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The Worst Experience

Can't get anyone to do anything no one knows anything. Been fighting with them about damage to my home for two months now they say too much time has elapsed and I did the damage and am blaming them.


I will not say much,worst of the worst.When you see Ashley Furniture look away.

they suck

horrible situation still unsolved since October this is towards the Cherry Hill New Jersey store just to much to write, I'm so disapointed and was disrespected in my own home by their delivery men, they broke my stuff right in front of my home, in front of me and my neighbors etc. horrible horrible situation


We purchased front room furniture and we informed the sales person that we allow our dogs on the couch. We were informed that the fabric we purchased would withstand dog nails but "just in case" we should purchase the warranty. When we needed the warranty we were told that cuts in the fabric voided the warranty. We were absolutely mislead. Terrible way to treat a customer

horrible experience

I have had the worst experience ever with this store. My delivery was cancelled twice with short notice. When it finally arrived three weeks after paying in full the bed arrived broken so they could not put it together. Now my son has to sleep on the floor for three weeks bc that is how long it will take for them to send a replacement.


Re: Ashley Furnature Ledgewood, NJ. Buyer Beware. Poor Customer Service Poor Quality


I bough my sofa with 5 years extended warranty in Ashly store in sterling Va but after 3 years I had issue with structure and latter which came off , after so many call they said we can't help and these shame for big company .

Having a really bad experience.

what else need be said?

What else can I say than has been said too many times. They delivered the wrong furniture. The right one is in the showroom, but when I suggested the sway, they just laughed at me! They hung up on me when I complained about their service. Save yourself -- don't use Ashley.

Not leather

We have had our couch and love seat for less than 7 years and the bonded leather looks horrible. I was told it was real leather and it is not. Looking for the class action lawsuit to join. I thought we were dealing with a good company. Terrible!

Worse Customer Service

My husband & I drove 100 miles to Medford Oregon to buy a sleeper couch & 2 chairs. We found the backing of the couch had a defect a piece of metal was pushing out the back of the leather. Ashley told us to bring it back our self, and they would charge us $80.00 hr to fix it. I asked what about the 5 yr warranty and they said OH no it is only guarantee 30 days. We are looking for office furniture and a couch for our Den but I will never go back to Ashley Furniture again. Hope you don't.


We feel like we were lied to when purchasing a Sleeper Sofa and then given another date of delivery and failed again. Can anyone imagine taken time off of work and waiting for furniture to be delivered and they are unable to twice??? Really?? Ashley furniture failed!!!! I would not purchase anything from there and they will only give half off delivery. Great compensation Disappointed!!!

corporate unprofessional

I have been trying to reach corporate headquarters HR dept for several weeks. Everyone keeps telling me that they are swamped. I hope these negative reviews can make them un-swamped becaues their lack of professionalism is unacceptable!

If there is - star I give it to ashley...worst experience. .. i will never go back to that store..

Ashleys furniture store located kissimmee, Florida Osceola Pkwy is the worst Store if dealing with the acceptance part, 90 day same as cash. So-called "district manager" was the worst person anyone can deal with. Didn't care losing a customer or two. As per her words. She is a Horrible person. How can a company have someone like that representing them?

customer service

CUSTOMERVSERVICE what customer service,it just does not exist. They just do not care about the consumer,they are rude and obstructive, and by the way ,the hold elevator music is absolutely dreadful.

Worst experience ever. Customer Care does not care about the customer. They are very rude and hang up on customers. Please think twice before you purchase items from them

I will never buy from this company again!!!! I do not recommend anyone to purchase items from this company. They are slow, terrible customer service, wait times for repairs, parts, and customer service are too long. They delivered my furniture that I paid 2500 for broken, Two months later its still broken after they said they had ordered the parts. They don't care about you, or your problems with the furniture after purchase, all they want to do is put you on hold and not return phone calls.

Worst experience

I have purchased a king size bed from the store in Lexington Ky on Bryant Rd, and was sent the wrong mattress not only that after they charge me $247.99 for restock and shipping for the second time, I had to buy a mattress which is horrible. something they just wanted to get rid of..Corporate tried to help, but the store did not do what they did for me so I'm back in the same situation. If I could give a o rating I would.

NEVER buy from Ashley Furniture in Jackson MO. They have the worst customer service there Manger won't cone to the phone. They give you the run around on when furniture will be there they tell you they will help you move your old furniture but then when the delivery person gets there it's not on there list so they refuse to help. when you go on to there website to make a complaint the email address is bad and when you call back they ant even give you a manager or a contact. I will never buy from them again we went 40 min out of out way to go to there store when there are other mom and pop places that will bend over backward to make sure you are satisfied. Never again

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