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We write this letter as a collective complaint due to the lost of luggage on our trip to Freeport Grand Bahamas, and on our return trip to New York. On Sunday July 3rd, 2011 my family left JFK bound for Freeport Grand Bahamas, with a connecting flight No: 4985 in Miami, upon our arrival in Freeport it was discovered that two of our luggage’s that was suppose to be checked all the way through to our final destination, had apparently been misplaced and was possibly off loaded in MIA. The ground staff at the (Freeport) lost baggage counter, where I spoke with a agent there whom was very rude and unprofessional, who said they would call to inform us when the lost baggage was located and sent to the resort, throughout the night we made a total of 15 calls to American Eagle and American Airlines, and kept getting bounced from person to person. The next morning Monday July 4th, 2011, we went to the front desk at the resort we were staying only to find that the luggage had been delivered in the middle of the night without being informed that it had been located and delivered. On July 8th, 2011 on our return flight No: 4925 from Freeport Grand Bahamas, we were informed that our connecting flight No: 1412 to New York (JFK) was cancelled due to weather conditions and that upon our arrival in Miami we would have to go to the Customer Service Desk to re-book our flight to NYC (JFK), upon our arrival in Miami we proceeded to the Customer Service Desk and was informed that all flights for the rest of the day was cancelled and that we could be placed on stand-by for a 10:25pm flight but it wasn’t a guarantee that we would be on that flight, so we decided to rebook the next day July 9th, 2011, we inquired about our luggage and was informed that upon our arrival at JFK we should go to the Baggage Service Office at JFK and our luggage would be there waiting for us because it has been checked all the way through to NY(JFK). July 9th, 2011, upon arriving at Miami International Airport, we reported to the gate printed on the tickets, we sat in the waiting area for a half an hour before we decided to check the board only to find that the boarding gate was had been changed to a gate all the on the other side of the airport, That we just made it to the gate with literally moments to spare, there was no announcements made and even at the original gate there wasn’t anything on the monitors were as on other monitors had these changes posted. Had we not look on the Flight Board we would have missed our flight. Upon our arrival in New York (JFK), we were informed that our luggage was still in MIA and that we had to put in a claim for it to be sent to NY. As we were trying to explain to the staff that we were informed by the agents in MIA that our luggage would be in NY we again were confronted with rude and unprofessionalism by staff. We put in the claim and were told that our luggage on the next flight from MIA to NY and that it would be delivered sometime this evening. Then on July 10th, 2011, we receive a automated phone call saying that our luggage still hasn’t been located, so we called and sat on hold for 35 minutes and then finally got a live person to speak with again we explain the situation and again another claim was put in because it appeared that the first claim from July 9th, 2011 never made it to Miami, as I explained to all involved that in the missing luggage is medicine that needs to be taken daily. Still we have no whereabouts of our luggage. We find it completely unprofessional how in our world today with the security and technology available to you as a large airline can completely miss-place baggage. We have certain items inside which is completely irreplaceable. Now you can see why we’re frustrated with American Airlines and it’s associates as well as its staff. The level of miscommunication by your staff and its associates is just unacceptable. We believe that American Airlines needs to take full responsibility for the inconvenience we suffered due to your company’s inability to communicate within the airlines and its agents. We expect to be compensated in the form of vouchers or similarly made whole or we’ll have no other alternative to file a complaint with The Department of Transportation’s Aviation Consumer Protection Division as well as issue legal proceedings against American Airlines and its Associates. We do however hope that such action will not be necessary and that this matter can be amicably resolved. Yours Sincerely, The Rutledge & Carpenter Family

I cant agree more with most of was said above. Trying to get to someone to try to help you is like trying to get into the white house. The folks on the phone were polite, but all they would do is apoligize for not being able to help me. I am so frustated, but will not give up, because that is what they want you to do. If they would ever allow to speak to a resolution specialist, and they could not help me, that would satisfy me. So I am befuddeled.

Alakazaam—infortmaion found, problem solved, thanks!

At last, someone comes up with the "right" asnewr!

Words cannot express my total dissatisfaction with American Airlines! The crew was cold and barely looked at the passengers. Upon boarding, a female staff member was absolutely ballistic about carry-ons and was literally grabbing baggage from us. Once on the plane, there was ample space! I'll avoid American in the future and encourage my friends to do the same. \

Well, my husband usually flies Delta-we were going to try AA for the first time. After holding for a rep. for 45min. Yes I said 45min after she answer was excited and she didnt have any answers for me and HUNG UP on me. WHAT? I cant believe this airline is so bad. We will never fly this airline again and if we can find another this late not this one this time. Why this airline use to be friendly and care. What happen? Sad excuse for an airline -oh yes and Shasha were you on drugs or drinking when you dealt with these people.

Worst customer service I have ever experienced. Extremely rude people.

After flying American Airlines,Continental,Alaska/Horizon and United Express, I will never fly again. The CEO's of these airlines should try their products and services incognito. I intend to notify the CIA not to use water boarding to interrogate their terrorists just put them on board anyone of these airlines for four hours straight. They will tell all. How can I give a rating to something that doesn't deserve a rating?

At one time American airlines was a greatly respected name. Especially in Texas. I hold a reservation with my name spelled wrong by one letter,a simple key stroke. They want to charge me or the travel agent $150 to change that simple key stroke. When I asked to speak to a supervisor I was basicly told tough and that I shouldn't have used a travel agent. Pay attention travel agents that think American is working with them. My travel agent recommended them as did my cruise line. A resolution specialist couldn't resolve anything and when I asked why they had resolution specialists she said to say they were sorry that they weren't going to change their policy. I thought I was getting ripped off for baggage etc. ONE HUNDRED FIFTY DOLLARS to change a key stroke on tickets that haven't even been cut yet. I suppose there is no way I will get out of these tickets if I try to cancel. At best they will want me to use them within a year and I never want to see them again. I have gotten the same canned replies form their contact by email center as others above have. Sasha, hold on Honey, I expect you will have an American moment yet.


I LOVE AA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEST AIRLINE IVE EVER BEEN ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WILL NEVER STOP FLYING WITH YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO AA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I worked for American for 10 years and got laid off after I coming back from a medical leave becouse my manager failed to put me on FLMA. It states in their handbook that if an emplyoyee is out for more then 2 consective days, the manager should advise the employee their FLMA rights. This never happened and my job was not protected. My MD stated that she was going to help the displayed people find a job. I interveiwed over 10 times for a postition, many which I was OVER quailifed for 2 of the jobs I had already done in the past and I was still not hired. I held back the past year that I was there that a MD hit on me and sexually harrrassed me in fear of losing my job. American made me sign a document that stated that if I took severance pay, I could not sue them. They were unaware of the sexual harrasment.

mean spirited not helpful overpriced could care less about their customers

I reported an airline captain for stealing from his flights. He's been kcocking the airlines dead for years stealing liquor off his flights. I was referred to an independent watchdog agency known as Ethics Point. I thought I was anon when I phoned in the tip. I was very clear that i did not want my name used and wouldn't you know it? Ethics Point no only did not forward the complaint to Ameican, I could almost swear that they tipped the captain off. Within a couple weeks my car was totally keyed. Not only did i face the wrath of a thief, he also was sent to upgrade school to fly different equipment. Never again will I get involved with trying to keep my travel costs down. It's no wonder I'm paying an arn and a leg to fly. With all the employee theft and high price of fual you'd think the airlines would fire these people instead of rewarding them with upgrade training.

This airline is the worst in the entire industry. Discrimination at DFW against white passengers. Hispanics allowed to board with oversized bags but whites forced to check bags that are a half inch bigger than their stupid sizer apparatus. Don't fly American. Ever!!

worst costomer service! never take responsibilty for problems! always passing the buck-

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