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Worst Furniture Purchasing experience in 30 years

Shopping at Ashley Furniture was the absolute worst experience. I brought a bedroom set and couch on 9/27/2014 and still have not received the complete delivery. I am more sad than angry that I didn't read these reviews before I walked into the store I would have never went in . Now that I know how the company feels about the customer . I strongly recommend that you consider shopping at any other furniture store. I believe everything mentioned in the experiences above is true because it happened to me. the absolute worst customer service you could experience. Furniture Buyer Beware!

sexual harassment of customers

Tell your new manager at the location on south blvd Ashley Outlet to stop harassing women. He is dark skinned very ugly and walks around the store like he is the owner. He looks like a body builder. He's very unfriendly and he especially is_that way looking at Female customers. He is a black man bald headed. This store needs to improve its outlook. Ashley Furniture should close their doors. This manager or whatever he is followed my friend around the store and starred at her. When she did not respond with her number he refused to lower a price.

leather furniture

This is the second set with in 4 year. First set the cushion were bad. The second set we are setting on WOOD! My grandson hurt his behind on the wood of the sofa. I WILL NEVER BUY FROM ASHLEY! I will spend the word!

Don't buy!

Delivery was a nightmare, they gashed my floor in two places. The bed they delivered is setting on the floor... unusable because they brought the wrong rails. Now the problem is they want call me to set up a pick up date... I get the run around ... so they have my money and I have an unusable bed that is still on the floor. Not worth it... go somewhere else.

Furniture protection flaws

Finally called guardsman. After detailing that I just needed a cleaning for the bedroom set purchase made 2years ago they would not take the phone request They will email a two page form for each of the 8 pieces of furniture in the bedroom set . No copies allowed . Download each form. Ten day deadline. Will not take it over the phone to set up an appt. will have to wait to see when they receive all 16pages of info before getting an appt. in this day and age they sure make it difficult to get something like a cleaning . Ashley should revisit their connection with guardsman who obviously doesn't. Want to be bothered.

Customer Service/ Delivery the worst, Don't anything from them..I mean nothing

The customer service was bad and delivery. The driver did not call 40 minutes prior to delivery, he called when he was outside my nmom house. people work. The emailed said they would call. Then he called the wrong number. I rescheduled the sam day and they never put me back own the schedule. I got this furniture for my mom. If it wasn't for her I would not haven't goten this s***. I read reviews but I have never wrote one this. I'm spending my money with then and this is the kind of service you get. We have being waiting now three weeks for and had to pay. This is sad. Ashley Furniture need to look into this. Very mad customer


These people are very rude and incompetent. I can not believe the service they give. Do corporate headquarters even a care.

Don't buy from Ashley Furniture period...

I don't have enough time except to say. I purchased in January 2013 it is now September 2014. I still have bad furniture and no response from them. Just Don't shop at Ashley furniture.....

Ashley Doesn't Care

We bought our Very expensive Dinning room furniture (table 6 six hutch & buffet) in June of 2014. Wasn't delivered until July 2014. It was damaged. Called the store where we got , called the headquarters too. They couldn't get someone out until the end of August just to see if it was damaged then that guy has to send in for new. Received our new furniture Sept 10th again with issues. On Sept 27th 2014 a tech from Ashley was suppose to come out to fix this furniture and cancelled. Now we are pushed back to the week of Oct 14th., for them to look and fix again. Not even sure if we'll have dinning room for Thanksgiving. POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE TOO.....ASHLEY IS THE WORST EVER!!!! .

Bad bed

Ashley Furniture Is the worst place to buy furniture from. I would never recommend this store to anyone. They sell bad stuff and if u complain they never wanna do anything about it. They won't even change it and u have warranty. They r jus simply the worst. I would never buy from them again. I bought a bed from them and had a 10 year warranty on it plus the 30 day free trial. Before the 30 days was over there was a big sink in the mattress and when I called them they didn't want to do anything about it. Since then I've been sleeping on the floor. Coz I cannot afford to waste money on another bed rite now. People work hard for their money and these fools r taking it like we get it for free and cheating us to.

Lies and Worse Customer Service

Bought from Ashley store in Temple Texas 9-5-14 with the promise of delivery the next week... It is 23 today and still no delivery.. The worse part is after hours on the the phone with a paid invoice in hand, it will take 3 weeks to get our money back!!! It didn't take me 3 weeks to pay them but it will take that long to get my Cash back... Geeez corporate office do you even read these reviews? Really 3 weeks to get my money back? I will NEVER buy ASHLEY again!! I took my business to BOB MILLS and received excellent customer services better prices and better quality furniture and in the end Bob Mills gained a customer for life!! $ 10,000 in furniture for our new home money well spent at BOB MILLS

Lies lies lies

Horrible customer service and it's been one lie after another. Purchased our living room set on Labor Day and still haven't received our furniture. We were scheduled to pick it up on 9/7. When we went, the warehouse was empty. They promised delivery on 9/11 and never showed. Promise delivery for 9/14 and again no shows! I took an unpaid day from work for delivery on 9/18 and still no couches!


I'm disappointed in the customer service I received.

Damaged goods

Bought new house...planning on furnishing one room at a time every 6-8 months...Bought living room set, loveseat and couch damaged and they had to reorder, third piece swivel chair had to be re-stapled after 6 months because backing was peeling off and we have used the chair 3 times...Ordered 4 poster bed, 7 pieces severely damaged..chunks of wood missing...cracks through railings..very disappointed...sleeping on mattress on floor in meantime...7 new pieces delivered yesterday, 2 pieces still damaged...now waiting again and sleeping on the floor...guess we arent furnishing the rest of our new house through Ashley...very frustrating!

Horrible Experience

Are you at all aware of the ratings of the Ashley store in Humble, TX? They lie about the availability of the purchase knowing that if the delivery date is beyond 48 hours, you will purchase the furniture and knowingly sign the agreement that you cannot change your mind after 48 hours. Then, they move the promise date out to the actual date. Looking at the notes posted here. It is not just the store that I visited, you have the same problem everywhere.


i will NEVER buy from Ashley again, I bought a new Living Room Set, when delivered the sofa was broke. I called to get another one and they sent me a USED Sofa that was tore, and had a TV remote in it. and Grease on the Arm. Now for the 3rd. one they want me to miss work AGAIN.


I haven't even received my furniture and contemplating letting them keep it. Was told my delivery would be between 9/14-9/21, if furniture arrived sooner it would be delivered sooner but i would be contacted. Today is 9/13 i called to ask about my delivery and the young lady on the phone says your furniture has been here i don't know why we haven't delivered it! I was floored and needless to say not happy! If you have the choice purchase used furniture it will be much better than dealing with these CROOKS!!!!! The local store is North Charleston, SC

Credit Report Concerns

This company promised me to put my credit payments on my credit bureau which is the ONLY reason I bought the furniture. They haven't and now am embroiled in problems because of them including not paying the remainder of the bill.

worst ever

worst buying experience ever. Furniture delivered defecting & 2 1/2 mo.'s to get anything done. Wait times for customer service 30 min. plus and you sometimes get disconnected & have to start over. Don't walk away from Ashley--- RUN. Pay a little more for good stuff somewhere else. You'll be glad you did.

Delivery and Acceptance now

I went into Ashley Furniture in Sugarland location and purchased a mattress, sofa and tables. Had a delivery date scheduled for 9/3. Salesperson, Carol waited on me. Received an email informing my date had been changed to the following date. I called the sales person she promised to call back and never did. I ended up working with someone else was promised delivery on 9/10. Received a call from the driver informing me they were 20 min away. I went downstairs to let them in and I got another call telling me they were lost and not and they will get back to me. I got another call from the young lady telling me we need to reschedule my address is not on there route. I signed up for credit and the payment is due for furniture that I don't even have. I cringe every time I see your advertisement on television.

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