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If I had the option of putting 0 out of 5 that is what I would give Ashley Furniture Delivery Staff. After spending thousands of dollars on my bedroom set the chest was defective. The first wanted to repair the chest and I told them NO. I wanted a brand new one. Why would a customer want to repair a piece of furniture that was just delivered to them?? I was then promised that my furniture would be delivered this week by the manager of the warehouse. I'm now finding out that he left for vacation without mentioning my delivery. I'm now having a housewarming party this weekend with clothes all over my guest bed. NEVER AGAIN!

Terrible service

The customer service of the delivery staff is absolutely horrible!! I have ordered thousands of dollars worth of furniture from them and I will never again use the store located on va beach blvd because of the behavior and professionalism of their delivery staff. They were rude, ignorant, lazy, and just down right disgusting. I am so very disappointed as I love the quality of Ashley furniture but if this is who they have and allow to represent them then I will no longer spend my money there.

The WORST Customer Svc / Products

We have refurnished our new home through Ashley Furniture, thousands of dollars, countless hours of waiting for deliveries that are late, weeks & weeks out ony to finally receive your furniture and it's torn, cut, faulty in operation. The sales people are like Vultures when you walk in the door just so they get their commission for doing nothing but writing up your order, do you think they call you to make sure your order was on time, correct, undamaged, etc. NO THEY DON'T they just want their commission. The Yorba Linda California store is the store I am complaining about, even the store manager is rude. WE WILL NEVER SHOP ASHLEY FURNITURE AGAIN . . . I can' believe they are still in business, they need to focus on the happiness of their customers, do they even read the reviews, if they did perhaps they would improve. Hate this store with a passion . . .

Swindled in Oregon

We purchased our couch & love seat November 2013, when our furniture was delivered I thought it felt different. The "leather" didn't feel as strong. December I called Ashley due to leather wearing off. January repair guy FINALLY comes out. He does a poor job "fixing" our love seat center console. Seems don't line up, the back isn't down all the way and the guy sat on my floor watching The Croods causing the project to take over 4 hours. I reported more issues with the furniture to the repair guy. February 2014 UPS delivers a huge package from Ashley. March. April, May, June & July I keep complaining. Ashley finally sends a guy out to assess the furniture. Ashley wants to send Leather Medic out to spot dye. I request exchanging furniture. Ashley refuses. I remind them they have a huge package here since February. They have no record of it! Leather Medic guy is a no call no show twice. What a joke!!!

Damaged Goods

I purchased several items from Ashley Furniture I Delaware, when I went to pick up my furniture both pic exes were damaged. I spoke to the Store Manager who said she will take care of the situation . Well, that didn't happen. Ashley furniture promised me two new pcs. I waited more than a week for my items . When the time came to pick up my new furniture. One item was repaired and the other was new. I explained to the store manager that I wanted new items because I paid for new items. No one informed me about a repair. Was it a surprise to me. So when I called the store manager she had a very bad attitude and was rude and unprofessional. She needs to be retrained on how to deal with angry customers.

Please read the ratings before you think about going to Ashley Furniture. I gave them 1 star and believe me when I say that is about 10 stars to many. Their Customer service is terrible. The furniture quality is terrible. We gave them the benefit of the doubt and purchased a few items. Everything that we have purchased at three separate times has arrived damaged. Dealing with their customer care is a joke. They have yet to do what they say they are going to do.

mad as hell

The Ashley store in Owensboro, ky. Is absolutely terrible. My father in law went to get a kitchen table and a recliner. They asked him if he brought help to load it and he said no but there are 3 sales guys right there that can help and they told him they don't do anything for free and they made him load it all himself. I am shocked that a 58 year old man was watched by young men and they didn't lift a finger for him.

Waste of $1200 and time

Purchased couch and loveseat in june and both don't have enough stuffing in their cushions-been waiting 2 months fo rit to be fixed. AShley furniture does not stand beside their products and won't help to get their items fixed. Somene was suppose to be at my home at 5pm and they showed up at 9:30!! Asked for a manager number and was told "He won't speak to you". What a joke!!

Delivery of Wrong Item

Didn't realize that they delivered the wrong recliner. Material, color, etc. looked the same as the chair I sat in at Ashley in Northridge, Calif., so I thought I needed to break it in since it was a "cheap" chair. I did not try it out until after the delivery slip was signed. When I went back to the store to try out the chair again, I realized it was not the same type of recliner. Their claim was that we signed the delivery receipt and accepted the furniture we purchased. I sensed "poor quality" and "poor service" at my initial visit there, and I should have followed through on those suspicions. DON'T DO BUSINESS THERE......


They delivered a refurbished table. I was leaving for vacation and was distracted. I noticed that the table didn't look right and when mentioned it to the delivery guys, they said it was from the tape and furniture polish would take care of it. I took them at their word. I went on vacation and upon my return when I polished the table, I noticed it had a chip that they repaired and the marks I saw were from sanding and gluing the piece back. Obviously not happy about this, I called. Customer service said they would not replace as it was a week after delivery. This is unacceptable to me. I thought I purchased a new table, not a refurbished table. I am not fighting with Ashley and filed a dispute with the credit company. I WILL NEVER SHOP AT ASHLEYS AGAIN!!!

Ashley furniture company

Apparently this company does not care about customers had I read reviews which I would do from now on I would never have walked into and Ashley furniture company like the other reviews that give it one star I will not give it even that customer service is at the bottom of the well and it's dry piece of the advice do not do not buy from this company!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In order to get this posted I have to give it one star which I really do not want to it is -500 stars

Missing furniture

They have awful service. I will never purchase anything else from Ashley furniture again. They delivered my furniture and I was missing 2 items, a matress and a mirror. I was supposed to be missing a headboard. It took 5 days to Find out what happened. Customer service sucks!!! They kept sending me from person to person. Horrible experience with them. They get your money and don't care about the problems afterwards.


got furniture from Ashley and it was stained, scratched ,and dented. Was like pulling teeth to get it replaced. Once the new furniture came it was worse than the furniture than I already had. This is the worse experience buying furniture I ever had, never again will I buy from Ashley. Still haven't resolved my issues.

No resolution!!!

I will never purchase any items from Ashley again!! Purchased a king bedroom set March 2014. The Alice Cove mattress and box spring are Horrible!!! Called cust service to assist in resolving this only to be told nothing could be done? Why have a cust service number when they don't provide any solutions. Will not stop writing until I get this resolved!!!!


Worst furniture store ever. Customer service was rude. Ended up returning sofa sectional to store. Will never shop there again.

Awful customer service even in corporate!!!!!!! Cannot seem to be given to the right person. People are rude, need to leaern how to treat customers. Purchased furniture one year ago and it is all broken down already. The reclining chair back slides out of the base when reclining. I had purchased a sectional sofa prior from Living Spaces and that I had for approximately 9 years and was still in good condition. Moved and it wouldn't fit in our new house. Will never purchase from Ashley again!

quality and customer service

We spent a lot of money furniture for our living room. The recliner is already tearing up. I have been on the phone with Ashley for MONTHS now, can't even get a phone call back. What is the point of buying extra protection warranty if they do NOT stand behind it or their product! What a JOKE!

I can't believe it

I purchased a loveseat power recliner from Home Hardware on Victoria St in Kitchener Ontario. The power recliner didn't work. I asked about replacement parts and they sent me to Ashley in Cambridge (10 min away) I told them what I needed and they said they would order them. 2 weeks later I got the parts. PERFECT. Great staff, great service, no hassle, Wow! Impressive! 100% better than the Brick or Leon's Ashley is the only place to shop.

Horrible customer service

Ashley furniture in Glen Burnie, MD on Ritchie HWY has the worst customer service ever!!!!!!!! Very rude!!!


Attentions! Don't buy any mattress from Ashley store. They delivered wrong item that is not the same on I try in the showroom. After you called the manager to explain, they still will not do exchange. instead they offer you buy another mattress for 50 % off and get ride off new mattress($ 2100 price) by your own. call customer services is the worst not help at all. anyone have suggest to this problem?

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