

The sales representative never told me the furniture was being delivered after it was sent to the warehouse. She only told me it arrive between the14th and 21st. My purchase was on the 5th of the same month. On the 14th I called and was told it wouldn't be delivered to the warehouse until the 25th. I advised the phone rep I would be on vacation she Saud they will hold it for me but at a storage cost. When I tried to cancel they said all sales were final and I couldn't cancel my order. This company is bull and if u like their furniture just purchase it through another distributor.


I went shopping at Ashley Furniture in Wilkes-Barre Township with my family and when we walked in at 7:00pm we were reminded 3 times that they were closing at 8:00. Then as we were walking around looking to purchase furniture, a female sales rep walked up to us and followed us to the entry doors at 7:40. As soon as we walked out, she locked the doors. WE WILL NEVER SHOP THERE AGAIN!!!! I will tell all my family and friends on social media not to shop there!

Horrible service

The service at Ashley in Brentwood,TN is horrible. They are inconsistent, doesn't follow up with there tasks. I am very unhappy with the service.

Worst experience EVER

I have never had such awful customer service from any company. I should have checked the reviews. We ordered our furniture 2 weeks ago and they keep (for some unclear reason) taking us off the delivery route. We have guests coming on Friday and this kind of service is unacceptable. I am a real estate agent and my priority is customer service to my clients. Obviously, they don't have the same ethics as me or other reputable companies.

I will never go to Ashley Furniture again!!!!!!

This has been the worst experience in bad customer service , like you, they tried to fix my furniture after they brought it here damaged.I made them bring me another one and damn it was damaged too! I waited on hold for an hour for delivery because they took the phone off the hook for lunch break between 12:00 and 1:30 please be aware! If you are smart its better to spend your money with Star FURNITURE are Gallery Furniture and get better service. Cooperate Office was no help either!!!!!!


Purchased a bed, 5 drawer dresser and mattress with boxspring on 5/03/2014. When items were delivered the delivery guys instructed us that since this was a storage bed it did not need boxsprings but that it would be okay anyway. Bed broke today due to too much weight, between the mattress box spring and 300 pounds of body weight. No one at local office willing to do anything to help. This is our 2nd purchase from them and will be our last !!!

Horrible Customer Service

Horrible service. When I called the "corporate office" in Tamarac, FL, I get the run around. Was told there is no other number to call and no one else to speak to. I will NEVER shop at Ashley Furniture EVER AGAIN. My rating is a -10

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