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Your furniture is very attractive but I would never ever purchase an Ashley product. I would also encourage others to stay away from Ashley products because of the deplorable working conditions in at least one Ashley plant. Your Leesburg, Pa. plant is run by thugs who "manage" their staff by threatening, harassing and using foul language to get their way. The upper management act as though they are "untouchables" and allow their employees to be treated like animals. Employees are caged for breaks and they are watched over as though they were in the prison yard. If you've never been there, it would serve you well to go there to check it out. Undercover Boss has the right idea in going in undercover to get the real picture of what goes on. If you do not go to Leesburg, you should be ashamed of yourselves for your irresponsible inhumane way that you treat your employees.

Buying from Ashley furniture has been the worst shopping experience of my life. Not only did I wait months for my bedroom set that was promised me in 1-2 weeks, I ended up with a floor model mattress AND a bill for more than I ordered...but the funny part is that you cannot reach anyone at the store!!!!! What a nightmare. SAve your self a ton of aggravation and buy elsewhere.

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